Short Summary:
Though Junichi has gotten to point where he personally reconciles with Nemu, she is still angry at him, with Aisia being the stickling point. Junichi tries to explain to her, but mentions her searching for his grandmother. Nemu isn’t too happy to hear about Sakura and her grandmother, and even goes as far as to say that she wasn’t her grandmother. The next day, Aisia is still feeling down, and goes to school alone. She walks by a playground and finds a girl sitting on the swings. The girl seems to know everything that’s going on and tells Aisia that Junichi and Nemu will be fine, that they’ll eventually reconcile. She also mentions the sakura tree and it’s magical powers. Aisia gets an idea and takes Junichi on a picnic the next day under that tree. Meanwhile, Nemu and Miharu go out and have fun on their own. Miharu eventually also drags Nemu to the tree, where she and Aisia abandon the siblings. The tension is pretty high at first, but Nemu’s growling stomach breaks the ice. They start talking and the conversation eventually drifts to his grandmother again. Junichi tells Nemu of how his grandmother made him promise to take care of his most important girl. The story causes Nemu to remember spying on the two and the smiling face that she saw. In the present, Junichi once again promises to protect Nemu, calling her his most important love. She happily takes his hand and they go and find Aisia and Miharu. Aisia, upon seeing them, starts to believe in the power of the tree.

I first thought that the girl Aisia encounters is Yoriko, but the lack of ears makes it Sagisawa Misaki. Though I think it would have been fun if it really were Yoriko. Anyway, Misaki seems to know quite a bit about what’s going on and talks about the magic of the sakura tree. We’re revisiting an old theme here, with the return of the magical properties of that tree. Junichi even goes and promises to protect Nemu while standing under the tree, meaning that if its powers are really still active, then that promise will definitely come true. Aisia seems to have been made a believer anyway. I can definitely see her using the tree again in the future for the sake of everyone’s happiness. I have to give her a lot of credit. She’s really been trying to help Junichi and Nemu and seems innocent and genuinely wants to help people find happiness. Aisia is fast becoming my favorite character on this show.
At the end of the episode, the first thing that popped into my mind was that if this were to be the last episode, I would be moderately satisfied. The fact that it only ends the arc leads me to be bubbly with anticipation on what the writers have planned for us. We still have two-thirds of the series left and a lot can happen in that time. For one, Kotori didn’t get any screen time at all this episode, which will hopefully change (maybe she’ll finally make a move). But I’d like to reiterate what I said last week: with Nemu around, I don’t see how anyone has anything remotely close to a chance at Junichi’s heart…especially after how he reinforced their relationship today.
I think we’re going to have some semi-filler starting next week. Hopefully they’ll be able to keep some semi-good backstory going.


  1. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw Yoriko, DIDN’T SEE THAT ONE COMING! Now the question is is it just fanservice or is she going to play a role in the story. No more cat ears though ;_;


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