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Honey & Clover – 24 Insert Song (SPOILERS)

Today’s insert song is Spitz’s 「スピカ」 (Supika) from their 1998 single 「楓/スピカ」.

Spoilers in this post for the final episode!

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Finally done with school, Mayumi rushes out of the classroom, crashing into Rin. Hilarity ensues as her panties are in his face, but he’s clearly not interested.

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Suzuka – 13

Short Summary:
Yamato and the track team are headed to an Inter-High event in Hiroshima. As he continues to feel distanced from Suzuka, Honoka continues to feel distanced from him.

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FMP! The Second Raid – 10

The Tuatha de Danaan sets off to Hong Kong after a brief prayer led by Tessa. The crew gets a lengthy technical briefing on the lambda drivers, after which Sousuke visits the Arbalest and starts a conversation with the AI “Al”.

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YUI – LIFE (Music Fair Performance)

YUI performed LIFE, the upcoming new Bleach ending theme, on the Music Fair program on Sept. 17th.

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Honey & Clover – 23

Short Summary:
To make enough money to buy a new bicycle, Takemoto will need to work for 10 days. However, he finds himself mostly useless to the repair crew, working mostly as their cook.

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Bleach – 51

On the morning of the execution, we find Captain Zaraki Kenpachi rushing through Soul Society with Inoue and Yachiru on his back and with Ikkaku, Yumichika, and Aramaki in tow.

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Tsubasa Chronicle – 23

Short Summary:
Having finally met, Fye quickly deduces that Seishirou also uses magic, but has a limited number of times he can jump worlds. Seishirou uses his feather to summon two demons and has them attack Fye.

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Sousei no Aquarion – 26 (END)

Sirius’ wounds start to get healed by the Aquarion after Apollo forces Vector Mars into a gattai. As the Solar Aquarion battles Toma’s Cherubim, the light particles from its wings start to pollinate the tree of life, making it glow brightly.

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Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo – 13 (END)

Short Summary:
Knowing that Sayaka is being controlled, Ureshiko leaves Tatsumi, transforms, and flies out. Chane and Hermes, in crow form, block her path and attack her, but she is saved when Valentine comes to help her.

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Anime Weekend Atlanta 11 WrapUp

Here’s a rundown of how my weekend (well, Friday & Saturday) at AWA 11 went:

Didn’t arrive at the Cobb Galleria until late, and registration took a good 45 minutes. I am never pre-registering again, since the walk-in registration line moved several times faster as the pre-reg line and was about 1/3 as long. Since the dealer’s room was closed by the time I was done registering, I pretty much walked around with my friends admiring various costumes, and then went home.

Got to the convention around 3:30PM, and spent the next hour in the Dealer’s Room. The only things I bought were Nana volumes 10 through 13 from the Sasuga vendor. I tried to pay him in yen (I happen to be carrying around 2000 yen in my pocket from when I passed through Narita a year ago), but he wouldn’t take it. The Dealer’s Room itself had the usual array of merchants, though it felt like there were less weapons vendors than last year (not that I was looking for one). Spent a little time perusing the artwork at the Art Auction and the Cosplay Gallery. I also spent a few minutes in one of the video rooms and watched some 10 minutes of Appleseed (which I still haven’t seen all of). After dinner, we returned to catch the last 15 minutes of the Yoko Ishida concert. By that time, she was doing Para Para Dance stuff and getting the audience to join in.

Of course the main attraction of the night was the Costume Contest. I find cosplay a good indicator of what regional audiences are currently watching/interested in. I didn’t bring my camera though, so you’ll have to rely on A Fan’s View for pictures.

  • Several several FMA costumes and groups, lotsa Naruto, even some AzuDaioh (including one surprising good crossplay Osaka [he had a helmet of her head]), but very little Bleach. There were some Ichigos running around, but only one entered the costume contest (and didn’t win anything). I imagine Bleach will pick up more popularity/cosplayers next year (especially if someone licenses the anime).
  • Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHolic had strong showings, but none of the costumes were particularly amazing. I attribute the large quantity more to the fact that they are both successful mangas put out by Del Rey, than to the fact that the anime is currently ongoing. Still, those particular groups/costumes got very little applause and yelling (as opposed to the Naruto or FMA costumes).
  • I felt really bad for one girl in a pretty good Rushuna (from Grenadier) costume that won an award, but virtually no one knew who she was cosplaying as, nor got the joke that the MC made pertaining to reloading her gun using her breasts.
  • Tons of video game characters: several Final Fantasies, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Katamari Damashi, The Legend of Zelda, and Kingdom Hearts, just to name a few. In fact, video game characters got arguably the most recognition and applause. Best in Show was awarded to the Katamari Damashi group, Best Group went to a Resident Evil group, and a Legend of Zelda: Four Swords group also won an award.
  • Granted, this wasn’t a huge con like Anime Expo, so the costumes didn’t really offer much from recent seasons. It felt a lot like this was the watches-Cartoon-Network crowd, which is pretty understandable especially since its headquartered right here in Atlanta.

    Overall I had a pretty good time. The only thing I regret not doing was going to the video rooms on Friday and seeing whose subs they were showing for unlicensed series like SHUFFLE!, GSD, Tsubasa Chronicle, FMP! TSR, etc.

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    Da Capo Second Season – 13

    Short Summary:
    With exams finally over and summer here, the group goes out to celebrate. On the topic of summer vacation, Junichi invites everyone, including Kotori, to a hot springs.

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    Gundam SEED Destiny – 49

    The ArchAngel and the Eternal join up and head towards the Station One of the Requiem. After Lacus announces herself, the defending ZAFT forces don’t oppose them until a commander tells them that they are really fighting LOGOS.

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    Zettai Shounen – 18

    Short Summary:
    Ayumu and Kisa happen to meet one day by the “Trust Yourself” graffiti. Ayumu is able to tell that Kisa can see the material fairies and he trades phone numbers with her.

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    Gone to AWA…

    As the final post of a marathon of blogging, I just wanted to inform everyone that I’m going to be at Anime Weekend Atlanta tomorrow and Saturday (well, it’s already tomorrow). I had a blast there last year and am very much looking forward to going again this year. Getting to see the cosplay contest alone makes admission worth it.
    What does this mean for blogging? Tomorrow’s Zettai Shounen will probably be really late (not that too many of you care). You can still expect a Gundam SEED Destiny post on Saturday morning, though it might be a tad rushed. DCSS will not be done until very late Saturday night (if not Sunday), and odds are someone else will have to provide the raw this week (I can’t believe I’ve managed to do it for the past 12 weeks).

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