Short Summary:
After Pierre teleport changes with Tsugumi, the three pilots go through the gate. The military is has already started to sortie with an entire horde of Cherubim, and Glen lands several artillery pieces that shell the Shadow Angel base. In response, Moroha jumps out of the smoke and destroys the Aquarions. Despite Glen’s best efforts, he’s unable to avoid Moroha’s attacks. As he’s about to be finished, Reika distracts Moroha with her Vector. Moroha uses a beam saber to attack Reika, but Glen’s memories of Reika cause him to shatter part of his eyepiece and block Moroha’s attack. He urges Reika to hurry on as he uses his last ditch attack on Moroha: self destruction (which succeeds). Back at base, Sophia has started to put pieces together and realizes that Gen Fudo must have been the third element in the Aquarion of 12,000 years ago, along with Serian and Apollonius. Inside Atlantis, Silvia is briefly reunited with her brother, but he quickly puts her in a pod jail cell. She gets a good view of the battle outside between Cherubim Mars and Solar Aquarion. Toma appears in between them and uses his powers to crucify Aquarion (and Apollo inside). It is revealed that Silvia and Sirius are both parts of Serian’s soul, and that the Solar Wing is actually Aquarion. Toma then has Otoha crush Silvia’s capsule, but Silvia uses her powers to escape. Affirming that she’s no longer Serian, Silvia slashes through Otoha. Toma says that it is futile, and controls the Cherubim part of Cherubim Mars to create another energy bolt. He uses it to stab into Cherubim Mars, killing Sirius.

This episode must be where most of the budget went cause it looked good. Really really good. And there were music pieces I’ve never heard before, including a nice guitar piece halfway through and a new ending song, 「Celiane」 (arranged by Yoko Kanno and sung by Gabriela Robin). Plus the ending sequence got a few small changes: a different color tone and it ends with the shot of Seria holding the crystal up to the sun from episode seven.
Of course the big thing here is all of the plot twists. Never mind that Gen Fudo used to be with Apollonius and Serian, we learn that Serian’s soul was divided into two people: Silvia and Sirius AND that Aquarion is the true Solar Wing. Since Sirius and Silvia are connected more than just being brother and sister, I wonder if one dies, does it affect the other? And what about Apollonius: Since he’s not the Solar Wing, does that mean that he’s just an Atlantean who betrayed his people for love?
I really can’t wait for next episode now (the final battle!) and the preview doesn’t help. It shows recaps of this episode, with a brief shot of Toma’s Cherubim. I’ll give them credit for not spoiling it though. One more episode of Aquarion to go…

Closing Thought: I’m glad that Glen got to redeem himself before he died. I wonder if they’ll do the same for Sirius.


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