Short Summary:
Don Kanonji has been seeing a downturn of popularity lately, so he decides to reform the Karakura team. His first recruit is Kon, who he tempts with the thought of popularity with the girls. And so, Kon becomes Karakura King. Along the way, he picks up Yuzu, Jinta, and Ururu to make up the rest of his Karakura super heroes. After they abuse Kon a bit, he runs away, only to be captured by a Hollow. The gang chases after the Hollow into the forest, where they proceed to fight it. Since she can’t see the Hollow, Yuzu gets in the line of fire, but Karin arrives just in time to save her. After Jinta and Karin start to smack it around, the Hollow creates a tornado that sucks them all up. Ururu manages to escape, and then relays Kon’s head to Jinta which starts an attack that Don Kanonji calls the Karakura Ultimate Blast which dispels the tornado and destroys the Hollow. Later, Karin and Yuzu watch Don Kanonji’s program and realize that it features them.

I’m not a big fan of Don Kanonji, even less so this time around because we’re on the doorsteps of a major arc. Thinking about it though, this is probably the only place they could stick in filler without really interrupting the non-stop action that we get from this point on. Anyway, this episode has its share of cute and funny moments, and the animation and music are decent. We even get to hear “Number One” briefly played again (although some people hate that song). So it’s by no means a bad episode – pretty much the quality that Bleach has become known for. But overall I am just quite disappointed that this is filler.
Next week is where the action starts up again. The preview hints at a confrontation between the Captains and VCs of the 7th and 9th divisions and Captain Zaraki of the 11th division, and it also shows Ganjuu, Ishida, and Sado in jail. Hopefully we can finish the Soul Society arc w/o any more filler.



  2. it pisses me off that every time when there is something good to happen like the last episode they showed what happen before in the past of rika , and now there showing whats happening back home

  3. well if they showed what was gonna happen then we would run out of bleach eps. They are trying to keep the manga and the anime at a seperated distance so the manga can advance. They more the manga advances the more episodes of bleahc we get and the MORE BLEACH ROCKS.

  4. this was one of those ep. again. i enjoyed ep 49 for adding depth to rukia and for showing a reason for some of her action in the past episodes, but this one a complete side track…. i mean what is learnt from this episode other then what ep 51 is gona be about by the ending. none the less they havent let us down yet!! and with what FURY said about the new opening and ending song…cant wait althought i really like this opening song…. it hypes me up for the next 25 mins and the ONE HOUR SPECIAL =)

  5. Hell Yeah Byakuya BE HAPPY Bleach has not let us down and It keeps on ROCKING i cant wait for them to continue with the next arc expecially with all the stuff that just happend in the manga.

  6. Err..another filler…*sigh*

    Oh well, that’s okay I guess…I never seen the raw, but from the screencaps, it look like a fun episode…and after the drama we got from ep 49, I guess this episode is okay…Besides, I want more Bleach episodes to come out, hehe ~_^

    Oh, to answer what Magikalfly’s question – Err..I have no idea…Kon is suppose to be inhabiting Ichigo’s body while Ichigo is in SS…So, I’m confused on why he was in his plushie form in this episode o_O;

  7. Isn’t this a totally original episode for the anime? Cause I know from the manga that there was a light-hearted chapter during the SS arc where Kon is in Ichigo’s body and loses his plushie body. Jinta finds it and turns it into a keychain of sorts and he and Kon procede to fight over it.

  8. Since when 49 is a dramatic one hour special? It was only half an hour toking abt Rukia’s past. I am disappointed with 50 cos based on the hints at 49, I tot I would be given come action but there was none. (Don and gang are considered non-action to me).

    This episode was totally different from the ending screen caps. WAT a disappointment it is when i watch it. Totally did not expect it to be so different.

    I think they put in a comedy episode to commeorate the 50th episode which i think is unnecessary. I think Rukia’s past has been a good enuff reflection and a good break from the action.

    But I am glad to know that there will be new op and ed soon.

  9. Dear GOD what the hell was this……………………..besides cruel and unsual punishment? Sorry but that has to be by far the worst filler of any anime i have ever seen. It makes naruto filler look grade A…tony the tiger and everything XD. Anyways still havent lost my love for bleach, and i do understand that fillers are necessary to extend the flow of the manga from the flow of the anime. Besides if what you all say is true then they are making up to us for it by kicking of the new awesome third season of bleach wit a one hour special, not to mention a new op and ed. WOOTY WOOT!! XP Can’t hardly wait.

  10. That one sucked. I was on youtube watching episode 49 (that one and ep 17 are my favs because they make me so sad and have plot signifigence) and it was over and i was crying and i saw ep 50 and thought ‘Hey don kanonji, i thought he dissapered after that one episode.’ so i clicked it and it was shit. how could they ruin the air of episode 49 like that?

    and about ichigo’s body, that is why spoiler sucks-they change the story so it makes no sense, just to make it funny. this one failed at even being funny.

    did i mention don kanonji sucks?


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