After Aisia wakes from a dream where she’s wearing the same swimsuit as Nemu while chasing after Junichi, she can only concentrate on Nemu and Junichi’s relationship and how she doesn’t understand it all. During Aisia’s shower, Nemu goes into her room and takes her cloak in order to wash it. While they are eating, Aisia sees Nemu and Junichi’s close relationship first hand and gets rather angry – anger which is compounded when she sees that Nemu’s been in her room. And she’s even more irritated when she asks for her cloak and Nemu tells her that it’s in the washer. Without it, Aisia doesn’t feel that she can go out and work on her magic. She leaves the house anyway after Junichi breaks off their conversation to go help Nemu. Wandering around town, she thinks about how Nemu and Junichi like each other, but how Kotori also likes Junichi. At the old sakura tree, she runs into Misaki again. After Aisia explains the problem of happiness that’s been bothering her, Misaki suggest that Aisia’s concern is because she likes Junichi. Aisia denies it, but Misaki continues on everyone likes Junichi, including herself. Apparently Yoriko’s feelings transferred over to Misaki two years ago. Their like for Junichi equates to happiness. To investigate this, Aisia decides to go see how everyone really feels about Junichi. Tamaki and Nanako’s feelings are fairly apparent through their actions: Tamaki starts missing her archery targets (making a heart with arrows instead) when Aisia questions her, and Nanako admits that the prince in her manga is Junichi. After overhearing a conversation between Mako and Moe about liking Junichi, Aishia remembers when they were at the beach and everyone admitted to liking him. At her last stop with Alice and Miharu, Alice asks how Aisia feels about Junichi. As Aisia considers her own feelings, Junichi finds her by the beach, bringing her the cloak. As they talk, Aisia realizes how kind Junichi really is, and notices that her cloak has his scent. She slowly starts to understand that she likes him too. Aisia holds his hand as they sit, and when they go home together, she happily holds onto his arm.

The high points of the episode for me are the shower scene, angry Aisia, Misaki explaining about Yoriko (though without specifically naming her), Tamaki & Nanako, and the final scene – I’m a sucker for insanely cute, blushing Aisia. But I find the plot this week rather predictable, especially by the second half. Each girl’s reaction is unique, but their end message is the same: they like Junichi. And now Aisia does too, or at least she’s developing the feelings.
So forget what I said last week about Kotori’s story possibly not being over. This episode takes the story in a different direction, away from Kotori, who gets all of one flashback scene the entire episode. The next few episodes, based on the titles, will instead move the story towards Junichi, Nemu, and maybe even you-know-who (based on episode 19’s title). Next week’s is titled 「音夢と純一」 (“Nemu and Junichi”), which most likely means, well, more Nemu and Junichi (duh). I really hope that the next couple of episodes change the message from “Nemu always wins” to something else. I’m hoping for some blockbuster shocker to change everything. Otherwise, this is going to turn into a rather forgettable series.

Closing Thought: If we all look forward to the next episode in hopes that it’ll bring us what we want to see, does that mean they’re doing a good job and we’re hooked?


  1. My gawd, I knew this episode would be about Aisia’s feelings for Juinchi. Seriously, Kotori REALLY should find her happiness other than Junichi. He’s like a freakin’ one way train to the harem world. And I don’t want Kotori to board on it >.

  2. Man, this situation could work if they made everything like what highschool normally is. Feelings changing every week or so. I knew some guys who seemed to just go down a list, they always had a girlfriend.

  3. I still say it’s weird that EVERYONE likes the guy, and disappointing too considering that there are so many characters and it looked like only a few were in love with him, but all of sudden they pull this off in ep. 16, kinda annoying.

  4. Believe it or not, that was easily a set-up for a possible Kotori ending!

    You see, while Kotori wasn’t mentioned, and everyone else was, you could see that you have all these girls lining up to fall in love with Jun’ichi. Now, Kotori would probably not lend her feelings that easily with all that affection, and Jun’ichi *might* see that she’s slowly straying from the group.

    Things lead off from there, and voila!
    With the help of Sakura, a Kotori ending.

    (The probability of that happening is a mere 2%, so yeah. It sucks.)

  5. hey Nemu wont win at all thats what im predicting. Evidence i mean do you see Nemu at all in the ending at all in the Opening or Ending? No you dont, the persons that you see who are close to Junichi the the most is Kotori and Asia. And if Nemu was the person he ended up with then they wouldnt have the girl standing beside junichi in the ending a mystery. Its either gonna come down the Asia(who has had many episodes focus on her) or Kotori to end up with junichi. Im hoping for kotori but asia is good too.

  6. In the ED, presumably Nemu is seeing pictures of everyone else with her “nii-san” ¬.¬

    I hope that little annoying brat pisses off back to her nurse school. Or somewhere else far away…preferrably somewhere with no oxygen…

  7. Naw. Look at the breast size.

    Besides, that’s the kind of thing Nemu would wear. Nemu is more ladylike in what she wears while Kotori’s style is more girly and modern. Pretty sure it’s Nemu, besides, it’d make sense that they’re watching pics of everyone else together because Nemu is not in any of them.

  8. Nemu said that Kotori is B:84, and Miharu already mentioned she grew into a size C.

    That surely means Kotori’s is larger…
    Though, like other games and animes I know that cut out the face, you can’t be too sure of anything.

    It could be Nemu, Kotori, or Aisia…even Kudo…

    Just to let you guys know…

    (And I’m not kidding when I say Kudo…Suginami and Mako all the way!)

  9. I swear, Junichi is somehow brainwashing every girl with some hidden magic or something.. and now even Aisia has fallen victim!

    Crazy theories aside.. I think Kotori was left out of the episode on purpose. I’m hoping that they give her some kind of conclusion before the show ends, but the chances seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer. 🙁

  10. I’d be so mad at Circus if they are using Kotori as just another member of Junichi lovers (they could have at least made Kotori a little less perfect if they are treating her this way >.

  11. Hey hey, now!
    Like Losttek said, they left Kotori out of this episode on purpose.

    That either means it has a Kotori ending or not.
    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if Nemu is the final victor, because I myself am a Nemu fan.

    However, I also am a Kotori fan, so I do see reasons why Kotori would back down to Nemu and her possessiveness.

    Kotori will have her moment to shine, I assure you. If it’s not meant to be a Kotori ending, she’ll have 1 or 2 major episodes left. If not, she’ll have 2-4.

    And, just because it has Nemu & Junichi as the next title doesn’t mean anything other than the episode will focus on their relationship and they’ll come to terms about whether their relationship should continue or whether Nemu will concede to another one. If the latter, then it really becomes a harem anime.

  12. Actually, from the previous season, Miharu kinda admitted that she like him, although it was the robot and not the actual Miharu. Robo Miharu went and dragged Jun’ichi to find a box with notes inside from when they were young. Miharu’s note sakd “I want to be with Jun’ichi forever” or something along those lines.

    Kira Takuto
  13. Here’s maybe some evidence of a Kotori Junichi ending. In the OP there’s that one line that says “on the pathway where the rain has now stopped falling”, well in the first episode Kotori and Junichi had to walk through the rain back to his house and then Aisia showed up and advancement of thei relationship was put on hold. The Nemu came back it seems lost. But the song later goes “believing in our goal, our love”. The whole thing could be symbolic of Junichi and Kotori’s relationship and the hard times it will go through, but eventually the rain will stop and their relationship will move forward.

  14. ne1 take into consideration Sunigami’s encounter with Asakura in season 1 when he said “…even if shes not your real sister, she’s your sister” and he continues be saying ” wake up from this dream, the sooner the better” i cant help but think of those line playing into the story in season 2 also, another reason i dont think a nemu+asakura ending would happen, but i might be wrong ^_^

  15. Okay hate me if you must but I love the Nemu and Junichi pair and I do hope they are still together at the end of this series. Although she’s not my favourite girl character. I’m just mad at the escalating harem in this series. I like all the girls and don’t want to see none of them get hurt by liking Junichi. Jeez making Aisia like Junichi is just too much. >

  16. My opinion is exactly the same as yours, Ari. Except, well, personally I don’t care for Nemu’s character, so I don’t really care about what kind of ending she would have. But everything else is spot on, I don’t want anyone hurt by them liking Jyunichi, and I think it was pretty pointless too, considering no one but Nemu has a chance…

  17. It’s pretty clear the girls aren’t hurt (except for Kotori T_T). Nemu x Junichi couple is official, and everybody knows it. They are happy just by seeing Junichi be happy with Nemu. Look at Misaki, she’s got overflowing feelings for Junichi and she manages to keep smiling.

    Nemu is the only one who’ll rampage through Hatsunejima if Junichi ends up with someone else.

  18. I think that maybe they like him but are happy with being their friends, and their feelings aren’t big enough (at least in a romantic sense) for them to feel jealous, even if they think he’s a nice person and they enjoy his friendship, and have good memories with him. I don’t think they’re soo in love in a “I’m happy if he’s happy” way.

    Well, except for Kotori, like you said…she’s hurting lots.

  19. @ Ale
    Well, obviously. Out of everyone else (besides Nemu and Sakura), she’s held the most love for him than any of the other girls. I’m pretty sure at the beach episode that everyone started saying it just to stay in the flow. That’s why Suginami had to stop it.

    The other girls, more or less like Aisia, are just learning about their feelings. Miharu definitely knows that she had feelings for him, and Sakura; well, that’s obvious, but Tamaki, Nanako, Alice, Misaki, Yoriko…heck, even Kudo have a slight intonation to him, but they’re not too sure it’s love.

    Wrong. Wouldn’t Sakura do so too? She did once before.
    Of course, I don’t have the manga, so I can’t comment on it much.

  20. Omgosh. i totally agree with all of you. i think ._.
    ahaha. poor kotori, without her in this episode it seems like she doesnt exist anymore. i’m all giddy knowing alot of ppl dislike nemu and i dont think she and junichi are really good together. if u look at that point of view its kinda sad (sad as in dumb o.O) and boring..
    I’m surprised all of the girls actually like him. Aisia IS more like a little sister to junichi.
    Nemu should go die in hell. that’s all i have to say T.T


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