This is a preview of the Hana Yori Dango drama premiering tomorrow. It stars Inoue Mao as the main character and Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun, Abe Tsuyoshi, and Matsuda Shota as the F4. I’m really looking forward to it, having read some of the manga and seen some of Meteor Garden. Speaking of that, they show clip of Meteor Garden in this special with the taiwanese actors dubbed over in Japanese, which I thought was hilarious. Anyway, look forward to the drama set to start tomorrow!


  1. … but i liked the previous bunch of cheesy bastards… xD [damn pretty boys]
    hana yori dango must be incredibly popular to have a taiwanese and a japanese drama. :\
    let’s see if Inoue Mao can do a better Makino Tsukushi than Barbie Xu. :p

  2. A japanese one? Hana yori dango or “meteor garden” was originally a japanese idea. You should’ve said, “Finally! the japanese get credit for their manga!”

    Dubbed the previous one…my ass

  3. i like all the cast of a new hana yori dango…!!!!! even though mimasaka didn’t have a long hair. the cast match just perfect, doesn’t it fellah??? go go go go matsuda shota (nishikado)!!!!!!!

  4. the japanese one was is so much better than the taiwanese one. just because it was the japanese comic to start with anyways. i didn’t even watch the taiwanese one, so i don’t know how different it is from each other.

    kao xiong
  5. eventhough, han yori dango is not yet aired here in the Philippines, i still find it sooooo hilarious. Shun oguri is a very versatile and very intimidating. I FIND HIM VERY GORGEOUS…..

  6. my gosh… how i wish ipalabas dn yan d2 s philippines!!! woohoo.. wla p man.. adik n q… mas mganda 2 kesa s gokusen… shun oguri…>>TOTEMO DAISUKE YO!!!!…. i lyk u bettr than matsujun.. good thing u played the role of rui… haaaay… sna ipalabas yn d2…. (^_*)

  7. Nakapanood ako ng ending ng Hana yori dango sa you tube. Pero konti lang… haaay… hinahabol habol ko kasi si matsujun kaya from gokusen, i’m getting addicted sa hana yori dango!! Pero Is till need to watch it bago ko i- judge!! Pero mas cute si Shin!! Sana ipalabas dito sa manila yan! sang channel?? ABS CBN o GMA??

  8. OMG! Do you guys know where if the orginial DVD set have all of those special features?? Cause I really LOVE this drama! Matsuda Shota is SOOOOOOO HOT! SO is HANAZAMA (DOn’t know his name) is ALSO FINE LOOKING!!! jun he’s ONLY okay looking. Mao is SOOOOO PRETTY herself too. 🙂


    Choua Yang
  9. This Jdrama is way better than MeteOr Garden even though they have the same basis coz the actors just fit right!! ~hooray! shOwing na nga pla dito sa pilipinas yan.. sa GMA!

    Ysabel Andrei
  10. i know maganda tong hana yori dango excited na kong ipalabas to kapalit sa gokusen 2 sana may hana yori dango 2 i know din na mas maganda to sa gokusen… sana makita ko sila ng personal…

  11. mz magnda at aztig ang s2ry na meteor garden. mz mga gwapo pti at my dting p cla kza s japan version. eh so wat if s japan originated ang s2ry???????
    Umpiza p lng boring nah!!!!!!

  12. w0w.. i l0ve hanazawa rui in tis jap version.. he’s damn cute n lovely.. fall deeply in love with him in de show especially in part 2.. where to find such good guy in reality.. watch his another show – gokusen.. great oso.. forever love ya.. oguri shun..

  13. gosh!!! im really addicted na talaga sa hana yori dango….
    mao inoue and jun matsumoto are bagay talaga sila….
    well, im just wondering are they real together?….
    may nabasa kasi ako sa youtube na they are sweethearts in real life….
    hope na may mag leave ng answer sa question ko…..

  14. hana yori is cool but meteor garden is fantastic…its d best…for me its cooler, greater and much much much 10 million much gooder in hana yori im not bias although i watch it but i really thinks meteor is still the best..from the “taiwanese F4” gosh they are so much good looking guys better than the japanese F4..isn’t it?

  15. duh???mas da best parin ang meteor no..umpisa palang astig na kaagad dating ang hana yori si jun(sawada at uchi ng gokusen) lang maayos itsura dun eh…cnong papalag..wala clang dating d malakas ung appeal nila..wala ngang FEVER na nangyari eh..d ka2lad ng MT grabe ang tinde ng bulusok nila…CLA AND 2NAY NA ASTIG..pati ung family ni san chai COOL and FUNNY.. kay makino..hinde boring…well im just comparing both shows

  16. well..i guess dis movie has really something cool to offer to the viewers… i just love it… jun matsumoto is one of a kind…i was not able to watch meteor garden but i guess hyd is far better, cooler and more heart-pounding than the former… go guys…you really rock!i hope jun matsumoto will come here in the philippines… Filipinos love u soooo muchhh…tc…God bless…

  17. ooooo my gosh….i luv this comic serial……
    d’ best thing is d’ actris n’ d’ actor…..
    they so cooooooooooooooolllllllllllllll………….Matsumoto Jun i Love You….. 😀
    more best than taiwanes f4……. 😀

    Hanazawa Rui ais siteru……………

  18. I think this is the most beautiful movie, and i think meteor garden is not that beautiful, talagang maganda tapos ko na nga to simula season 1 hanggang season 2, grabe kakaiyak at kakakilig, “I Love it so much”,,,

  19. ei zai zai or zaijan wag ka ngang demanding kla mu kung sinong mkapanghusga tila mas maganda naman ang hana yori dango napanood ko na ng buo bumili kc ako ng cd.. mas maganda talagang d hamak ang HYD kesa sa meteor garden oi zaizai wala kng taste pumili..!!

  20. what an execellent series, i would say that this is the series that have reach my expectations w/ complete set of emotions, even the characters were played by great actors and actresses that’s why essence of the story was expressed so greatly.

  21. inoue mao and jun matsumoto is I think ment for each other I hope more movies to come to them and in that movies they be in partner.I love their hana yori dango movie it is so amazing
    (more power to come with Inoue mao and Jun matsumoto)

  22. i find the taiwanese one better because they stuck to the manga very faithfully. however, the japanese f4 are waayyyyy hotter, except for vic zhou (hua zhe lei aka hanazawa rui). he’s beautiful and perfect in his role! really! and meteor garden was his first drama!

  23. hana dan is way better than meteor garden.. acting, setting, costumes, cinematography, ost, story…. everything!! watch it to believe it… MG is soooo dragging and i really can’t take their acting…

    sawada shin

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