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Everything is back to normal now that Primula has returned. A sign of this is everyone on the rooftop eating lunch together, with Nerine once again bringing a bento filled with her famous omelet. But it seems that Sia starts to feel left out, especially when Nerine starts to make her own friends and spends time with them. Nerine tells Sia later that she’s really happy, especially with her feelings for Rin. Nerine says that it’s Sia’s turn now (to be happy). Sia thinks about her own happiness for a long time, and it seems like the more she thinks about it, the more depressed she gets. During this time, Rin seems to be spending more and more time with Asa. Sia’s other side finally flares up and tries to talk some sense into her. She’s the complete opposite of the almost timid Sia, and she argues for Sia to fight for her love. Sia’s other side then takes over, and asks Rin on a date the next day while he’s on his way to school.

TONS, TONS of panty shots this episode…though no nudity to actually require the R-15 rating.

The first half of the episode is a bit slow, as we get to see a lot of “everything returns to normal,” but then it gets interesting once the focus shifts more onto Sia. She spends a lot of time wondering if she can really be happy, if it’s really ok the way things are. It’s ironic that the more she thinks about her own happiness, the more depressed she gets. Sia in her weakened state is quite pitiful, but I really like her other side’s spunky attitude. Kikyou is ready to take things into her own hands and try to grab for Rin’s affection (with purple neko panties!).
Next episode is going to be all about Rin, Kikyou, and Sia. I really want to see more of Kikyou now. ^_^

Closing Thought: I usually skip over the OP, but I decided to actually watch it today, and I noticed that Nerine and Lycoris actually have nipples now. Rechecking past episodes, this was implemented back when they first got the R-15 rating in episode nine. It just took me way too long to notice….


  1. The way the story is executing…. my speculation is that the season ends out with each girl more in love with Rin, Rin adamant about not choosing because he wants to finish his education and he doesn’t want to hurt his new family (they’re all bonded deeply at this point, the girls with each other as well). Asa may have the slight upper hand at season end.
    Now if the producers know they’re GO for OVAs or a second season — then we might see a cliffhanger.

    I’d love for Nerine to win.. actually I’d prefer a polygamous ending (using the angelic/demonic marriage rules) with Sia, Nerine, and Kaede but I doubt the writers would be that untraditional.

    and yeah.. I’d have to say thong under a short skirt differentiates Sia and Kikyou (Kikyou seems to be much more mature than the rather childish Sia).

  2. I haven’t played Tick! Tack! yet, but does it assume that Rin chose Nerine in the first game?

    I hope Asa and Rin become a couple, but I really am beginning to think that Kaede’s backstory as explained in the game is going to thrown at us in full force in a couple of episodes’ time, and it’s going to lead to Rin realising that it her he’s loved all this time. The other (most likely) possibility, which has already been pointed out, is that all of them realise that they all love Rin, and that none of them are ever going to be with him because of the pain it would cause the rest of the group.

    That makes me wonder why the game/anime was called ‘Shuffle!’. A lot of the harem style games, like Da Capo and Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien have names that reflect the ending of the story (Da Capo – back to the beginning, KGNE – the eternity you desire).

    Jade Maehara

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