Short Summary:
Seeing Rin talking happily with Asa, Nerine and Sia decide that he should go on a date with her. When they suggest it, he’s a bit reluctant, but decides to do it. Itsuki and Mayumi also get involved, and the four plot out a schedule for Rin at an amusement park, with the ultimate goal being a confession. Rin and Asa go to the Kanto Cupid Land as planned, but since Rin seems to be rather nervous and is not taking the initiative, his (disguised) friends (Itsuki, Mayumi, Nerine, and Sia) have to give him several pushes. Asa notices that Rin is still paying more attention to the schedule than to her, so she takes the lead and pulls Rin onto several rides. The two actually manage to have some fun before the day draws to a close. Rin takes Asa on a Ferris wheel ride during the sunset for the confession, like the schedule tells him to, but he is unable to go through with it. Asa tries to kiss him through eating a cookie together, and the two get close, but the ride ends before they can. After disembarking the Ferris wheel, Asa calls out Rin’s friends who were watching nearby and takes and reads the schedule/map, which tells Rin to do things like confess on the Ferris wheel. Asa is very hurt and furious that Rin’s own feelings weren’t behind this, so she slaps him and leaves. At home, Kaede has been busying herself while Rin is out. She even makes him dinner, but he doesn’t eat it when he gets home. The episode ends with a very blank-eyed Kaede standing in the dark and dumping Rin’s dinner into the garbage.

What ever happened to our strong, resolute Rin? Today’s Rin flounders around so much that even I wanted to slap him silly. He royally screws it up with Asa, and the continued negligence of Kaede has started to take its effects. Granted, Sia, Nerine, Itsuki, and Mayumi weren’t really helping when they pushed Rin into the date because he probably wasn’t ready to take the next step yet. But Rin himself is unable to confess or kiss her. It’s also interesting to note that Rin never admits that he likes Asa. I think that shows that there’s still some conflict in his heart, since he can’t come out and directly say that he likes her (to her or anyone else).
And that leaves us with Kaede, who basically hasn’t gotten any story since back in episode five. She looks downright scary standing in the dark at the end of the episode, and the preview shows more scenes from their past. I think Rin “losing” Asa right now, and the story moving forward in a Kaede direction means that it will ultimately go back to Asa. Especially since the preview also shows and ends on Asa looking shocked and maybe having an attack of some sort.

Closing Thought: It appears that SHUFFLE! isn’t airing the week before New Year’s Day. The schedule lists episode 23 on December 22nd, but then there’s a movie shown in that timeslot the next week. So this is advanced warning that it appears that SHUFFLE! isn’t airing on December 29th.


  1. I don’t think Asa is out yet. Seems like Kaede realizes she doesn’t want Rin to be sad and may make him tell Asa his feelings. Strange how Rin always drops subtle hints that he likes Asa, but can’t come straight out and say it.

  2. Interesting how different the perceptions can be. I haven’t even WATCHED the episode yet, but would say that it pretty much locks an Asa ending.

    First of all, since Asa is clearly the designated girl who Rin likes, would you consider it a likely ending to see him end up with another one he doesn’t? Also, the classical drama arc would indicate Asa aswell, because about now it’s time for the final complication. The other girls recognize Asa. Finally, Kaede has simply failed too many Keepalive Pings. Unlike Asa, she did not receive these important little “Rin likes her” tidbits throughout the show, so any Kaede ending now would run danger to feel “forced”.

    Also keep in mind that here, Rin didn’t reject someone else, ASA slapped Rin.

    No, no. 2:1 on Asa victory

  3. Mentar, I agree with you wholeheartedly except for the little point that it seems that Kaede, unlike Lisianthus and Nerine, has yet to give her blessing. For a satisfying Asa ending, Kaede should also somehow come round to supporting Rin-Asa like Shia and Nerine. And if it isn’t Asa FTW, I’ll be so bummed – not just because I’m an AAA member but because, like you said, it will probably seem forced. So far SHUFFLE! has exceeded all my (low) expectations of a harem series but I still don’t dare to get my hopes up too much… X_x

  4. Anyone think there’ll be a sequel? Right now Nerine says her love can’t match yet and I don’t think Sia’s just going to give up. Plotwise, there’s a possibility. Anyone know what Shuffle’s ratings have been?

  5. Now is Danger to all relationship right? As we expected that had to end up with ASA, but now I think there is no chance with ASA anymore (sorry to AAA club). Next ep. (or next 2-3 ep.) will absolutely be Kaede ep. but might be “very SAD ep.” more more ever before.

  6. And why would there be no chance with Asa anymore? Wishful thinking? 🙂

    For Kaede it’s both a bit too late (missing keepalives) and a little bit too early (too many remaining eps for the final twist)

  7. Nope, sorry, with 6-8 episodes left they wouldn’t be already getting the main pair together. In fact the final scene of the episode gives a dang big hint that Kaede is going to be the main. Kaede has been getting ignored the whole series save episode 5, and it’s starting to have its toll on her to keep silent about her feelings. Also the fact that Rin is hesitant about Asa goes and shows that he still has feelings for Kaede, if he didn’t like Kaede why wouldn’t he just move in and kiss Asa?

    The simple fact that Kaede has gotten all of 1 out of 18 episodes, coupled with that final shot of her in the dark with those eyes, is all you need to see she’s going to get Rin. It appears that it may go as I predicted. Next episode and maybe another episode or two after that, we’ll see more RinxAsa, then they start getting serious about each other. When this kicks in, something happens with Kaede and Rin realizes that he loves Kaede.

  8. Actually we’re forgetting one person here: Nerine. Rin still has to turn here down nicely (I just don’t think it’ll be her :P), and that will probably happen during the time Rin and Asa are going out or whatever. That will take an episode. So here’s how it could go from here:

    Next 3-4: Rin and Asa go out, get closer. One of these episodes will be about Rin turning Nerine down. Maybe have a filler in there too.

    The remaining 2-3 episodes: Something happens with Kaede. Rin realizes he loves Kaede.

    Remember that this series is going to be 24 episodes, not 26.

  9. Hmm, maybe probably two episodes for Nerine actually, it would be harsh for her turn-down to get only one episode when Sia got two epiisodes. And then we won’t have time for a filler, but a filler at this point in the series would be wierd, unwanted, and out of place. ^^b

  10. Asa certainly passes the hot’n’fun test as well as the depth test in this one.

    I *love* the way Nerine’s ears drop when she’s feisty.

    Glasses-girl Sia ought to get some hearts thumping (and yeah, both S&N’s hairstyles are cute).

    I’d say the next few episodes will focus on Kaede and some resolution to her personal crisis of wanting things to stay as they are forever and afraid to say anything but watching it fall apart anyway.

    Hmmmm, I am hesitant about an Asa “win” scenario but am betting its an Asa “advantage” at season end. The [spoiler] ending with Asa’s crisis will wrap the season up and then the writers will go for the $$$ win with a number of profitable OVAs.

    Come on.. go for the OVAs — you know you want them.

  11. hmm i dun think there ever will be anymore nerine episodes… primura, nerine and shia all lost… the battle is now between Asa and Kaede… i dun really care who wins but i am sure looking forward to a good ending… remaining episode titles are:

    19. Unforgettable Memories
    Wasureenu Omoi

    20.Unforgettable Sins
    Wasurarenu tsumi

    21. Whereabouts of Feelings
    Kimochi no yukue

    22. To A New Tomorrow
    Atarashii ashita e

    23. Revealed Truth
    Akasareta shinjitsu

    As we can see the next two eps will probably feature kaede.. and ultimately i guess Asa will win Rin.. oh well.. hope this ends well…. Shuffle! is the most improved show of the season and it has done it so well that it makes contender DCSS look like crap…

  12. Funny on how the hell they assumed that Rin likes Asa even though he doesn’t admit it. Come to think of it, kinna weird to see him ending up with a senior though, then again, who cares about it! I would love see a Asa ending. A Nerine ending would be great too. But I guess he’ll neither be God nor Demon. So it’s down to either Asa or Kaede.

    Anyway, i love picture 8 and 17!!! LoL! They really look like a couple don’t you think so? So 6 episodes left. So my prediction would be split into, 1 or 2 episodes of Nerine, and rest on Asa and Kadae. As for the ending, I doubt he’ll pick anyway since the game was also multi ending. It’s best to leave it as he picked none as not to (LoL) offend any fans of other girls.

  13. *cough* the funny thing would be if either A: the seres tips in favor of the director’s favorite(which as I understand is mayumi) or B: if they toss a curveball and have him totally randomly end up with kareha, whom was a possibility in the ps2 version… then again, funny as it would be, methinks either of those would make rin very unpoplular in general

  14. Well episode 23 is definiately the resolution for Kaede story. With the rest of the series from there, I guess it is going to the Asa ending…*Sigh*

    Well I guess Asa ending IS the one with the most impact…If they are going to do the same thing they did for the game, it would indeed make a very dramatic ending.

  15. Sorry to said no chance with ASA. It probably only one chance with ASA is to be equal the same!
    This EP. end up same as previous ep. (Sia & Kikyo), the same point is those girls (Sia & ASA) knew that they weren’t who Rin love! but this EP. Rin got bonus with Asa’ Balm and Kaede’s sorrow (or the silence before tsunami)

  16. More Ms. Psycho shots! o.0

    And +1 for Asa for slapping Rin. He totally deserved it for how he acted. He hurt Asa alot there.

    I still Asa’s gonna win this one in the end. I can’t see him ending up with Kaede when she’s got mental issues and might stab him in his sleep. ^_^

  17. Shinji103, you just love using the episode stats to figure this all out don’t you? From the episode titles it definitely doesn’t look like it’s going to be Kaede. They’ll probably go into Kaede for the next couple and finish off with Asa’s story.

  18. “Well episode 23 is definiately the resolution for Kaede story. With the rest of the series from there, I guess it is going to the Asa ending…*Sigh*”

    Well, there’s not really any “rest of the series” from there… 24 is the last episode. So, if what you said is true……

  19. My money is still on Kaede.

    And why would the “revealed truth” defintely be Kaede’s? Maybe it’s episode 22 that concludes her story.

    My money is still on her though. My wish? It doesn’t really matter because I loved this anyway, but I’m hoping no one wins still. 😛 Though if someone does win I want it to be Kaede because she’d be the most hurt if she doesn’t, while the others can take it better.

  20. The series is 24 episodes long? o_O I thought it was 26…

    Well my guess is that the “revealed truth” talks about what happened between Rin and Kaede in the past, and how she came to be a personal maid for Rin. In the game, that’s the starting line for Rin x Kaede relationship.

    But if the series is only 24 episodes long…Perhaps the last episode will still focus on Kaede, regarding her “I love you so please don’t love me” attitude which ends her route in the game. But you know, I still think Asa ending will make the most impact to the series because Rin practically risks his life to do a certain thing. I’m so confused X(

    I don’t care who wins anymore. Since Sia is already out and she doesn’t seem to be emotionally corrupt for being rejected, I really lost interest in the whole who gets off the Tsuchimi Rin harem train thing.

  21. Mm. But Sia and Nerine aren’t Kaede. Kaede would take it a -lot- worse if you ask me. I still care.

    Both ways…Revealed Truth could also refer to Asa’s sickness, mm? So hard to guess.

  22. Hm? What happened to my last message? Anyway, I was saying that indeed I love Sia and I’m glad she’s ok, and that I really find it interesting that we have the same favourites everywhere, when they aren’t the same type at all.

    Can Omni delete my previous message? It came off incomplete for some reason.

  23. Heh, pretty hard to find a bishoujo comrade who has the same weird taste as moi, Ale 😛

    Kotori is still on top of my list by far though. No other character even comes close O.O

    BTW, I think there’s a special thing with this place that when you do something with > and

  24. Yup, it’s only 24 episodes, not 26 – it’s ending on December 29th. Unlike a lot of other shows, Shuffle was exclusive to one network (WOWOW). It, along with the other WOWOW anime like Trinity Blood (also 24), got pre-empted for two weeks by the U.S. Open, if you recall. The Japanese DVDs, which have two episodes each, have all been solicited, ending at DVD 12.

    (Which, incidentally, means that even if there were any sort of OVA or extra episodes, you wouldn’t see it until at least October of next year.)

  25. >>Heh, pretty hard to find a bishoujo comrade who has the same weird taste as moi, Ale

    Heh, yeah. I mean, Ellis, Sia, Sakura and Kotori. They’re nothing alike but they’re some of my favourites.

    And yeah, Kotori tops my list as well, but some other people come close.

  26. Oh Omni, you’re quite right – I must have read your post before you added the closing thought. Confirmed on the WOWOW website that it’s indeed not scheduled to air in 2005 at all, so as you say, maybe the first week of January. (I suppose there’s always the possibility that they may have cut it down to 23 and they’ll have the 24th on the DVD, but there’s no evidence for that either. Probably January 5th as you say.)

  27. *sniffs and sigh* and i’m such a huge Nerine/Rin fan T_T They are so cute together… I want the shy girl to get the guy because…I Don’t know….always felt that the shy girl is more deserving o_o too outgoing just freaks me out.
    I guess hoping Nerine will make a comeback is kinda false hope eh?

  28. Just one note: It’s not entirely possible that Kaede still ends up the winner.

    Right now, it seems like every girl has 2 episodes devoted to her (although Primula and Nerine seems to share one together). By this logic, it means that Kaede and Asa will each get 2 episodes each, which still leaves the final episode up in the air. What supports this theory in my mind is the title of episode 22 (“To a New Tomorrow”), which seems to have a tone of finality to it that signifies that it’s the end of Asa’s backstory. Writers typically resolve the main girl’s story in the VERY last episode. Based solely on my interpretation of the titles, they don’t seem to do that here for Asa, so it’s still hard to tell.

    Yes, it looks like Kaede will be resolved next. But I think Asa-senpai will be resolved in 21-22, which leaves 23 to declare the winner. Or Asa and Kaede can be tied together the way they did with Primula and Nerine, which is also possible (if you count Kikyou and Sia to be 2 girls, then there’s a pattern here too). Note the last scene of the preview, which seems to show a weakening Asa (so that would follow her story as well). So who knows?

  29. Can I just Say, It not just out of Asa and Kaede, Primula!!!!! is! still a Chance though most people will tell you its Asa :/ Also Nerine I think still is a little Chance Not a Big one but It could happen ^^

    Though I dont want it to be Asa, for alot of reason, for one I’m just not a fan of her Character and I dont like the fact She knows!! that Kaede likes Rin, But she is going ahead with it without even talking to Kaede, That is what I really Hate. Her Character comes across as understanding but, She really is going behind Kaede Back. Can you imagine Kaede Shock if she found out them two together?

    And So i like it to end with either Kaede or Primula.

    But Suprize! Suprize! I think, that it could be Primula 😀 ( or if not that an opening ending )

    dont know
  30. My prediction:

    19-20 will be Kaede eps

    21 A shared ep between Kaede and Asa as they sort through there feelings.

    22 Rin and Asa becomes a offical couple, you will see KKK, RRR and SSS expresing thier support of a Rin and Asa couple. They will go through the ep doing what couples do then at the end Asa will have her collapse.

    22-23 We finally see the truth behind Asa’s illness and Ama-san secret

    24 Epilogue/everything is back to normal.

  31. I dont think Asa will win, its way to predictable from what we have seen. Come! on! make Shuffle interesting for all the fans not just the Crazy Asa fans, and have twist and turns in the ending 🙂

    A fight between Asa and Kaede would be good.

    Though Xellos nice predictions in a way but I fear that will give to much time to Asa, and will pull away from the other Characters. so sorry I dont see that happening.


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