Sado, Ishida, Inoue, and Ganjuu have finally gotten to the battlegrounds. They learn from Yachiru that Rukia was saved, but that Ichigo is still fighting for her, because, as Inoue says, she’s very important to him. At that fight, Byakuya calls on the true form of Senbonzakura, which turns the petals into thousands of swords. Byakuya takes one of them, and the two clash once again. Ichigo begins to notice that Byakuya has sped up, and Byakuya even starts to hit him, noting that he’s become slow. The captain then uses a combination of a sword stabbing Ichigo’s foot and a blast spell to paralyze Ichigo. He tells Ichigo that it’s not him getting faster; it’s Ichigo’s fatigue finally taking its toll. Byakuya raises his sword for the killing blow, and however much Ichigo tries to move he can’t. Ichigo’s desire to win overtakes him, and his hand catches the sword in mid-swing – Hollow Ichigo has taken over. The masked figure quickly changes the momentum of the battle, crushing Byakuya’s swords. He uses several black Getsugas to corner the captain, and then appears right behind Byakuya right before the two blasts hit so that Byakuya can’t dodge. Reeling from the hit, Byakuya has figured out that Ichigo has turned into a Hollow, but is then surprised when his opponent starts to rip off the mask. Ichigo has a brief inner fight while he struggles with the Hollow inside him, but he succeeds in taking control. Before they cross swords again, Ichigo asks Byakuya why he didn’t save Rukia. Byakuya promises to answer if Ichigo wins. The two then do their power-ups to put all of their energy into one final attack. When the smoke clears, Ichigo struggles to stay standing, and both have suffered severe wounds from the attack, but Ichigo’s sword managed to cut through Byakuya’s. To fulfill his promise, Byakuya explains that he allowed the execution to take place because the rules needed to be followed. Ichigo says that he would have fought those rules, a statement that make Byakuya realize how much Ichigo was fighting the rules of Soul Society. After Byakuya concedes the battle and leaves, Ichigo finally collapses, right onto Inoue. She, and all of his friends, have been quite worried and are glad that he’s alive. Meanwhile, at the Central 46 Chambers, Hitsugaya and Matsumoto are horrified to find everyone dead.

Today’s episode covers four chapters, from 164 through the end of 167. Since the majority of those chapters are made up of battle scenes, it’s not too surprising that they got in an extra chapter more than normal. Last episode featured Ichigo’s ban kai, and this week matches, if not beats, that by featuring Hollow Ichigo. Him going all apeshit on Byakuya (and winning too) is just a pleasure to watch. It’s a damn shame that Ichigo had to reel him in. That scene makes up only a brief part of the episode, but it’s definitely my favorite.
I’m slightly miffed that they didn’t include Byakuya thinking that Ichigo looks and speaks like Shiba Kaien like it’s shown in the manga, which is a very important comparison in my opinion (especially considering the whole Hollow thing). Anyway, next week is the big shocker episode. It’ll be a lotta Hitsugaya, Hinamori, Ichimaru, and you-know-who. 🙂

Closing Thought: No Bleach next week, it resumes on December the 6th


  1. Or just ban the fucktards that post spoilers, thanks you spoiled it for me, go die asswhores.

    And yeah a week break, meaning 2 weeks until the next ep… any hope for another 1 hour special? XD

  2. Wait a second, did they skip the entire Byakuya monologue about his wife and why he’s so stiff about the rules, or does that come later, i forgot since its been a while since i read the manga

  3. Spoilerman, you’re a fool and an arsehole if you think you’re gonna be famous for that. You’re nothing but a troll. It was I, a manga reader, who tipped off OM of your mischief and limited your damage to insignificant levels. Don’t bother replying or writing to this bogus email of mine, because trolls like you aren’t worth answering.


  4. Well, i didn’t read the spoilers cause i like to be surprised :-)….
    This episode was bitter sweet. Sweet because the fighting was good, unpredictable for a good part and just plain joygasmic as a fellow blogger indicated….The bitter?….i haven’t seen anyone mention this but i really get annoyed with the “new skills” that keep popping up. I mean they make it appear that Bankai is the ultimate of the techniques and then my fellow Bya comes with 2 additional techniques and talking about the “true form” for his ultimate bankai…which means you are gonna tell me now that Ichigo hasn’t discovered his “true form” bankai as yet and we will have the power ups continue indefnitely (hmmm…Dragonball Z anyone?)…..This type of thing annoys me but what to do. Story still engaging and the bigger plot is still left to unfold. I can see we will be looking forward to some insane power levels later on *sadly shaking head* and when will it end!? *massive sigh*…:-(….
    My question now is this: Who is the most powerful of them all, really?

  5. the most powerful? lol maybe ichimaru? his so strong, and he didnt show his bankai yet. or maybe the old geezer. and ichigo was lucky to win if he wasnt transform he would probably die. ya it looks like dbz lol with the reiatsu something like that haha. anyway. bya was too good for him ;DDD

  6. Kurik, according to the anime, (i’ve only read the manga from the point of the end of the Soul Society arc till present) Byakuya has had many years of experience (100 years?) to train with his Bankai. Considering the difficulty that Ichigo went through just to achieve Bankai, it’s no wonder that he only learned Getsuga Tenshou so far. Shouldn’t you be glad there is such variety, rather than watching an anime with the same redundant skills being used over and over?

  7. :-)..Tonicart, i am in full agreement with you on that…you made a valid point there about the experience and Ichigo being a new comer. I guess i am thinking a bit short term in the context that i am hoping beyond hope that this show doesn’t take the inuyasha or some other series path where it goes on for 500 episodes with them attaining near god powers by then( Zankai? :-P) . The story line seems very tight and the pace is fine for now and i dont i see more another 50 episodes MAX to end all this but we will see…In regards to power levels i am more refering to what the show itself infers. 1. It was said no one could stop the pheonix with one sword – person had to be way powerful and they made it seem no one in soul city was at that level 2. when ichigo stopped that giant hallow it was again said no one did it by themselve and he did and this was when he was “weak”. So its either they slow down the powerups and do them incrimentally and stop going leaps and bonds into more unrealistic territory. I hope you guys see where i am going with this.

  8. Well, my responses to the anime when I watched those scenes of Bleach were of amazement and thinking to myself, “Ichigo is a bad-ass mofo!” Of course limits are made to be broken; considering the name of the story (Bleach – “Bleaching” a former soul(s)/body(s) and giving it new life?) and that Ichigo is a special hybrid of hollow/human (or maybe more…), it’s not surprising that he continues to develop his powers and destroy any known barriers that have been previously unbroken by normal shinigami/people/whatever. I love seeing the constant improvement in Ichigo and all the other characters of Bleach.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Oh yeah, thanks to Omni for writing up all of these episode summaries 🙂


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