Short Summary:
At another InterHigh track event, Yamato is still thinking about Suzuka. He remembers what Suzuka’s sister told him about Kazuki, the guy who she still admires. Miyamoto even comes over and affirms how great Kazuki was at running and how much Suzuka liked him. After making a bit of a scene, Yamato proclaims that he’ll become Japan’s top athlete. To do that however, he still has to best the reigning champion Arima, who is also at this track meet. Yamato wins his race with an impressive time of 10.81 seconds, but the record held by Arima is an even lower 10.46 seconds. In the end, Miki tells Suzuka that Yamato beat even Arima to be number one in another race with a time of 10.66 seconds. However, when Suzuka goes to congratulate him, he’s less than happy because he placed second in the overall standings. Suzuka tries to console him, but Yamato won’t settle for anything less than first place.

Like I mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of the track and field parts of this series. Suzuka and Yamato may grow slightly closer, but the overall plot isn’t affected too much. Couple that with crappy animation, and this is quite a forgettable episode. In fact, there are a lot of zooming shots and weird angles this episode, when they probably should have just focused on drawing the people correctly. My hopes for all the final episodes to be top notch are diminishing, but I’ve still got my fingers crossed that the last two episodes will be really good. Next week should be the continuation of the track stuff. I’m wondering if they’ll include the Nana and Honoka scene, since the outcome of that doesn’t occur till much later in the manga. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s ok; I’ll mention it again next week depending on whether or not they decide to include the scene.


  1. Bleh, I quit watching the anime when Honoka appeared. I knew right away she was going to have her innocent little heart broken by Yamato the idiot.

    I still like to comment on how idiotic Yamato is tho 😉

  2. Oy, what’s with the attitudes? Yes, Yamato and Honoka broke up, shit happens. Besides, the series is not called “Honoka” is it? And Yamato is indeed so stupid, that it almost exceeds the limit of being genius.

    Oh, don’t mind me ranting about, I’m just running on fumes here.

  3. This season will end in a month time, 4 more episodes to go. Should be a good ending between yamato and suzuka. That’s how most of us speculate, considering the time-plot in the manga.

    Worth watching if I have to rate it.

    fisherman horizon
  4. Judging from the screenshots … the animation team really is simply incompetent or just don’t care. There isn’t even a sense of consistency. Just the screenshots have 4 different renditions of Yamato.

  5. I think its a nice story, I dont know why but its a little different than the normal “OMG JUST CONFESS” stories, I don’t know what but its something, and yeah its SUZUKA not HONOKA, so you should have really expected a break up sooner or later.

  6. Thank God, they broke up….! Fodica is right! The show isn’t called “Honoka” obviously there’s gonna be a break uP!! If they did however end up together, I wudda been pretty pissed. cuz then it has nothing to do with the title “Suzuka” I it just me..or do I see more of Yamato than I do Suzuka?! -_-‘! I mean….honestly, really, this is all about her isn’t it? ..Why aren’t we seeing her point of view? ..Or is it just that…this is really about Yamato looking thru the view of Suzuka? ….Either way, I’m looking forward to the ending. I really wanna see how Yamato comes to more of an intelligent realization.

  7. I was caught up in the suspense of Suzuka until the end of the Honoka affair. Nothing interesting past episode 18 really. It’s just wrong for Honoka to consider Yamato again for a boyfriend at this point…Like alot of romance animes, we now have a good idea that the leads Yamato and Suzuka will get together at the end.

    It would be better if the anime was about someone other than Yamato and Suzuka.
    My opinion it should be like Miki and Yasunobu. I would love to watch Miki scream at Yasunobu saying : “HENTAI HENTAI!” ^_^


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