Komamura remembers when he first met Tousen and when he was first introduced to then vice-captain Aizen. In the present, after Aizen stops his sword, Komamura initiates ban kai. However, it never completes as Aizen appears in front of him and uses a blast spell to incapacitate him. With that out of the way, Aizen continues on with his explanation: he killed the entire Central 46, but he did so as soon as he heard about Rukia being found. Then he used his zanpaktou’s power to create the illusion that things were normal in there – Ichimaru, Tousen, and he all took turns giving orders in place of them. Aizen had decided to use the execution and the Soukyouku to get to the Hougyoku inside Rukia. However, in case that plan failed, as it did, Aizen prepared a back-up plan. After digging through Urahara’s research, he found an extraction method. Aizen pulls out and uses a device that transforms his hand, and plunges it into Rukia chest. Fortunately for Rukia, the hole created by the procedure heals after Aizen extracts the Hougyoku.
Aizen orders Ichimaru to kill Rukia, so Ichimaru shoots her. In an instant, Rukia is out of Aizen’s grip and in the arms of her brother, who took the hit from Ichimaru. Byakuya falls over soon after, and Aizen prepares to deal with this himself. That is, until Kuukaku and Jidanbou interrupt him, and then Yoruichi and Soi Fong appear out of nowhere, putting a sword at his throat. In fact, captains and vice-captains including Yamamoto, Kyouraku, Ukitake, Matsumoto, Hisagi, and Iba soon surround him. But Aizen has one more card up his sleeve. A light suddenly envelopes him, and a claw opens the sky to reveal numerous Menos Grande. As he is also engulfed in the light, Ichimaru turns around to say farewell and sorry to Matsumoto. Captain Commander Yamamoto tells them that it’s useless to try to penetrate the field, meaning that Aizen and company have effectively made their escape. Komamura suddenly bolts forward and asks Tousen where his justice is now. Tousen replies that whatever path he chooses is the path of justice. Aizen claims that he’ll now take his place in the heavens. His last words bid them goodbye, though he singles out Ichigo in particular for being an interesting human.
With the battle over, the fourth division squads rush in to treat all the injured. Captain Unohana arrives to see Inoue using an unknown healing technique on Ichigo. She herself goes to treat Byakuya, and then calls over Rukia so that her brother can tell her something. The sixth division captain explains that after his wife Hisana passed away, Rukia was adopted not because she looked like Hisana, but because she was Hisana’s sister. It was because of her dying request that he find and protect Rukia that he broke the rules and took her in. However, he swore that that would be the last time. When Rukia was sentenced to death, Byakuya had to decide on protecting her or following the rules, and it’s clear which choice he made. Because of that, Byakuya expresses his gratitude towards Ichigo, and apologizes to Rukia.

This episode covers four chapters, from 176 to 179, and they actually kept in all the Tousen parts this time. Actually, the biggest changes in this episode turned out to be the omission of the three gate guardians, and as a result of that, Kuukaku and Jidanbou made their entrance earlier than they did in the manga. Fairly minor, though the pacing for that scene did seem a little on the fast side.
So we get to hear the rest of Aizen’s story and also why Byakuya acted as he did. Not only was Aizen the bad guy, he was in cahoots with, surprise surprise, the Hollows and what appears to be a greater power. Aizen has now figuratively (and literally) ascended to power, and he’s definitely going to be one of the major bad guys after the current arc ends. Still, the crushing his glasses and changing his hairstyle part is a bit over the top. As for Byakuya, we learn of the promise he made and the decision he had to make. In the end, he decided on the side of the rules, but Ichigo’s interference saved Rukia. And despite not really being featured in this episode, Ichigo is the guy everyone has their eye on, from Aizen to Byakuya.
No Bleach for the next two weeks. Episode 63, a one hour special, will air on January 10th.


  1. Hello guys…
    I’m you beloved Spoilerman! I’m back for your pleasure!
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Ok for today I think I’ve spoiled you enough… don’t be angry with me, but the world need the truth so I’m an hero of the truth which reveals you big misteries!

    Edited by Omni for Spoilers

    The Spoilerman
  2. * major spoiler *

    Aizen mentioned 3 ways to become a hybrid hollow shinigami. Kaien got all three, got absorbed to that hollow creature, got killed, and reincarnated to become Igigo. Note Igigo has orange hair. He’s probably not Ishin’s son – perhaps an soul embryo Urahara planted in his mom so that Igigo was born with that incredible power. Also note the creature that killed Kaien was probably a creature that Urahara created. Ulahala is the guy who messed up and tried to train Igigo to clean up his mess.

  3. man Mayuri youve completely spelled all the major characters name’s wrong geez if your gonna post a hypothesis at least spell their names right and get your info straight. and non of that is a major spoiler those are jsut speculations.

    ANyways THIS EPISODE OWNED, Aizen without his galss is my new definition of evil. Cant wait till January for it to return with a 1 HOUR SPECIAL YAY.

  4. downloaded via torrent at saiyaman

    at the guy who tried spoiling, you are an asshole 🙂

    @Mayuri, the hollow that killed Kaien was created by Aizen, we see that in 61. I hate Ichigo is Kaien reborn theories anyway, they piss me off!

    thanks for the screencaps and the summary 🙂


  6. In the manga, while Yourichi and Soi Fong were holding Aizen, he “summoned” the other 3 gate guardians and posted a small question to Yourichi and Soi Fong if they could hold him and fight the 3 gate guardians at the same time. Kuukaku then appears with Jidanbo and take care of the gate guardians. Kuukaku does her spell on one of the guardians and Jidanbo owns the other 2. Afterwards the rest of the captains appear. New to the anime episode is the appearance of the “scooby” gang I think and subsequently owned by the reiatsu of Gin making it a pointless appearance for them in the anime.

    Also I think Aizen was a bit disappointed in his level 90 spell as it didn’t come out the way he hoped since he skipped a bunch of incantations, Gin commented on how strong it was but Aizen downplayed it (but the spell still owned that captain despite being mis-cast)…

    If anything, these minor story changes don’t affect too much, they just irk me a bit. I think its all done due to timing pacing… makes me wonder if a “uncut” version may appear… think the memories in the rain ova…

  7. Another note, I think Aizen’s plan initially was to use Rukia’s “execution” to get the Jewel because it will destroy the soul. Now in the event that Ichigo was successful in delaying/stopping the execution, he had a backup plan to use a Urahara invention to extract it. That’s why Aizen found himself entertained and impressed by Ichigo for making it this far. Aizen’s got all angles covered… sick bastard…

  8. Just another thought… Byakuya not doing his cool pose of defiance of Aizen and Gin… The manga summed it up well… Not a word said, but the expression clear…”I will protect you”…

    I guess the animation staff thought the act alone was enough.

    Its starting to get on my nerves that Byakuya’s expressions aren’t being drawn into the anime. All we get is I’m stone cold Byakuya, but his character has much more depth to him than the anime conveys…

  9. Kurosaki Ichigo is NOT a reincarnation of Kain but is in fact here ends anime & manga spoiler. On another note for the past 62 episodes of Bleach I have been happy
    & look to be entertained by future episodes.

    Teague ONeill
  10. Is there a command to block annoying posters like “Kurosaki Ichigo”? geez man, you downloaded a RAW episode and were suprised to NOT find subtitles? Of course you have to wait a day or even up to a week or two for fan-subs. Do you think they just magically appear without effort? Real people have to spend their real time to subtitle them. You posted at 4:09PM, then 4:20, then 4:32, then 4:36… chill out…

    Anyway, most new anime can be found here:

    I’m sad to see (err, not see) the scenes that were removed from the manga. I’ve got to download the rest of the manga and see what I’ve missed =(

  11. I got the one with subtitles thx anyways and u Tonicart i am the one to block u i wasnt farkin askin u sry for the Vulgar public and tonicart if u look above can u see i was askin Teague and not u got it u MORON

    Kurosaki Ichigo
  12. Will someone please DIE in this SHOW!!!! Damn!!…The Hollows dont even die either…their souls get sent to Soul Society!….I loved this episode and all the others but COME ON!!!..Kill SOMEONE!!..this isn’t G.I. Joe!!!…they get beat up to a bloody pulp and then someone comes along and heals them!!…*massive sigh*…oh well….Oh…and you can’t use the central 46 (got the name wrong i am sure) that Aizen killed and say ppl died there….we didn’t know any of them… that doesn’t count!…we need to see some thinning out of the characters…introduce new characters if you have to….but kill someone!! :-)…sound blood thirsty dont i….:-P…well some of you can relate to what i am saying i am sure…

  13. Yeah, I want someone to die too. I love Bleach and all but it’s not the type where they kill people. That’s why it’s far from my favorite anime. Of course, I wouldn’t want them to kill everyone. That would be sad. But still, someone should die! I think Ichigo should die. He’s my least favorite character. (that’s because he’s the main character) I think the one that is most likley to die is Tousen or maybe Aizen in the end. I hope Bleach doesn’t have a lovey-duvey, ewwy-gooey love & peace ending. That would be soo sick.

  14. People did die in Bleach in the earlier episodes. When Ishida and Ichigo had a hollow killing contest. It was explained that Quincys kill hollows not treat them. So, Ishida can techinally kill hollows if it wasn’t for the fact that he lost his powers. By the way, did we forget about Ishida? If you look at Ishida, he just disappeared. We are assuming he is off training to become stronger and regain his powers. It would be really cool when Ishida comes back super strong and makes the commitment to beat up shikigamis. I hope Ishida and Ichigo do battle again.

  15. Hi guys,
    The epsidoe was so sooo cool !
    When Aizen got the thing from Rukia’s chest I though that she is going to die or somthing ! LOL

    But I did not understan Where Aizen, Gin and Tosen go ???? are the in HALL ? or in HOLLOW world or what ? and what is the thing that was caming out the sky ?

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