After David explains to Saya that the person who protects Diva is a Chevalier, their group is joined by four more Red Shield people: Kurara, Spencer, Makkoi, and Rodgers. As they head down the river past Vietnam War ruins, Saya starts having more and more flashbacks of her past. The group eventually arrives at a landing spot and makes their way towards the building where Van Argeno, Solomon, and Karl are at. Karl opens the container to reveal something that surprises even Van. Kai, who was captured along with Riku and Mui, escapes from their prison and frees his brother. But with the container now open, the boys are surrounded by a bunch of red-hooded children who are attracted to a woman singing. These kids, who are all experiments of Delta 69 and are themselves singing, run out of the house and apparently follow Karl, who welcomes Saya and company. Their armed force is surrounded by the children, and Hagi throws a dagger at one of them. Kurara starts to scold him for attacking a child, but stops when she sees the dagger pop right out and the wound heal. The red cloaks mask the grotesque births of small Chiropterans out of these children’s bodies. The group fights their way into the building, but Makkoi and Rodgers are killed while guarding the rear. Inside, Kurara demands to know why Saya isn’t helping them fight, but Saya replies that it’s because of the song. As they get overwhelmed, one of the Chiropterans approaches a wide-eyed Saya, but she can only sit, frozen in place. Hagi has to behead the monster with his claw, an act which splatters blood over Saya’s face.

Well they turned the violence level back up after a streak of fairly tame episodes. As soon as I saw the children, I knew they were gonna turn into Chiropterans, though the goblin-like creatures and violence that followed was a bit more than I bargained for. I get the feeling that Mui is going to turn vampire too, since she was taking medicine from the pharmaceutical company guy. Still, the big question is what is inside the container (ie. what Diva is) that surprises even Van Argeno. Actually, it seems that he’s been kept out of the loop for most of this, and Solomon has a better grasp of things than I had previously thought. I don’t expect Karl to survive for too many more episodes, so I assume that Solomon and Van Argeno will be the main bad guys, Solomon in particular.
The preview shows a lot of fighting, including what appears to be the full Chiropteran form of Karl. It should be an interesting battle episode, though it won’t air until January 7th, 2006 since Blood+ is one of the many series taking next week off.


  1. At least we know most of what happened in Vietnam now. For the rest, we have to guess. I wonder if Diva was what/who was in that room in Saya’s memories.

    It does seem like that’s Karl, with the whole “Let’s dance!” and the camera panning from Saya to the chiropteran. I wonder if Haji has a chiropteran form. When Karl calls him ‘Saya’s Chevalier’ it seemed like it meant more than ‘the guy who follows Saya around’. But Haji gets his ass handed to him on a regular basis against Karl. Maybe Haji is somehow incomplete? It looks like are two levels of chiropteran, the normal ones and the ones like Karl, Solomon, and Haji. Or maybe three stages, if Saya is a type of chiropteran. And where does Riku fit in? He can hear Diva, but he’s completely unaffected by it.

    After every episode, the answers they give us always lead to more questions. I wonder who the other three chevaliers are? What exactly is Diva? And what did Saya do to Karl? We still don’t know what happened, only that Karl has a ‘こじんてきなうらみ’, a personal grudge. Why does Solomon tell Karl not to kill Saya? What use does Saya have for the Chevaliers/Diva? Why is the next sentence always cut off?

  2. I thinks Diva may be the Original saya. it means saya (main character ) should be clone from Original saya who is Queen of chiropteran. So Original saya have two chevaliers:Solomon and Karl. you can see from episode 12 that a picture. it have a woman who sitting Between Solomon and Karl . Saya was born by Red shield to take an experimental human-chiropteran hybrid for Immortal weapon used in rmy.When they meet each other they’ve flighted and Saya won but she can’t kill Diva
    / Original Saya coz she will died too. about chevaliers: Haji, Solomon and Karl. I think they are saya’s guardian or like sons but not perfect than Saya. Anyway I hope Haji may be saya’ fiance. Uhmm ..I guess..

  3. Well you would have to be careful because that’s only true – the idea that Saya is a clone of the true original – in the graphic novel. We’re are not yet sure if the anime will follow that as well. Recently an english translation of the first Blood The Last Vampire novel series by Oshii was published and within the book it’s revealed that Saya is the original. That is, she is the result of a human and chiropteran breeding experiment.

  4. ick.. just watched ep 12 last night.
    i gotta say, blood+ sure has its weird transition from a “lovely pinky” ball dance to a “bloody gory” sword dance. (hey, i tried to make it sound nice… -_-)
    up until ep 12, everything was so… boring and lagging that it was almost painful to watch. especially when they decided to have a pattern of having every other ep with action and the other eps conversation. i sure hope things are going to turn up, since the director DID say the ending is gonna be “horrific” (or so the fansubber interpreted).

    about the diva… since david said chelivers protect divas, and since haji is saya’s cheliver, doesn’t that make saya a diva?… so the one karl and solomon is protecting creates chiros, while saya the diva kills them chiros?? O_o… sounds kinda like the graphic novel to me…

    …and why didn’t haji do the same thing to saya in the first ep (give blood to her) to get her into the so-called fighting mode? it’d be a whole lot easier for those military gal/guys if she actually helped out @@


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