This 90 minute special, hosted by Matsumoto Ayano, compresses the first six episodes into about 80 minutes, concluding at the end of the Hanshin arc. They spend the rest of the time interviewing Syaoran and Sakura’s voice actors, Irino Miyu and Makino Yui. The two mostly talked about their own characters, what they like about the other characters, etc. Worth watching if you’re a big fan of the series. The one thing I learned from this: these seiyuu need to take better care of their teeth.


  1. Yay, more TC.

    I’m really anxious for the next season to come out, lots of people say TC is overrated, but meh, I still like it, it’s a pretty nice view, especially those last episodes from the Outo Country.

    It was SO good. Great music, great animation, excelent pace imo.

    Well, it would be cool if anyone subbed this, but I highly doubt it, but then.. maybe not. ^^

    Let’s see.

    PS: Haha at teeth stuff, many japanese seiyuu have that problem though x)

  2. About the teeth thing…
    I think by my 10 years or more of experience from the japanese culture that they don´t even care about beauty or aesthetic they are on another level of understanding, and that´s what i can call the real state of ” NIRVANA ” ^_^ ( philosophyc don´t you think T_T ).I am from Brazil as you guys know and here beauty or aesthetic are top notch for everybody as in any another ocidental country, but I think new point of views from another cultures are very importants and that´s why make the japanese people a very beautyfull and warm country(as different people say).But anyway need to go there to meet the models….THAT´S ALL T_T …ºº man….i LOVE BRAZIL..the girls…are HOT..this is a hunting ground with FOXES..!! ºº

  3. ANY WAY…forget about the TeEtH (T_T) thing and concentrate on the voice…please guys don´t disrupt my concentration on the kawaii face from the female caracters from tsubasa ( don´t worry i have a girlfriend and i don´t have problems ^_^)

  4. the funny thing about the teeth thing is that right now the fashion in japan is too have crooked teeth~ so many people in asia are having their teeth fixed to make it crooked…strange huh? reminds you of the gap-tooth fashion in europe.

  5. Yay! TC! TC! I wish that they could’ve shown some preview of what’s to come. Also, I wish that there would be improvements on the quality of the animation. Anyway, I’d still love and watch it even if there isn’t any. Long live Sakura and Syaoran XD Long live Mokona!

    The Crappinometer
  6. Hey!
    Stop insulting Japanese people and their decaying teeth. For your information, Japanese people do look after their teeth, go to the dentist etc. and do on the whole have nice teeth! How do I know…? I AM from Japan and my teeth are perfect!! 🙂

    Mei Ling & Sakura-Chan (yes the CLAMP duo...hear that everyday...)

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