OP Sequence

OP: 「disillusion」 by タイナカ サチ

10 years ago, two figures fought in the middle of Fuyuki City and enveloped it in an explosion that destroyed everything. Now, it’s apparently time again for seven magicians who employ servants to fighting each other for the Holy Grail. One of the few people who survived the inferno from that time, a boy named Emiya Shirou, was saved and has since grown up. Though the man who saved him and became his father, Emiya Kiritsugu, is no longer around, Shirou is taken care of by his homeroom teacher Fujimura-sensei (Fuji-nee) and his friend’s sister Sakura. On their way to school, Shirou and Sakura see a bunch of police cars racing somewhere, but think little of it. During the day at school, Shirou helps out by repairing machines when he’s not in class. He pinpoints the problem using magic to understand an object’s structure, but it seems that his powers are fairly limited. On their way to homeroom, Issei and Shirou spot Tohsaka Rin, a girl who seems perfect in every way, but Issei doesn’t seem to like her.
While Shirou is in an eventful homeroom led by Fuji-nee, Rin is with Archer on the rooftop discussing the other servants. Archer doesn’t have the power to perceive enemies from far away, but Rin decides to go searching anyway. During lunch, Issei tells Shirou of the crime from this morning where a family of four was murdered (which is where the police cars were going earlier), and the murderer is still on the loose. Shirou later remembers a conversation with his father about how difficult it is to save everyone. Though he feels that he understands now what his father meant, Shirou disagrees and still feels that he can help everyone. After work, Shirou senses other servants around the city, and then sees a smiling young girl on the street. She passes along the cryptic messages that he’ll die if he doesn’t quickly learn to summon.
The dinner conversation with Fuji-nee and Sakura is about Shirou’s childhood dream of becoming an ally of justice. After the two women leave, Shirou starts to practice his magic and remembers when his father told him that he was a magician. Shirou looked up to his father as a hero, but Shirou himself ended up with little magical abilities and thus has no seal to prove that he is a magician. His father did teach him that he shouldn’t use magic in front of people, and that since magic is hard to control, he should not neglect his training. But the most important thing is that magic should not be used for yourself, but only for others. Shirou swears to himself that just like his father saved him, he’ll save others and never forget his oath to be an ally of justice. Meanwhile, Rin and Archer are getting acquainted with the city and with each other.

ED Sequence

ED: 「あなたがいた森」 by 樹海
I haven’t played the game, but I’m told that the OP is a cover of song 「THIS ILLUSION」 from it. I’m not particularly fond of the song though, and much prefer the ED (a much slower song) over it.

The first episodes does a good job of introducing various characters, but, for me who was expecting this to be an action-filled show, it seems rather slow. I was disappointed that the only fighting that takes place is at the very beginning. Those 30 seconds of fighting (between Saber and Archer it seems) looked pretty good though. And they do a good job of reinforcing how much Shirou looks up to his father and how much he wants to save people and be the “ally of justice,” which I guess is going to be one of the main themes. I don’t know the story very well, so I don’t know how that’s going to fit into the whole Holy Grail War aspect. Aside from Shirou, we’re introduced to a slew of characters from Fuji-nee (comic relief) to Rin and Archer (enemies).
The show looks pretty good animation-wise, and the music so far has been decent, but nothing to call home about. And it doesn’t seem like the quality will deteriorate for the next episode either. In fact, next episode should have quite a bit more fighting as they’re going to introduce Lancer and maybe even Saber (it looks like her armor that they’re showing towards the end of the preview). Something to look forward to…


  1. glad to see you got the screencaps for FS/N up already :O
    The OP and ED for the anime aren’t the same as the game’s OP and ED are they?
    “THIS ILLUSION” –> “disillusion”…………

  2. >> Hopefully animation wont go down in budgets in few eps like we saw it many times it really hurts when nice shows are killed by low budgets and poor animation

    And hopefully it won’t devolve into a fetid pile of primordial ooze like Shakugan no Shana did. 🙁

  3. Kaito – About the OP… It’s pretty much the same song, although the whole thing is much softer and less… jarring. I didn’t like the game’s opening song and much prefer this one.

  4. Very slow beginning, it’s mostly introduction about Shiro…The animation on the most part wasn’t as good as the Curtain Raiser. Oh well, I hope the pace will start to pick up soon.

  5. The animation was _amazing_. The show is oozing production values out of every pore.

    I don’t know the game, but all those who did were very happy with the adaption. We’ll get enough action later on. For now, character introduction is king.

  6. no offense but , no please man..ragnarok SUCKS A LOT!!
    the main caracter from ragnarok is a loser!
    and the rest of the caracters too, and the story more and more!
    this anime here is like CRIST THE LORD, i mean it´s gonna save us all from the eternity hell of bad animation.so please don´t crucify it yet!!!Jesus have mercy from this mortal otaku ( LOL )

  7. That was a good one my friend ^^
    I don’t now about you people, but I don’t care a bit what happens next, I’ll wnjoy every episode of Fate, and specially my lovely Saber “Ayako Kawasumi, you did it again, don’t you?”

    Syaoran Li
  8. LOOOL yeah you right im sorry, too hasty of me there….but i never said ragnarok was good and i know it suked @ss im sure fate is gonna be waaaaaaaaaay better…. and the story is completly different.. when i said “reminding me of ragnarok i meant character wise” but the characters for this anime are much better drawn and detailed

    ps not offended 😀

  9. I’m hoping this is going to be as good as Shakugan no Shana and Bleach, but the first episode seems really slow for a 13 episode series. Episode 1 of Jinki: Extend seemed a lot more fast-paced, and still suffered from being too short, among other things. This is why I have a fear of 13-episode series…

    And Shakugan no Shana, primodial ooze? Wake up, fool. 😛 😀

  10. Alpha – This season at least is 13 episodes confirmed. The speculation’s about whether there’ll be two of them, and no word’s been given there. You can hold a bit of hope for getting 26 episodes total, but not too much =/

    Cyw – Saber’s apparently going to appear in episode Show Spoiler ▼

  11. It’s out! Finnaly Out!

    I’ve been waiting for this soooo long. And now here it is. Or a part of it is, since i’m not complete yet. My limited knowledge of Japanese didn’t allow me to understand much from this episode, which is actually BAD, so i’m depending on a sub ;_;

    But! Animation-Wise this anime just rocks. I dare to say the quality is almost the same as they’ve shown us at the Curtain Raiser, which is good. Now, let’s hope they can keep up with this quality. Which I believe, it’s quite possible, being FATE so popular as it is in Japan right now.

    Voice Acting was great, Rin was especially good, as it was already pointed when the Curtain Raiser came out a month or so ago.

    OP Song is ok , but the ED, I just LOVED the animation for that. Saber is so cool there standing on the grass, and her skirt moving was perfectly done. The song is great as well, and it gives a great feeling while watching it, quite calm and peaceful ^_^

    As for the number of episodes, I think it’s not confirmed yet, there were lots of rumors lately that Fate would have ony 13 episodes, but seeing as they’re taking all this time for character development, I assume they’re going 26 episodes, or else, they’ll have to rush the story a lot from episode 4 and ahead.

    Anyway, I’m great fan of FATE, and I just loved how they’re doing this show, unlike Tsukihime they’re actually trying to show some more Character Development for everyone, not just Arcueid/Ciel/Shiki and Akiha, as they did in Tsukihime.

    Now, more one week until episode 2 ;____;

  12. most probally more than 13 episodes if not there wont be enough explaination bout the whole thing
    and there also the issue with identity of certain characters like archer.theyll probally combine fate/stay night & umlimited blade works scenario too.At least the people behind the game are involve with the anime unlike tsukihime =(

  13. This series definantly looks promising…but i can only hope they put more action sequences. However, the art (colors and style) and the characters (personality and character designs) got me addicted to the series in just the first few minutes of the episode.

  14. thanks a lot Omni for a usual great work here! I starting to run down my tears now to see it actually out now. Fate/Stay Night… I really hope to enjoy this show. Looks like I’m not gonna dissappointed it here.

  15. Bit generic, nothing that caught my attention. Fighting scenes in next episode have to be pretty awesome that i continue watching this.

    I don’t know if it’s just me. But this season is much worser than previous one so far.

  16. ‘Bit generic, nothing that caught my attention. Fighting scenes in next episode have to be pretty awesome that i continue watching this.

    I don’t know if it’s just me. But this season is much worser than previous one so far. ‘

    Lol? What ‘previous’ one? Tsukihime? The only thing those two have in common are the existance of magic, and the fact that both occured on the same universe. Aside from that, there are no relationships between both stories.

    Generic? Sure. Go watch Naruto then, it’s sure less generic than Fate/Stay Night, since it has lots of action for 1271731234 episodes long. Now that’s what I call something ‘fresh’.

  17. ‘Dangit, where’re the raws?! >.> ‘

    Hidden, Despite it just now coming out, the series has already been licensed more more than half a year already, needless to say that you won’t be finding the subs on Animesuki, if there are any

  18. blue kun, you just blew my mind. Not that its a bad thing now i know, but how’d you figure it out? I mean after looking at some pictures, they do look excatly the same if you revert the hair/eye color, but how’d you know?!?!?! Or did you play the game..?

  19. Show Spoiler ▼

  20. OMG!

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Can’t wait to watch this, hope someone subs it soon

  21. ‘can’t wait to watch this, hope someone subs it soon’

    Well you don’t have to wait long, a LQ subbed version of the episode is already out, same group that did the Curtain Raiser did this one. Find it at the usual places

  22. Wow, the cover song of THIS ILLUSION really sucks, why did they not just use the original song? The original song is amazing, the voice, the treble, man, why would they make such a crappy cover song -_-

  23. Sabre , correct ? this being based on a semi-ecchi game is ‘ woah ‘
    just hope they don’t chop it up like they did Tsukihime

    if anyone else has their hands on the Fate game encyclopedia (14p), they’d know who Sabre really is . but i’m not telling … hee

  24. thank god Fate/ Stay Night isn’t another tsukihime like outcome *Kudos to the production team for that*, b4 even started watching it, i feared that the graphic will turn out like tsukihime’s which doesn’t match the ones in the game. so…lets see how the story progress

  25. I doublely agree. I went out of my way to look for the original opening sequence “This Illusion”. While the production values astonish me (mainly due to the fact it’s a visual novel with a full animated opening), I have to say I much more like “disillusion”. It’s a much… smoother song. Hell. If I didn’t know anything, I’d say it really sounds more like “This Illusion” is a remix of it’s latter “disillusion”. =P


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