Misaki Kisa bakes a batch of cookies shaped like her friend and love, Kiraha. She kisses the cookies, and then feeds them to Kiraha so that the two can share an indirect kiss. Kiraha does indeed bite the cookie, but then chases after her brother because he got a note from Arisu. At the library, the siblings find Arisu facing off against another girl. Kiraha wants to fight, so Arisu lets her take over. Kiraha wins, and is about to open the girl’s book when Aruto takes it out of her hands. He doesn’t want to deprive the girl of her story, so he copies the important materials and returns the book. When Arisu touches the pages, she understands everything from them and realizes that this ability to write is Aruto’s purpose.
The next day, Kiraha wants to have lunch with her brother, but he’s busy talking with Arisu. It’s obvious to Kisa that Kiraha is hurt by Arisu taking Aruto away. In the library that night, Kisa is offered Alice powers and accepts them. After she transforms, Arisu arrives and the two fight. Aruto and Kiraha also come, and Arisu releases Kisa from her key after finding out that Kisa is Kiraha’s friend. The group recruits Kisa, who is more than willing to help and protect Kiraha, for gathering the Endless Alice story.

If your friend brings you cookies shaped in like your face, doesn’t that sound some alarms? Kisa seems to be too disturbing of a character (in the creepy stalker kind of way) for them to bring onto the team. But who knows, maybe her devotion to Kiraha is the source of her power. And who the heck was that offering Kisa her powers?
Art gets slightly better this episode, though body proportions still bother me somewhat (Kisa’s waist is about as wide as one of her breasts). Aruto is given a purpose this episode, aside from being the girls’ love interest, in copying the pages of each girl’s story, so that they don’t lose a part of themselves (the old method had Arisu tearing out pages). They don’t explain why he has this power, but it’s a start I guess.
I was thinking about the seemingly random episode titles, and it just occurred to me that they’re based on the chapter names of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, which makes sense since that’s the inspiration for this series. Episode one’s A Rabbit-Hole = Down the Rabbit-Hole, this episode’s Tears = The Pool of Tears, and next episode’s Caucus Race = A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale.


  1. Actually, I also find few reminiscences to Princess Tutu.

    Take, for example, Art’s character. He physically looks like Mytho.

    And Art’s storywriting method to preserve the girls’ stories vaguely reminds of Drosselmeyer’s storytelling process to bring the fairy tales into life.


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