Shudonai tells two other people, cloaked in darkness, about the Reiji Maigo power that Yuuji possesses. During lunch, Shana presents Yuuji with melon bread and then explains to Yuuji how to correctly eat it. Yuuji thinks to himself that there are only two things he knows about Shana: she’s a Flame Haze and she likes melon bread. But the reason why he doesn’t know…
Flashback to before Shana was a Flame Haze; she’s still in training on a floating island, called the Tendoukyuu, under watch of Alastor, Wilhelmina Carmel, and Shiro (the skeleton). While Shana spars with Shiro, Wilhelmina reports to Alastor that Shana is exceptionally talented in every way. Later, Wilhelmina is walking through the halls after shopping when Shiro knocks Shana into her. Shana is more interested in what Wilhelmina brought back, melon bread, but it was crushed from the impact of Shana’s body. Shana blames the situation on her unsuitable-for-battle clothes, which are in the style of a traditional Chinese dress. When night and bedtime come, Shana asks Alastor to tell her the story of the Enpatsu Shakugan while Wilhelmina stitches up the dress.
But it seems that the forces of evil, Wine and Orogon – subordinates of Belpeol – are searching for the Tendoukyuu. Back on the floating island, Shana spills some spaghetti on herself accidentally, but gets an idea from it. She fills a bucket with ketchup and carries it outside. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina is debating between two types of melon bread when gets a warning from Tiamat (that’s who she’s contracted to – the voice in her head). She starts running, but a fuuzetsu surround her and Orogon appears. Back above, Shiro spots a sleeping and seemingly defenseless Shana. He jumps at her from the tree, but she moves out of the way and so Shiro falls into her ketchup trap. The red dripping down Shiro triggers something in him and he starts to laugh crazily while powering up a destructive force. Both Wilhelmina and Wine sense something going on, and Wine sees the Tendoukyuu appear in the sky. Wine is overjoyed, but Wilhelmina knows that this is a state of emergency. Somewhere else in the city, an armored warrior with a long sword (the Nietono no Shana) trudges slowly towards the now visible floating island.

There was no new OP or ED this week, which is a bit disappointing since I was really looking forward to them. Instead, we get an episode of Shana’s past and how she became a Flame Haze. Or rather, we got the first part of it. In all honesty, I’m confused again at certain elements of the story, like why Shiro went bonkers after he got covered with the ketchup. I really like Wilhelmina and her attitude, though I feel kind of sorry for her for having to take care of the bratty Shana. But I find the guy at the very end the most interesting because he has the Nietono no Shana. Yuuji tells us in the preview that he’s the strongest Misutesu, Tenmoku Ikko. I assume that next week everything will come together about how Shana became the Enpatsu Shakugan and how she got the sword. And hopefully Wilhelmina will get so show off some of her Flame Haze powers.
*crosses fingers and hopes that KOTOKO will be heard next week*


  1. /YES/, it’s two-parter! 😀 This would have been way to rushed as a one-parter.! 😀 And Hegate appears! 😀 (in the novels, she appeared right after the fight with the twins, talking about some plan with Shudonai) And that three-eyed chick, whose name I can never remember… >.>

  2. Glimpse into the past…And a few more unanswered questions as well. No matter…At least the flashback will continue next episode and we can finally get to know how Shana becomes the Enpatsu Shakugan as well as the possible ‘powers’ of Tenmmoku Ikko.


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