After evading enemy missiles, the Pascal Mage proceeds into a storm called the Spiral Band in an effort to shake off their attackers. However, one of the pirate ships continues to pursue them. Vice-captain Kojima tells them that their sole enemy now is an experimental warship stolen by pirates and is equipped with an electromagnetic wave jamming system. Captain Nanaha decides not to try to run and wants to ambush the other ship instead. Although Hamaguchi of the insurance division objects, Nanaha goes through with the plan because of her desire to protect everyone. Once the Pascal Mage emerges from the storm, it shoots four missiles, ends up scoring two hits, and ends the battle.
Back in port, the crew is confined to the ship as punishment as Nanaha had gone to take responsibility for what happened. Nanaha is in the car with Okamachi when they get carjacked by a girl in a maid uniform brandishing a gun. Explosions suddenly rip through the headquarters building, and it becomes apparent that the girl is rescuing her sister who was on the ship that the Pascal Mage defeated. Having heard the explosions, Tsubasa and Hyousuke set out in the “Seagull” plane to rescue the captain. In the ensuing confusion, the sisters get away, and the crew of the Pascal Mage surrounds their captain. Nanaha is overcome with emotion at the sight of everyone who came out there for her sake.

The second episode offers a lot more naval action (and action in general), but it still has its share of panty shots and fanservice. Looking at the CG from last week and this, I am reminded of how much it resembles the CG from the Zoids series, except this has really crappy explosion effects. But or the most part, the animation quality remains high, though I can definitely see them using stock footage for naval battles in the near future. Oh, and it disturbs me that they introduce a pair of lesbian-ish sisters as bad guys (à la FMP! TSR).
Honestly, I was ready to stop blogging this show until I saw the preview.
Breast groping? Check.
Swimsuits? Check.
Phallic references? Check.
Breast in the face? Check.
Incest? Check.
Furries? Check.
I really can’t believe they’re animating that much fanservice on only the third episode. But hey, it does make me intrigued enough to watch it, so I guess the preview does its job.


  1. there’s nothing inherintly wrong with fanservice, it’s just that look at the audience. who is watching this show? so far I’m not (only because no fan sub yet) shhh not so loud. They might hear you. what? never mind….


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