With Ichigo back home, family life in the Kurosaki home returns to normal. At school, everyone is returning from summer break, and Inoue almost spills the beans to Tatsuki about what happened in Soul Society. After class starts, Ichigo hears a voice from outside calling his name: Renji’s. Ichigo rushes out and tackles Renji into the bushes. It seems that Renji is now in charge of Karakura City, though Ichigo makes fun of him for getting a demotion since he’s supposed to be a vice-captain. Their argument is interrupted by the arrival of a Hollow, which Ichigo dispatches before it gets to the school building. Renji is actually staying at Urahara’s though they constantly make fun of him over dinner for being a freeloader.
In the evening, Inoue and Sado are still training themselves up, wanting to get stronger. Of course that’s put to an abrupt end when Sado accidentally punches a hole through the wall, and the two have to run away. At home, Inoue dreams of when she was young and still with her brother. She wakes up and remembers Rukia with Byakuya, which brings tears to her eyes. Surprisingly, the doorbell rings, and it turns out to be none other than her brother himself. He reassures her that he won’t return to being a Hollow, and he seems to know about her trip to Soul Society and about the dream she just had. He then opens the window and a gate appears outside. Renji gets a notice on his cell phone and rushes off to get Ichigo. They, along with Sado and Ishida, arrive in time to see Inoue pulled into the portal. Ichigo tries to slash at it, but it’s too late – Inoue is gone.

ED6 Sequence

ED6: 「マイペース」 (My Pace) by SunSet Swish
I love the new ED song, but the animation for it is a bit weird. And the dancing things…I don’t even know what the heck those are… Like I feared last week, the new villains don’t look very original, but I guess we’ll see how it plays out. For the record, the single is due out March 1st, 2006.

This episode isn’t entirely original material, as they’re using some of the everyone-back-to-normal material from chapter 183 of the manga. That’s probably the only manga stuff we’ll see for a while. As for the new stuff, it’s not a bad start to the new arc. This episode shows these are still the same main cast with the same goals and character relationships. And it introduces some new villains to get the story started. I definitely didn’t expect them to use the Orihime’s-brother angle again, though it remains to be seen if she will be the central character this arc. The preview does show Inoue back with the group again, so I kind of doubt that this is going to be a “rescue Inoue” arc.
So basically, the new arc had a decent first episode and a great new ending song. Definitely still worth my time to keep watching (and blogging). My wishes for this arc are: get Aizen somehow subtlety involved so that this arc doesn’t seem out-of-place in terms of the whole Aizen betrayal, get some more Captains and VCs involved, and don’t screw anything major up (like Rukia in relation to how the next manga arc is supposed to go). Oh, and again, I hope that the villains are better than they look, though the female one is kind of cute in the ending sequence.


  1. I also loved the ending and the animataion sequence that went with it. Usually for Bleach’s ending I always need to get used to, but not this one. Loved from the beginning of its abrupt start. The episode itself wasn’t bad at all although it looks like it would be something like the Rescue Rukia arc where, in this case, it will be Inoue who needs to rescued. Still a good start for a filler arc! The animation quality was superb!

    Anyway, waiting for you to create the thread in ASuki. 🙂

  2. hell yeah they are better than naruto fillers after just seeing this episode. Let me tell how bad anruto fillers are, this week episode is a Ramen cookoff>_> thats how bad naruto fillers are, it gets worser than that too in certain episodes.

  3. i watch naruto..yaahh that sucks…soo fury said it will be ramencook off what the fuck -_- but the manga of naruto is pretty orochimaru has regain..all his techniques and he’ll fight naruto =D. Want to see his new moves xD

  4. yes Naruto fillers suck.. i try to advoid watching them but end up doing it anyway, Bleach is far much better and thank god this filler going to be good..i would cry if I had to watch 2 crap fillers!!! to be fair most of Bleach fillers we have seen are good even thou they are really quite random aswell!!

  5. I don’t really mind with Bleach fillers either. They have so many characters to play with and I hope they can include one or more characters at a time. At anytime, I hope they introduce the captains and vice-captains even the squads if they go in to filler mode.

    Naruto fillers are to boring… and a little bit to childish in my taste. And who said the orochimaru and naruto comment now, you made me want to watch Naruto more once the episodes are back on track. (I don’t read Naruto or Bleach mangas, yet)

    The girl at the ending song reminds me of combination or seperately of Hagu and Yamada of Honey & Clover.

  6. That ending was very hynoptic and subliminal…. Must.. get.. the… album..
    by bakaboobie January 17th, 2006 at 11:43 am

    yes, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!! That song is like freaking Crack or something. Guess this isn’t a bad start to the new arch. Lets hope it stays pretty damn close to the manga.

  7. Wow, this is the big turning point I guess. The plot here completely vears away from what was in chapters, what were they, 187-211? The only thing that looks semi-familiar is the guy in the orange tie from the outro. But if it really is Grimjow then he ought to have his little jawbone mask.


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