Hajime and Tsugumi arrive on an island where they try to learn about a girl, Mina, who is living with her aunt. The villagers refuse to tell the two anything, and even the one person who does talk to them is scared off by an eye on Hajime’s chest, courtesy of Ichimoku Ren. In fact, Ai’s companions seem to be getting more and more aggravated at Hajime. They even push him off a cliff at one point, though he’s uninjured. Anyway, Mina has a boyfriend Yuuji, and she knows that her aunt tried to kill him while he was diving. After using the Jigoku Tsuushin, she brings the doll to Yuuji and convinces him to pull the string. However, Hajime comes onto the scene in time to stop them, and as a result they decide to elope instead. When Mina is packing her stuff, she hears her name called out from the shed behind the house. She investigates and sees her aunt talking to her dead mother’s body. It seems that her aunt killed her mother after her mother tried to leave the island again. And now, the aunt is ready to kill Mina too. Mina tries to pull the string on the doll, but her aunt cuts it out of her hand with an axe. Yuuji arrives in time to stop the aunt, creating a diversion long enough for Mina to pick the doll back up and pull the string. On Ai’s boat, the aunt says that she loves her sister and wants always to be together. In the real world, Hajime and Tsugumi leave the island feeling dejected, and Mina is now marked.

The whole premise is that the people on the island didn’t like outsiders, a mentality which lead to the aunt killing Mina’s mother because she wanted to leave the place. Hajime almost succeeded in stopping Mina from pulling the string, but the hated person this week was truly evil/psycho and deserved to die. That doesn’t change anything in terms of the deal they make though. I found the episode’s mood to be quite creepy and horror-ish, especially near the end because of the axe murderer and multiple personality bits.
The preview shows that next week is about a girl in the circus.


  1. Um… is Hajime wearing Ren, or is it just me? It looks…. odd. However, Tsugumi seems to be doing more here than just her old ‘I see dead people’ act, which I guess is a step up. The perpetrator here reminds me of Riho, somehow… although maybe it’s just the crazed look in her eyes in the later screenshots which makes me think this.


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