Ayumi is working hard around the house, but Maika still doesn’t trust her. Those suspicions seem well-founded when Maika wakes up in the middle of the night and finds that her sisters sleepwalking into Ayumi’s room. When she herself enters, she’s transported into a different world where she finds a Haruo ready to love her. But Maika figures out that he’s an illusion and that she’s in a world where all desires become true. After she drags her sisters out from their own dreams, Maika runs into Yuri, who entered the world when she saw magic being used from outside their home and is now about to kiss Haruo. After dispelling that dream too, the four of them head to the nearby castle where they find Ayumi and the real Haruo together. Ayumi explains that they’re actually all in Haruo’s head, though the dream is created by Ayumi. Her goal is to plant dreams in his head in order to make him into her ideal man – the very muscular type. The girls and Ayumi are ready to fight each other when the alarm clock rings. As a result, they have to work together so that they can get out before Haruo wakes up. They’re ultimately successful, but it appears that Ayumi’s plan actually worked and a muscular Haruo appears before them. Fortunately, the girls have their hammers ready.
Sometime later, Maika’s closeness to her brother finally gets to Ayumi. She learns from Chiaki that there was a time when Maika hated Haruo. Intrigued, Ayumi decides to find out the circumstances of that hate so that she can use it in the present. By traveling back in time, the girls (Ayumi, Chiaki, Yuri, and Fuyuno) arrive during the first year of junior high. But the Maika there is over-protective of her brother (from a younger Yuri in this case). Moving further back, the girls sees a scene of Haruo sleeping while Maika chants that she and her brother will always be together. Another time jump later, they see what they came to see: Maika yelling that she hates her brother and even calls him a murderer. Based on their conversation, Ayumi starts jumping to conclusions, but as it turns out, it was all an act. It seems that the kids were just reciting lines from Hansel and Gretel. In desperation, Ayumi and the girls jump to when Maika was a baby, but even there they find Haruo comforting a crying Maika. Ayumi just can’t believe that Maika has liked her brother since she was born.

I can’t say that I expected them to split the episode into two separate stories (which is what this was). The dream story is chapter three from volume one and the time travel story is chapter eleven from volume three. I guess they’re kind of similar since the first is about Maika trying to foil Ayumi’s plan and the second is about Ayumi trying to find out Maika’s past so that she can use it against her. Interesting thing is that Yuri was in neither of those chapters of the manga, but they managed to involve her in both halves of the episode in an amusing, if a bit predictable, manner. The craziness is still here and definitely isn’t going away anytime soon.
I think I’m going to stick with blogging this series for at least a little while longer. It’s amusing enough to watch and write about, though I’m not sure when the actual plot (Ayumi getting rid of her curse) will come into play. Not next episode anyway, which will involve a theft from the hot springs.


  1. >What is with the japanese and their infatuation with the concept of incest.

    Probably a culture thing. America has it ingrained into their society that all incest has to do with child abuse, and there’s no such thing as consensual incest, and as a result, can’t handle even fictional incest issues. :3

  2. Erm….come on…its just an anime so please leave all the incest talk behind. However, I do agree that Maika’s brother complex is more comical. I just can’t help but laugh whenever I saw Maika trying to ‘protect’ her brother.

  3. Shinova wrote:
    I think Maika’s brother complex is more comical. Kiraha from Kagihime, on the other hand, has more of that “I wanna screw my brother” vibe.

    Hehe, maybe Kiraha does screw her brother:P…

  4. Honestly, it could be worse – she’s overprotective and devoted, rather than acting in that ‘I lust after onee-san’ manner which is REALLY disturbing. It’s an odd series, but I do hope they get more into the plot soon (Ayumi’s curse, which is the real reason he’s stuck in this harem situation), although unlike Jigoku Shoujo the non-plot episodes are usually entertaining.

    And, unlike the other ‘magic girls chase single guy with magic potential’ series (Maburaho), Ayumi’s not as… annoying as Yuuna was, and at least two of the girls here in his residence are sisters who want to protect him from trouble – rather than having crushes or lusting after him, which would make it a complete retread of some of the worse harem shows.


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