After Yuuichi collapses, he’s brought back to the hospital by Tanizaki and Rika. His condition isn’t severe, but this does mean that his hospital stay has been extended. That night, Yuuichi dreams about Tada-san telling him to live without regrets. When he’s feeling better, Yuuichi sneaks to Rika’s room, but since she’s worried about him, she just puts him back in bed. Yuuichi learns from Rika that he said something before he collapsed, something he can’t remember, but it makes her blush. Nurse Tanizaki arrives to take him back to his room, but Yuuichi can only wonder about what he said. The days pass and Yuuichi continues to visit Rika’s room. Rika thinks that Yuuichi is wasting his time with her and that nothing good can come of staying by her side. But Yuuichi is ok with that. Rika says that because of him, she’s going to have a surgical operation that has the possibility to extend her life.
Sometime later, one of Yuuichi’s friends comes to visit and to see his porn collection. Rika catches the two of them looking at a magazine called MOELOLI, and although she doesn’t act it then, it’s apparent later that she is mad after she booby-traps her door and kicks Yuuichi out. He tries to catch her on the roof so that he can apologize, but she just locks him up there. As a result, Yuuichi gets sick from being stuck in the cold for so long. He’s checked up by Natsume Gorou, a doctor who had just returned to the hospital from the mountains. Talking with Natsume later, Yuuichi learns that the doctor has been talking to Rika and that she’s still really angry at Yuuichi. According to Natsume, Rika usually keeps to herself, and this is the first time she’s told someone about her heart condition. He wants Yuuichi to be friends with Rika (with much emphasis on the word friends) for the sake of her health.
But Rika continues to not speak with Yuuichi. Nurse Tanizaki tells him that Rika’s been feeling down lately, but she’s called Rika up to the roof so that Yuuichi can apologize. However, Natsume shows up first and gives Yuuichi another porn magazine. Rika arrives on the roof just in time to see Yuuichi reading it, and goes off angry, locking the door behind her again. On the stairwell, Natsume laughs evilly since his plan worked. He then takes out and stares at a lighter that he got from Rika as a present some time ago. Tanizaki yells at him for messing with Yuuichi and Rika’s relationship, but he promises to fix things after the nurse kicks him. Rika does indeed eventually go up to the roof and make up with Yuuichi, even though she says she still hates him. But Yuuichi is shocked to learn that the reason Rika forgave him is because the doctor told her to. This time, Yuuichi is the furious one, especially after he learns that Rika came to this hospital because of Natsume. The two start arguing and Rika throws her father’s book at him, but it bounces off and drops onto a window ledge below.

Arg, that doctor really makes me mad. Yuuichi and Rika were doing so well, with the words Yuuichi said before he collapsed on the mountain probably being a confession. But then the porno magazine problem got compounded by the meddling doctor. The evil laugh is pretty over the top, but he’s probably got feelings for Rika (and/or her for him). I think that it’s understandable that Yuuichi gets angry after learning that Rika considers the doctor much more highly than him.
The story is feeling somewhat rushed at this point because Yuuichi and Rika’s relationship seems to have been built up (and subsequently torn down) very quickly. The six-episode format doesn’t leave room for much, but I think they’re at least doing a good job fleshing out the characters. Next time, Yuuichi is going to try to get Rika’s book from that ledge and maybe make up with Rika.


  1. The story felt rushed in what sense per se? Looking forward to the summary whenever you’ve got free time.
    I left physics behind in high school. 🙂 Went the social science route in college (and have continued that into grad school). It just didnt appeal to me. Good luck with the exam!

  2. Yea physics can be fun, but a lot of times it isn’t. I’m in physics II right now…

    Anyway glad to hear another episode of this is out. Wasn’t it delayed a week b/c of tennis (or somethin)? Does that mean Karin is back too? I hope so!

    The episode preview looked funny!

  3. Physics…took me 2 bloody years just to do well for that subject…and my friends took half a year to get distinction for it. Luckily I no longer need to take Physics…ever. Period.

  4. I saw Korean names in the ending credits…… So I’m having doubts on a happy ending for this anime. Korean dramas have 90% tragic ending. Well thats just my point of view, I dont want to have too much hopes for their relationship for all we know the ending video with the mirrage is just for an ironic way to surprise us.

    Rion Steiner
  5. That’s common with any anime series. A lot of the animation work is typically outsourced to Korea. It has nothing to do with the quality of the story, which in this case is based on a set of light novels written by Hashimoto Tsumugu.

  6. That laugh really did it in for me. I mean, at least he could have had a reasonable motive for screwing over Yuuichi with that porno mag tactic (he obviously has something to do with Rika, whether it’s romantic or not), but he didn’t have to cackle madly about it when Rika ran by, tears streaming. I wonder what the anime is going to do that will somehow absolve Natsume’s evil, because we know it will attempt to.

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