Arriving in Vladivostok, Russia, the group meets a Red Shield agent named Elizabeth. Kai gets all flustered when she greets them with kisses to the cheek. They are headed for Yekaterinburg via the Trans-Siberian Railroad, and while getting on the train, Riku and Hagi help an elderly woman wearing a mysterious blue ring. The first leg of the ride is relatively uneventful except for Kai making a ruckus about room assignments. In the dining car some days later, Lewis shows off a box of candy he got from a pair of kids going to Paris who wanted to be introduced to Julia and Elizabeth. Riku spots the elderly lady he had helped earlier, and Hagi gives up his seat for her. She tells him that she’s going to Moscow to see her great-grandchildren. Across the aisle, Elizabeth tells the Red Shield members about her experience in Afghanistan where her entire force was annihilated by the Chiropterans. When Elizabeth gets up from the table and leaves, she is being watched by the elderly lady. That night, Elizabeth’s naked body – complete with a neck bite mark, is dumped off the train.
Saya is getting a blood transfusion when she asks Julia about her past and what happened in Vietnam 30 years ago. But Julia tells Saya that she has to remember for herself. Meanwhile, Hagi is teaching Riku to play the cello when both of them and Saya detect Chiropterans; it seems that the boys going to Paris were injected with something. Saya and Hagi quickly take up arms and start to fight. Hagi chases one of them on top of the train while the rest of the group runs for the rear. He goes for a lunge, but instead gets impaled by the Chiropteran’s feet. Fortunately, Saya is under him and pierces through the roof with her sword, killing that one. Lewis gets the stored armaments from the rear compartment and starts blasting the remaining one. They manage to shoot it until it falls off and gets crushed by the train. Or so they think until it grabs Riku’s leg and pulls him off. Saya cuts off the Chiropteran’s arm while Hagi leaps to grab Riku. Unfortunately, all three of them are no longer on the train. Kai wants to jump after them, but David holds him back. They hear Julia’s yell from the other side of the car, and turn around to see Elizabeth (who is now sporting the blue ring) jumping off. Lewis gets the train to stop and the rest of the group initiates a search. Somewhere in a field of snow, Saya lays unconscious.

Oh, the things you learn from anime: the group is headed to Yekaterinburg, Russia, which is a place famous for *drumrolls* its Cathedral on the Blood. That cathedral is built on the spot where the last Russian tsar, Nikolai II, and his family were executed by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution. Just a bit of history trivia to go with your anime.
I hope they don’t plan on keeping everyone separated for a long time again. As amusing as Kai is for comic relief, I really don’t want them to do a repeat of the Vietnam arc. Yes, Kai is still trying to find his role and his strengths, but he’s pretty whiny while doing it. Riku, on the other hand, seems to be like the prodigy of the family as he even starts to learn to play Hagi’s cello. As for Saya, her fight (and Hagi’s) is quite impressive, and she’s really showing that she’s gotten the hang of controlling her powers, even though she doesn’t fully have her memories yet.
I’m a bit disdained that they introduced Elizabeth only to kill her off so quickly. Well kind of, since the person/thing that took on Elizabeth’s form is still around. I wonder if she’s going to be the big villain for this arc while the Chevaliers work in the background. Anyway, next episode is going to be about Hagi and Saya. Looks like Saya is going to be learning more about her past.


  1. well kai is just being human and useless yet again(i think i am the only kai fan 0_o)
    and its nice to see haji and riku , kinda good family relationship
    maybe they could start a band after this =D

  2. I just CAN’T believe how useless Kai is XD
    I know he’s just a human, but damn, he’s so useless beyond uselessness . He looks cool in that trench coat in the OP but he’s still useless. The only thing he can do is remind Saya that they are family…Well I guess he does play a bit of a big role.

  3. Well they certainly hint at it. There’s a balance between Kai’s interest in Saya and Saya’s interest in girls (or maybe vice versa), but the series overall hasn’t been playing up any romantic aspects (so far).

  4. ehh.. i hope blood ain’t gonna go yuri on me…
    better yet, i hope kai gives up/hides in a corner and leave saya and hagi alone 😀

    funny how no one appears to be concerned that saya might suddenly go and start biting people… or kill them for that matter. they kinda give me the “oh well i don’t care” attitide. @@

    anyway, about this ep, odd how everyone is wearing so little in a blizzard (ie lewis in t-shirt). kinda makes you think whether the whole GANG is human, LOL! XD

  5. I agree that Kai looks good in the trench coat in the OP. Though Hyde’s「Season’s Call」playing in the background might have somehow given him a boost of “cool-ness”.

    I don’t exactly know why, but from the first few episodes I kind of suspected that Kai has feelings for Saya too.

    chicchai no ko
  6. Kai just can’t stand Haji with Saya, and Haji never let’s him forget it. =>
    did David almost smile in this episode? he never smiles. I hope Julia gets that fixed.

    are there a dog and bat yokushuu? why did forest have wings???
    Could Elizabeth be chevalier???

  7. i agree, she looks even more hot in vampire form..such seductive red eyesXP can’t blame Kai i guess, i mean its not like they are blood related they were adopted..but its kinda wrong in a way.


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