Ichigo leaves his real body in the care of Urahara, and then receives a call from Ririn telling him to go to the museum so that they can continue the game. This time, Kon gets to come along, but only after Ishida turns him into a backpack. Inside the museum, Ririn wants to play hide and seek, saying that if Ichigo finds them, they’ll return Inoue and Sado. But first, Ichigo and Renji are required to hang up their zanpaktou in special (and mislabeled) cases. The three advance to the next set of rooms, but Ishida feels something weird as they pass through the doorway. They see that the room they are in connects infinitely down the three paths to their front, left, and right. As they quickly find out, the rooms are arranged weirdly, so Ishida takes some string out of Kon and has Kon unravel the ball as they progress through the maze, leaving a trail.
The group reaches a room with three empty display cases with their names on them, and Inoue and Sado already in their respective cases to the side. The room darkens and all three find themselves stuck in the cases, unable to move. But Ichigo suddenly feels punches – Kon’s – and wakes up. They return back to the sequence of infinite rooms, and reach an impassable room with a giant pit in the middle. The three eventually find the string that Ishida originally tied, meaning that they’re back to where they started. Ishida realizes that the entire place is a Moebius circle with all of the rooms warped to tie together. But the three are unable to find the way out, and after endless searching, Ichigo and Renji start to argue. The two head in opposite directions, but Ishida notices something in the door in front of him. Using his deductive skills, he figures out the maze and calls for Ishida and Renji.
The three make their way out of the labyrinth by passing over the giant pit, that turns out to be only an illusion, and find Ririn waiting for them back in the front room of the museum. After explaining how he figured it out, Ishida is grabbed from behind by Nova. However, Ishida had borrowed Ichigo’s shinigami battle license and is ready for his assailant. He uses it to knock a ball out of Nova’s mouth – a mod-soul. However, Claude retrieves the mod-soul, returns it to Nova, and the three villains make their way out of the museum. In pursuit, Ichigo and company also go outside, but they find Sado and Inoue waiting for them. Ririn has honored her deal, and Nova even returns the zanpaktous. As she disappears into the gate, Ririn tells them that the next game is starting, and this time it will involve their school and classmates.

Well I think it’s official: My Pace is my favorite part of this filler arc. I’m becoming more and more inclined to call this a filler arc because of the level of story quality (or lack thereof) that we’re getting. For the most part, this episode amounts to Ichigo, Renji, and Ishida wandering around a labyrinth until Ishida’s Scooby-Doo deduction skills save them (with help from Kon along the way). That being said, I did find the mod-soul development interesting, and at least Inoue and Sado were returned. But, the next “game” of Ririn’s will involve the school. I really hope they do something more original than just kidnapping Ichigo’s classmates. The preview does show Soi Fong and Ukitake, so maybe they’re going to get some captains involved.
Actually, the Female Shinigami Association extra at the end is kind of amusing. How ever did Yachiru become their leader?


  1. At least Kon’s happy he is actually being involved in the plot and all… right? ^^

    As for the filler stuff… I bet that they will put in a lot of filler during the current Arrancar arc Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Frankly, all the filler = stupid complaining is itself stupid. 😛 And Episode is stupid if it’s stupid and good if it’s good, not if it’s a filler or not a filler. This episode is a good example of that, of how a filler episode does /not/ automatically = bad.

  3. I’ve been debating about the names for a while now. On one hand, the names seem to romanize rather well into Claude and Nova. The kanji for the top-hatted man’s name is 蔵人 (kurando), but he introduces himself as クロード, which should be Claude (Cloud was a mistake on my part). Nova is just what I ended up calling the hooded man because I was already romanizing the top-hatted man’s name (And ノバ = Nova).
    On the other hand, by convention I should probably have kept their names unchanged. I don’t watch the fansubs, so could someone tell me what they ended up calling them (I’m guessing Kuroudo and Noba like dan said)?

  4. Actually, if you were to say Nova, the katakana for it needs to be ノヴァ
    Noba would be the correct pronounciation for ノバ
    I don’t know about the other guy.

    As for the actual episode, it’s not that bad. Naruto feels like it’s a chore to watch, but Bleach still gets me excited each week. In fact, it’s still one of my favorite animes this season. I think what most people need to do when watching a filler arc is to empty their mind and just enjoy the show. You can’t enjoy something while thinking too much about all the little details.

  5. I’ve seen Nova spelled both as ノヴァ and ノバ. Again, this was an attempt at creating a western name based off of what was said. Anything to make those characters more interesting, cause they’re still generic bad guys to me…

  6. In reply to Kimiyae, Ririn wrote “ZabiO”, in which the “O” (a circle) is usually pronounced as “maru”. It’s basically a childish pun. ^^; (Not too sure about the one for Zangetsu, looked like just a misspelling. “Zankichi,” or something along those lines.)

    Maybe the three villians correspond to the three dancing dolls in the ending? Ririn’s bird collar-hood thing suggests she may be the little bird plushie with the blue hood, maybe. Although the idea of Nova (Noba, whatever, I’m not picky) as a plushie cracks me up. Pink armless bunny or breakdancing turtle, either way it’s hilarious. XD

  7. haha! told you those puppets at My Pace were Rinrin’s sannin! XD
    I guess Ishida will make the puppets and they will put the mod sols in them!
    anywayI kinda begin to love the new arc story. it not a filler at all! it’s really good!
    not about curry of life and ramen cook-off and junk like that.

    kinda reminds me of the last episodes of the old Peter Pan anime! XD with the black mirror and that witch! and the Wizard of Oz also! man those animes were so scary at the end!! XD

  8. by the way – the cute bird is Rinrin of course
    the bunny us that ones glassed hat person
    and the turtle is that red hair ninja.

    haha! and they have him now! he’s going to be the first to have a puppet!!
    XD I knew it since the first time I saw My Pace!! sooo suuugoooiiiiiii!!!!! XD

  9. Unfortunately the new “bad guys” in this arc look pathetic and when compared to Gin or Aisen and the Arrancar they are a joke.
    As far as story goes compared to the Arrancar arc this is rubish. Hopefuly we wont need to endure more of this.

  10. Show Spoiler ▼

    FYI, it’s not ALL FAILS–that didn’t make sense to me for a long time…–but Japanese rendition of “Oh Friends~”

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