The group arrives at school to find Ichigo and Renji’s bodies already in the front yard. Ririn appears and tells them the rules of the next game: there is an imposter in their midst and they have to find out who it is before noon. If they screw up, then everyone in the school is going to disappear. Since Claude isn’t with his partners, the group immediately realizes that he must be pretending to be one of them. Ichigo’s classmates soon start arriving for school, and Renji is introduced as Ichigo’s relative.
During class, Renji interrupts Ichigo’s thinking and the two’s argument gets them kicked out into the hallway. Ichigo thinks that Renji is acting strange and suspects that Renji may be the imposter. As a result, he tries to get Renji to take off the gigai, but it’s interpreted by everyone who hears them as him trying to take off Renji’s clothes. After Ishida starts suspecting that even abilities can be copied, Ririn decides to take her first victim: Tatsuki. Meanwhile, in Soul Society, Ukitake orders all traffic between the worlds to be stopped temporarily. At Yoruichi’s request, Soi Fong makes it out of the gates before they close and heads to the real world.
Inoue finds out about Tatsuki’s disappearance during gym class and goes to see for herself, only to find Tatsuki’s wristband on the floor. Ichigo has to calm her down after Inoue starts to suspect everyone. But with time running out, and very little in terms of options, Ishida suggests that they use their intuition to find the imposter. Unfortunately, that leads to Ichigo pointing to Ishida, Ishida pointing to Renji, Renji to Inoue, Inoue to Sado, and Sado back to Ichigo.
With only ten minutes left, the entire class starts to disappear. Only after everyone is gone, including their teacher, does Ririn offer them the deal of returning everyone in exchange for Ichigo and company. But Ichigo senses something and rushes over to the window where he sees Yoruichi and Soi Fong running towards them. As Soi Fong jumps over the school, she kicks out the window in front of her. Sado starts acting strange, and Ichigo realizes that Sado must be the imposter from the fact that he referred to Soi Fong and Yoruichi as only one woman (meaning he didn’t know Yoruichi was female). Sado reveals himself to indeed be Claude, and Ririn announces the start of the final game.

This episode has some genuinely funny moments, including what everyone perceived as Ichigo trying to strip Renji. Because of those scenes, I ended up liking this episode a lot more than the last one. And it doesn’t hurt that we get guest appearances by Ukitake and Soi Fong, the latter of whom became the reason that Ichigo finally figured out who the imposter is. But ultimately, the whole imposter thing seems like an elaborate way for the new villains to get Ichigo and company to trade their lives for their friends. I guess Ririn really likes her games, though it seems that we’re up to the final one.
Next week, another one hour special! Unfortunately, the animation quality looks pretty poor from the preview, though it does seem like we’re getting another scene of naked Yoruichi.


  1. Show Spoiler ▼

  2. You realize, having Rukia come back may just very well be part of the filler?

    Think about what happened before Rukia came back in the manga, and think about how impossible it would be to show everything leading up to that in the next episode.

  3. so yes RUkia’s return will be part of the 2nd half of the filler focusing on the 2nd group of bad guys in the ending. And that will be in two weeks since next weeks one hour special will be both ep. 68 and 69 together. Ep 70 will be called 070. Rukia’s Return! Revival of the Team Acting as Agents!

  4. How do we know that Rukia’s return episode is a filler?? It may be like the manga chapter, but different situatiion, same plotline. From where the anime is going right now, I don’t think they’ll do EXACTLY what’s in the manga anyway.

    Btw, thanks for the summary and pics ^_^

  5. I’m not saying the creators of the anime won’t follow the plot of manga at all. Sorry, I should have rephrase my sentence. What I meant to say is that they might change some stuff or delete a few scenes. They did it before in past episodes. There are some scenes in the manga that aren’t in the anime, and there are scenes in the anime that aren’t present in the manga. However, plot is the same still

  6. Wow…. I hated this episode. Only good part was the after-preview where the 13th General hooked up Hitsugya with all the candy. Was hilarious. I just hate the idea that the heroes are so completely inept compared to three soul mods. Some reason I’m starting to think that Urahara is just testing them anyways. 1) He’s known to do that, 2)He created all the soul mods(or the base idea) I thought? 3)Where did he go this episode and how did Ichigo/Renji’s body show up at the school?

    I can’t wait for this to be over. They aren’t villians though, so I have a feeling they’ll be around once a big bad guy shows up and the games end.

    I absolutely love the ed though. Rinrin looks so cool when she does the “1” “2” “3” parts – and I can’t help but hum the tune at work and doodling “my own pace” all over the place.

  7. these filler episodes aren’t that bad becuase it has introduced something we haven’t seen yet. By the way i wonder what they will do for byakuya from now on, He was awesome and it would be good to see him again.


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