Although Rukia saved Ichigo, the threat of the Bount’s Doll still looms. But as it charges up another fireball, numerous snakes appear and entangle the doll. The doll and the snakes disappear, and the female Bount (named Yoshino) identifies this as the doing of the male Bount (named Ryou). Ryou uses his snake/Doll, Furido, to bind up Yoshino so that he can take her back. When Ichigo speaks up, Furido turns some nearby metal rods into snakes and uses them to attack. With Yoshino as his captive, Ryou makes his escape. Sado and Inoue arrive, and the group welcomes back Rukia. After she tells them that she’s been appointed to this world again, Rukia notices the plushies. She ends up loving Inoue’s Claude/rabbit plushie.
At the Bount hideout, Yoshino is taken in front of the third Bount (named Jin). For acting on her own, he punishes Yoshino by locking her up. Meanwhile, Ichigo and company are in Ichigo’s room discussing the Bount situation. Ichigo asks Rukia if Soul Society knows anything about them, but Rukia is unable to help. After Renji shows up and subsequently starts arguing with Ichigo, Rukia mentions to Inoue and Sado how it’s a little strange that there are now three Shinigami present since it’s normally one per fifty thousand people. Ichigo then asks Rukia what she’s going to do about the next day, and of course it is Rukia’s intent to go back to school. With the use of the handy device that allows her to manipulate her classmate’s memories of her, Rukia has no trouble re-assimilating into school life.
During lunch, Ririn senses something and so Ichigo takes the entire group and finds Ryou feasting on some humans. The Bount refuses to answer Ichigo’s questions, but he does wonder how delicious a Shinigami’s soul is. While keeping Ichigo and friends at bay with Furido and the snakes, Ryou notices Ishida and becomes interested in how the Quincy would taste. Back at the Bount hideout, Yoshino breaks free of her prison

It appears the Bount don’t exactly get along so well with each other. The power hierarchy seems to be Jin > Ryou > Yoshino, and the fact that Yoshino and Ryou are particularly hostile to each other is likely to come into play again later. Ryou’s snake powers leave much to be desired, but he and Furido remind me a lot of Flame Hazes and their Crimson Lords from Shana, especially with the way Furido talks.
The big story of this episode is supposed to be Rukia’s return, and a lot of the time is spent showing her return to normal life. It’s good to have Rukia back, even if we’re mostly seeing comedic moments for now. The focus for the next episode seems to be shifting to Ishida and Ryou’s interest in him. But, there’s no Bleach next week. Episode 71 airs on Tuesday, March 7th.
Oh yea, I almost forgot to mention that Hanatarou gets a cameo!


  1. Well, from the screenies, it looks like Rukia is really back. But this is /not/ a problem in itself just because it strays from the manga… 😛

    And is that Hanatarou in screenie #17? O.o

  2. Bleach fillers have a real story behind them unlike naruto’s 1 bit episode. Bleach does filler right and does so it keeps you interested. If it wasnt for us being manga readers we wouldnt even think it was a filler.

  3. White haired bad guy is good looking. I didnt see the episode yet but looks interesting. Episode 71 is about rukia’s turn and the danger approaches the quincy ^^. I would love to see that

  4. Rukia’s return in the manga was a pretty dramatic moment. I wonder how they can recreate that in the anime when they get back to the main story since they’ve already re-introduced her. I like that scene and hope they don’t just scrap it.

  5. My complaint as stated again, would not be of Rukia’s return. It would be of Ishida’s prolonged stay with “the team” instead of following the manga’s footsteps. Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Anybody feel like giving the director a chance at doing something that’ll surprise even the manga readers? Honestly, I think it’s better if anime adoptations strayed from manga. It can make the shows more enjoyable for the readers.

  7. About Rukia’s remark that there’s only one Shinigami operating among 50,000 people in a human city, she should had referenced Renji and herself exclusively.

    While Ichigo himself is a Shinigami
    1. He doesn’t holds status as a true Shinigami rather a Shinigami representative, as he made it clear to the Bount Yoshino in the previous episode, according to Soul Society’s code.
    2. He’s not resident of Soul Society either.
    3. He’s the only living human in the material world to have become Shinigami.

  8. 3. He’s the only living human in the material world to have become a Shinigami.

    Well, no…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I’d prefer as a general rule that they’d stick to the manga… but I thought the intro back from the Soul Society was a little stale in the manga. Maybe this will spice it up a little? Anyway, it’s still better than stupid one-shot plot episodes where everything is the same at the end as it was in the beginning, and no progress is made.

  9. I might’ve loved the episode if that weird baroque music used with the Bount’s wasn’t so distracting … seems they are salvaging the Ishida manga damage of last week by having Ichigo belittle Uryuu, which works although it’s unfortunate. And having Rukia there is wonderful but her Ichigo interaction just isn’t up to par … she needs to slap him around more like she used to!

  10. Whee, finally this anime has reached the rock bottom. I mean, who gives a damn about some vampires, when the true bad guys are Aizen & The Band of Hollows? And speaking of whitch, where the hell are Aizen & The Gang, and why the hell they had to bring all these new bad guys, when the old ones are still alive?
    I have nothing against fillers really, but they should just get back to the story alredy, instead of airing ep after ep of those lame, no-special-moves-at-all -fights, which actually have no meaning what so ever.

  11. Fillers are fins if it is needed. After all, some parts are actually quite interesting.

    Hmm, so when will this filler arc end? Is there any news regarding when the anime will go back to the main story line?

    I’m just curious. thanks.

  12. Ouchies, Ishida is my favorite bleach character and these recent episodes have really been kinda painful to watch. I personally enjoyed the new music that they played, it was was a nice departure from the standard bleach mix.

  13. Yay! It’s good to see Hanatarou again, hehe. And Naruto fillers are bad but they are definitely improving, and only 6 more eps to go till the main story returns yay! Although I don’t know how many more filler there are gonna be for Bleach though.


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