During the school festival, Ayumi gets kidnapped from her class cafe to take part in the student council’s production of Cinderella. Haruo is the prince and Yuri is Cinderella whereas Ayumi is made to be the witch and the Yoshikawa sisters are Cinderella’s evil family. The play starts at noon without a hitch, and continues even when Ayumi uses her magic to create a real carriage instead of a stage prop. But during the ballroom scene, Michiru uses her magic to raise a mirror onto the stage, knocks Haruo out, and escapes into the mirror with him. Yuri, Ayumi, Marin, Maika, and Rika follow her in, but Chiaki and Fuyuno are locked out after Hongou-sensei knocks them out of the way so that she can enter.
The other side of the mirror leads the girls into a forest near a castle. Michiru flies over them on a carriage carrying Haruo, who is apparently going to be in a life-long slumber. The group gets attacked by various fairy tale figures and everyone is caught up in their own fight: Rika vs. the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, Marin vs. the witch from Snow White, Yuri vs. the dragon from Sleeping Beauty, Ayumi vs. the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, and Maika vs. the wolf from The Three Little Pigs, the wolf from The Wolf and Seven Little Kids, and the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. The girls are initially losing their battles, but each of them eventually turns the tide and beats their opponents. They meet up again in front of the castle and blast their way in.
They reach the room where Haruo sleeps, but Michiru uses a beanstalk to trap the girls. This beanstalk also has the special property of being able to suck up magical powers. Michiru reveals that she’s doing this to prevent Ayumi from getting rid of the curse and becoming the leader of the Mamiya family, which equates to having control over the Makai world. But as the girls are tortured and drained one by one, Haruo starts to respond. By the time Michiru notices, Haruo is already floating above the ground, his eyes red and beams of light shooting from around him. His magical powers blow up the castle and subsequently the mirror. Everyone is sent back to ten minutes before the play started with no memories of what happened.

Well that was completely different from the Yuri Cinderella story of volume four of the manga. But with only a third of the series left, I can see why they would start working in the back-story. Michiru shows herself as the villain and explains her plans, but no one remembers. Haruo also awakens his magical powers, but since he has no recollection of it, it doesn’t really matter. So yea, I kind of which they hadn’t done the reset so that they proceed with the main story, but I guess it doesn’t make too much of a difference.
Next week’s episode looks like it’ll be a “normal” episode about a special pair of Ayumi’s panties. But who knows, maybe they’ll throw some meddling by Michiru in there too.


  1. Onmi, this may be a bad place to ask this but have you stopped blogging Kage Kara Mamoru! or did i not get the memo saying that it was off this week? If you are in the process of blogging it then i apologize.

  2. * What do the Japanese call Cinderella anyway? *

    uhm.. err.. shinderera? sorry, can’t resist… XD

    Rika with one hand? ooh, that giant’s in for a world of pain…

    and what about Ayumi’s nose? O_O!! looks like a phallus…eww..

    Shinn Agami
  3. Dear God, it looks like they tied in the ending of Volume 5 with this episode. 😀 Although, with that outfit… does anyone else here read Star Wars novels? He looks just like Grand Admiral Thrawn, minus the blue skin.

    Still, this is an interesting idea, that he may be going Magic Berserker and awakening into his abilities, when Ayumi gets threatened so by her sister. I do wonder how Maika would handle Haruo suddenly starting to develop his latent talents, outside of trying to Hammer them out of him?

  4. … okay. So now Haruo’s forgotten he’s magic?


    Show Spoiler ▼

    Incidentally, what did Hongou-sensei do this episode, besides rush into the mirror? She’s always in the background, almost as if she’s manipulating things. Did she forget as well?

  5. Haruo looks really like a devil *-*
    I am curious on the episode when Haruo really can use his powers.
    I think it will end in a big KABOOM after watching this episode now^^

  6. i don’t get it, is haruo supposed to be a Maou of sorts *i mean with magic beyond messure*
    if thats the case, then why ? family heretage ? strong people in the bloodline ?
    is he supposed to be THE STRONGEST magician around but no awakened yet ?

    i don’t get this anime, whats so special about him ?

  7. Spoilers for Mela, although this isn’t much of one…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    In a sense, it’s a bit like Maburaho in the fact that Haruo is a loser who doesn’t use magic but is surrounded by girls who do… and yet he has some latent talents in that area. In another, it’s more that he’s tied into Ayumi’s destiny… which makes it more like some other harem anime I could name. :


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