Yuuji breaks free from being choked by using his power of existence. But when Wilhelmina closes in for another attack, it’s the fiery Nietono no Shana that stops her ribbons. Shana manages to defend Yuuji from several attacks, but she is still very conflicted between him and her duty as a Flame Haze. Wilhelmina explains that she wants to avoid a head-on confrontation with the Bal Masqué, which could turn into a big battle that would collapse the balance of the world. Meanwhile, inside the Bal Masqué hideout of Seireiden, Shudonai is trying to get Hecate to tell him what she’s praying for. Bel Peol thinks that Hecate wants all creation and repeats that Hecate will become an eternal being. Shudonai says that he’ll do his part and protect his Hecate, but Hecate replies that she’s not his.
Back on the ground, Wilhelmina is still trying to get Shana stop interfering. Yuuji doesn’t think that Shana will be able to oppose Wilhelmina for long because Shana is a Flame Haze. However, it is Alastor who diffuses the situation by bringing up the osprey decorations that Yuuji noticed, and both he and Shana speak up on Yuuji’s behalf. Seeing Shana’s face, Wilhelmina decides to stop for now and dispels the fuuzetsu. Because he may still be of utility value, Yuuji’s destruction has been postponed, but only this once. As she’s leaving, Wilhelmina says that she believes in Shana, but does not want to be disappointed in her. Yuuji and Shana discuss the bird decorations, but Yuuji eventually goes back to the utility value comment from before. He understands that he’s a Misutesu and Shana is a Flame Haze. From that statement, Shana perceives a huge distance between the two of them.
It’s at this point that Kazumi, who had felt something earlier, sneaks in. She overhears Yuuji telling Shana that they should leave the city in order to not involve the people. But Shana is very confused about what to do and that leads Yuuji to say that he doesn’t understand what Shana is thinking about. Kazumi follows Yuuji and finds him alone, watching the traffic go by. Yuuji confirms that he’s decided to leave the city and attributes his determination to Kazumi believing that he is human. Satou and Tanaka then come up to the two. Because Margery has left the town, they’ve got no attachments to the place, so they also decide to leave with Yuuji. Back in the park, Alastor lists Shana’s options (leaving the town, staying, etc). The important question he asks her is why she wants Yuuji, but of course Shana doesn’t know.
The next day, everyone gathers for the burning of the osprey statues. At first, everything seems normal, but then the smoke from the fire suddenly starts up the Jizai Shiki. A hole opens up in the sky and from it emerges the Seireiden. Bel Peol comes down to greet the two Flame Haze, who quickly take up arms. She reveals that this place is going to become a fountain of existence. Wilhelmina realizes that the objective of the Bal Masqué is still Yuuji, so she turns around and tries to attack him. But Shudonai is there to cut the ribbons with his hand. Knowing he’s in danger, Yuuji tries to get away, but Shudonai leaps in front of him. Determined to destroy Yuuji, Wilhelmina forms a spear with her ribbons and throws it at him. But that spear never reaches its target because Shana intercepts it with her body. Impaled and heavily bleeding, Shana collapses. Shudonai takes the opportunity to fly away with Yuuji in his grasp.

There’s quite a contrast now from the beginning of the series. Shana spends the entire episode confused about what to do whereas Yuuji makes up his mind to leave the city and protect the people. However, that never happens because of the arrival of the Bal Masqué. And here I thought the episode was going a little slow, but then the last three minutes were like BAM! I wonder how Shana will recover from that wound. Being impaled isn’t something you just get up from (with the exception of the heavy shounen action shows like DBZ and Bleach). With Yuuji’s life in almost immediate danger, she might try to fight without having recovered. Or maybe the Bal Masqué have some elaborate plan that will give her enough time to get better. Actually, from looking at the preview, she doesn’t look very hurt at all. There’s not even a tear in her clothes!
As a side note, I could only think of Enma Ai whenever Hecate talked. That’s Mamiko Noto for you. Ippen Shinde Miru?


  1. Damm it! I was right then…
    Since episode 18 this series break all my spectations.
    Bell Mazque finally strikes… bur, what is going to happen now?

    Only five more to go…

    Syaoran Li
  2. Quote Kaito
    “omgz, is that Shana getting impaled in the screencap in the middle of the second last row?”

    Do you need another display of Shana’s love for Yuuji?
    If after that Yuuji don’t get it at all, he is the clueless male character did I ever met

    If you can’t say it… do it.
    Don’t die Shana

    Syaoran Li
  3. Although at this point i’m pretty sure that while it’s unacceptable for the Enpatsu shakugan no Uchite to die, it’s probably possible that Yuji will end up disappearing (though if this show has more than one season, then i guess that won’t be the case).

  4. That has got to hurt…
    *referring to Shana’s impalement*

    It seemd to hit her in the solar plexus below the ribcage… Heck, perhaps the only thing the she needs is a Senzu bean… or damn lots of Sonzai no Chikara…

    Or lots of lovin’ from you-know-who.

  5. I don’t think Shana is actually confused, you can see clearly that she doesn’t like the idea of Yuuji leaving the city for sake of protecting people (Kazumi, specifically). I say she wants Yuuji to leave the city for the sake of staying by her side. Shana is quite an anxious character, afterall.

  6. I guess this is one way of declaring one’s affections…. since she has no reason otherwise to do this, even if she was a Flame Haze and he was just a Torch. 😀

    I want to see Enma Ai cosplay as Hecate now, for some reason…

  7. The only thing which you can possibly accuse him of is being inconsiderate – since he doesn’t seem to grasp the nature of Shana’s feeling towards him. This may make him a bit dense, but it does NOT make him a wimp, just the opposite: He’s been standing his ground fairly well lately.

  8. I was hoping for this, I mean, Shana doing something crazy for Yuuji, like jumping between him and Wilhemina in order to save him. And also Yuuji feeling he was only a simple tool for Shana, nothing else and nothing more. Now Yuuji has to feel something, come on! Shana saves his life without second thoughts, disobeying another Flame Haze, her tutor indeed, because she doesn’t find yet the answer to Alastor question, but deep inside her she new it very well.

    You’re right, they kill the atmosphere with the preview, one thing they didn’t do before.
    Anyway, I can’t wait for next week’s episode

    Syaoran Li
  9. “Now Yuuji has to feel something, come on!”

    He won’t. He’ll just be confused just like when Shana stepped in to save him from Wilhemia’s first attack.

    In Anime, it’s not until they actually say the “I love you” is it actually understood. So unless Shana does that, which she probably won’t, he still won’t get it.

  10. I remember someone saying if Shana kissed him, Yuuji still wouldn’t understand what’s going on. He’d probably be like: “Why did she kiss me? It makes no sense…I can’t figure it out!”

    You know, the funny thing is that he seems to notice whenever some one else likes another person (He seemed to have excellent perceptive skills when it came to Ike and Hirai), but he can’t put 1 + 1 together when it come to Shana? It must be the rule of all anime men to remain completely oblivious no matter how obvious the female lead’s feeling are.


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