Ryou holds the human woman hostage until Ishida steps up to take her place. Ichigo motions the others to act when Ryou tries to eat Ishida’s soul, but the snake holding Ishida smashes his head into the pavement. Ryou has a taste of Ishida’s blood, but then a fireball comes out of the sky. Because Ryou was forced to drop Ishida in order to block the attack, Yoshino gets her hands on Ishida, but then disappears behind the flames. Once the flames clear, the group is still left with Ryou and his snakes to fight. Fortunately for them, Renji brings Tessai, Jinta, and Ururu to help and ward off Ryou with a barrage of weapon’s fire. However, Ririn has now lost track of Yoshino’s spiritual power. At this time in Soul Society, Captain Kyouroku is trying to sneak into Captain Kurotsuchi’s room and get some Bount data. However, he’s caught and Kurotsuchi insists on the formal procedure for requesting information. Kyouraku pisses Kurotsuchi off enough that the twelfth division captain tries to delete the Bount data, but gets denied access by the computer.
Ichigo wants to go find Ishida, but Urahara stops him. He relates the Bount to the tunnel being created between this world and Hueco Mundo (the Hollow world). Meanwhile, Ishida wakes up, having been saved by Yoshino. He tells her about losing his powers and how he’s the last Quincy. She tells him that her family had a law not to consume the soul of the living. If they do this, then they can obtain a powerful energy and be able to influence space. Doing so would destroy the balance of the world, so no one has tried until now. That person is Kariya Jin. He seems to have his sights specifically on Ishida, and Yoshino refers to the Quincy as the key person. Ishida blacks out at this point. Ichigo and company learn that Ishida is at the hospital. They go to see him and he tells them about what Yoshino had said. After everyone leaves, Ishida is reminded of how Yoshino’s face was like that of his mother, who always seemed to be crying. Meanwhile, Jin promises Ryou that things are being done about Yoshino. Two new faces smile from behind him.

I like how they’re working this arc so that Ishida is becoming more and more like the central character. Of course I’m curious how this is going to relate to Ishida not having powers and the current manga storyline, but hopefully it’ll work out. The fact that Ishida relates Yoshino to his mother (which I think is the first time we’ve seen his mother) seems to be setting him up as potentially having feelings for her (ok, yes, wishful thinking on my part). But maybe we’ll learn more about Ishida’s mother in the process.
I guess in order to make Jin a more epic-quality bad guy, they had to involve the Hollow somehow. And with the absence of Yoshino, he’s now got new assistants in the form of the two boys, one of whom seems to have the same hairstyle as Ishida. The cast list is so big that they seem to be giving Soul Society characters cameos throughout this arc. At least we get to see Captain Kurotsuchi get pissed off again (in all of his clown-like creepiness).
Next week, the enemy attacks the hospital. The week after that (March 21st), there’s no Bleach. And then the week after that (March 28th), there’s a double episode.


  1. Neh why should Ishida stay in hospital ? I mean Inoue could have healed him and in return he would have left da hospital -.- . N e ways its not like I care that much for Ishida he is not my favourite character in bleach although I like him coz he’z funny ^^ and his whole personality thing

  2. Bleach’s Bount Arc is resembling more and more to the YuYu Hakusho Chapter Black Saga with the plot following devices being used:
    1. The protagonists unknowingly gets messed against strangers that seek to test their capacities and cognitive skills, and the audience initially thought those strangers were the enemies beforehand.

    2. The real enemy makes use of unusual tactics and powers to both physically and psychologically strain the heroes.

    3. The real enemy is opening a portal to another dimension to get the human realm swallowed into it.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Dang man, we’re going pretty whacked out with the episode airing schedule. >.>

    Btw, at our current pattern, the Bleach 4th opening shall come in 4 more episodes. 😀

  4. A new opening after a few more episodes? I hope that it’ll be good. Errr… No. Not just good. Really good. I really really really really liked H&MC’s Ichirin no Hana.

    The Crappinometer
  5. Ok….I’ve read the manga of Bleach and am a big fan of it….All I want to say is that the writers for this series should be ashamed of themselves. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t hate filler eps. If they are going to have filler eps, please make it decent. The last really good series I watched that was constantly filled with Filler eps was YUA (You’re Under Arrest season 1 and 2) and Tactics. I wish I went back to the days when there was good script writing…I mean these days everything is full of cliches or overused themes…*cough*Mai-OtomecopyingSEEDandothervarioushounenanimeslikeXTVandScryed* Why can’t original ideas just appear from writers anymore? Lastly, I highly oppose of how filler script writing contradicts with the original script writing of the mangaka. I mean come on…do you people actually think Rukia actually appeared like that in the end of ep 69? For those who read the manga know that wasn’t the way to go. Rumor has it the new opening will signal the start of the new saga in the manga….sadly, I highly doubt it.

  6. Yoshino: I should have searched for a different Quincy
    Ishida: There aren’t other Quincy
    Yoshino: Huh?
    Ishida: I’am all alone now
    Yoshino: Really? You’re alone?
    There aren’t any other Quincy?
    If that the case, shall we end your loneliness?
    Ishida: What do you mean?
    Hey, hey wait a minute…
    Yoshino: Don’t tell me you lost that “ability” too?
    Ishida: Umm…no…but I lack experience
    Yoshino: Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you…

    End of Chapter 1 – Birth of the Bincy

  7. CAN ANY ONE PLEASE TELL ME WHOS THAT GUY WHO ACTS IN SunSet Swish – My Pace PV (Bleach ED6)??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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