After multiple failed attempts at seducing Haruo, Ayumi’s starts imagining the worst (that Haruo might be gay). Rika brings her a special pair of magical cat panties and tells her that wearing them will triple her magical powers. At first, nothing happens, making Ayumi think that these are really just a pair of normal panties. But then, the cat starts to talk and Ayumi realizes the mistake that she’s made in putting on a pair of perverted panties. Unfortunately, the only one who can take them off of her is Haruo. With no other choice, Ayumi gets Haruo, but before she can ask him for a favor, the cat panties blow open her skirt and to reveal themselves. Haruo has no reaction other than trying to figure out who Ayumi is talking to, so the panties try a more drastic measure that only leads to Ayumi knocking Haruo out with the hammer. She tries to use Haruo’s limp hands to pull them off, but the panties tell her that her partner has to be excited for it to work. To make matters worse, Maika enters the room at this point and sees an unconscious Haruo with a hand in Ayumi’s skirt. Of course, she goes berserk and almost blows the house up.
Because of Maika, Ayumi is unable to get Haruo’s help and is forced to wear the cat panties to school the next day. The panties notices that her skirt is short today, and blows it open for all the guys to see. Even with all of the boys chasing her, Ayumi manages to find Haruo. This time, the panties transform into a super-low cut polka-dot version, but Haruo still doesn’t get excited. With the hordes of boys closing in, Ayumi takes Haruo and jumps out of the window. She hides with him in the gym equipment storeroom, and tries again to seduce him. However, she gets an odd feeling and has Haruo wait while she goes to check it out in the gym. It seems that her panties’ opaqueness level has been lowered to 30%. An explosion suddenly rocks the ceiling and in come Yuri and Marin, both of whom are pissed off after having heard about Haruo from the roaming hordes of boys. The cat panties once again reveal themselves, this time even more transparent than before. However, the result is that both girls start to cling lovingly onto Ayumi. At least, they do until Rika shows up and knocks them out with her hammer. Ayumi returns to Haruo and tries to show him her panties, but fails again because of her own embarrassment.
Sometime later, Haruo is coming out of the glasses store. It turns out that his lenses broke, so he had been wearing prop glasses the entire time. As soon as he steps into the house, he gets an eyeful of Ayumi’s strawberry panties. This definitely gets a reaction out of him, and he pulls the panties off as he’s falling down. However, his sisters enter the house just then and see Haruo on the ground with Ayumi’s panties in his hand. Maika once again goes berserk and blows up the house.

This is one of my favorite episodes so far, with several genuinely hilarious moments. The entire episode is very ero, but they do a good job making it funny, from the HG to the all the different types of panties to the yuri scenes complete with squishing noises. Even the corresponding manga chapter wasn’t this good, though it did have a bit more fanservice. Well, more is debatable since it didn’t have the yuri scenes that the anime does. It’s a shame that this series is so short because I’d love to see another episode with the “ero neko” panties.
Next week is the Christmas episode. Are we actually going to be getting a semi-serious episode like the preview hints? Somehow I doubt it…


  1. Yuri going yuri.. and Marin too?

    I think I love this episode the best so far. 😀 It sounds like they’ve ramped up the comedy even more from that chapter of the manga… which means that it’s going to be hilarious. Although I kinda wish Maika had gotten there when Yuri and Marin were affected by the panties, just to see if she could break free of the enchantment.

  2. 13 episodes, if I remember this correctly. Say, does Ayumi count as a traditional ‘tsundere’ type – she really doesn’t LIKE Haruo at the beginning, even if he’s necessary to removing her curse, so is rather.. shameless about him as a result, since his opinion of her doesn’t matter. Then, over the course of the last two or so episodes, that… changes – she starts thinking of how he might see her, and even gets embarassed around him in this episode when she asks him to remove her panties. Plus, there’s last episode’s sudden fit of jealousy, when she saw Yuri and Haruo together on stage… and of course, the whole thing at the end when she was being drained.

    Show Spoiler ▼

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