While on the job promoting “ha,” Aka and Fumihiko are asked to be quiet for 10 minutes for the sake of a nearby live program. The two horse around and accidentally stumble onto the set of the show. The camera catches a shot of a bag of “ha” between Aka’s spread legs. Surprisingly, instead of causing a lot of complaints, the accident manages to promote the snack. It also makes Aka very popular and lands her a lot of new jobs. But all of that work also means that she’s not at home when Fumihiko gets back. When Aka does get home, he’s already fallen asleep. And even though the next day is Sunday, Aka still has work. A lonely and frisky Fumihiko pushes her down onto his bed, but she quickly knocks him off. They have an argument that has Aka saying that she won’t need to stay with him once she earns a little more money and that Fumihiko would be good with anyone. However, Fumihiko expresses how happy he is when Aka welcomes him home. Aka grabs her stuff and leaves. At the studio, Aka’s lines happen to include a “welcome home,” but she has trouble with it. It’s only after getting some advice from her manager that Aka is able to use her feelings for Fumihiko to say that line. However, the experience leaves her in tears because she doesn’t think that she can go home anymore.

So while I don’t think that Fumihiko should have tried to do ero things with Aka, their fight about Aka living there will undoubtedly bring the two closer in the end. This series is short enough (we’re already two thirds of the way through) that this will probably be the big argument between the two. Next episode will most likely be spent patching things up between the two at the onsen. Past that, I’m not sure where (in relation to the manga) or how they’re going to end this series. Including the material of next episode, they won’t even have gone through one volume. Maybe they’ll end it how volume one ends, which would be a decent place for a conclusion.


  1. For the pace it’s going it looks like the nxt ep is where she moves out, after that would be the realising she loves him during recording ep and end with the hot spring confession ep.


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