Monkey Majik is a unique band that’s composed of a pair of Canadian brothers (Maynard and Bliase Plant) and two Japanese guys (tax and DICK). Their recent single 「Around The World」 has held the number four spot on the Oricon top ten list since it was released a few weeks ago. Maynard and Bliase are the two vocalists and the songs have both English and Japanese (Maynard is fluent in both). What appeals to me so much about the song is that combination of languages with a lack of engrish normally found in Japanese music. It’s in a style that I can best describe as something that I’d hear on the local (American) radio station. I’ve been listening to 「Around The World」 for a few days now, but I’m still trying to make sense of the PV. The song is also the theme song to the Saiyuuki drama currently airing on Fuji TV.
YouTube Link: Watch the PV!


  1. So these guys are basically the successors to Godiego, then? Sounds good – I’m looking forward to seeing the new “Monkey” series when it makes it down to Australia.

  2. I hated the song the first time I heard it on Saiyuuki; and it’s safe to say that I still hate it after watching the PV. Though the visuals are interesting, I’ll give them that.

  3. I gotta disagreed with you guys. i think the song is awesome. i love his voice and his lack of engrish. haha and the melody is awesome. you guys should also check out their song “fly” if you like “around the world.”

  4. yeah picture perfect is great song. im trying to figure out the chords and its not easy to play on a standard tuning guitar. i suppose it is played on an alternate tuning. can anyone help?


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