ED Sequence

ED: 「ハレ晴レユカイ」 by 平野綾, 茅原実里, and 後藤邑子 (Hirano Aya, Chihara Minori, and Gotou Yuuko)
The opening song of this episode is like a parody song of an opening sung very poorly. But that was for the film and not the actual opening. I didn’t really like or hate the ending song; it was meh.

The first episode is hilarious. Well, technically it’s supposed to be episode 00. It features a poorly made film by our main character Haruhi (though it stars Mikuru, who is played by Gotou Yuuko) with all sorts of over-the-top effects and fanservice. Tomokazu Sugita’s voicing of the narrator Kyon only made it funnier. The quality on the film part is obviously poor, but it’s made to look that way. The real setting is animated pretty well (done by Kyoto Animation). I’m cautiously optimistic about the next episode, though I don’t know if I’m going to write about this show.


  1. One Word: Awesome.

    I found this hillarious from the beggining ’till the end. The scenes when Mikuru fires laser beams from her eyes are priceless. And what about all those Sailor Moon Stances? LOL!

    The poorly made animation fitted this like a glove, it was really a great touch for this episode, and the scene when Mikuru was going to change her clothes and we get a Blue Screen instead was great lol.

    Anyway, and as I’ve said before, prolly the best anime of this season until now. Look forward to Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni too!

  2. I was wondering if you were going to blog this one. It’s hard to peg this one definitely caught me off guard. I really like the shitty music, it warrants OST purchase just for the miruku opening. Well looks like Sundays are going to be great with SR and this.

  3. Oh wow I was completely surprised by this show (in a good way). The ‘film’ reminded me of my high school drama production days LOL.

    The laser beams and stances are just classic! pewpewpew!

  4. yes I would have to agree this show is so much better then school rumble. Not to mention the production by kyoto animation only makes it better.
    The ending theme was awsome, love the dancing.

    Oh and Mikuru is very cute. ;D

  5. This is still the first episode. If you listen to the preview, Kyon and Haruhi are arguing about which episode number next one is. If I continue blogging this series, I’m going to continue go by episode number, not the title.

  6. Somethings I can’t figure out:
    – Did you notice the cat speaking? did the cat really spoke or was that inserted
    – There’s also one scene where mikuru looks like she really shot light from her left eye and then got beaten up by the other girl because of it.
    – And the lightning the guy shot near the end looks good and really different from the other crappy special effects. It makes it look like the actor really does have special power.

  7. This first episode rocks!!! Out of all the ones that came out so far, this one made a very good impression of the anime series coming out this month. The characters seem to be energetic and fun to watch. Kyoto Animations is the same studio that did Full Metal Panic Fumofu, so I hope the humor will be on that level as well.

    If you read the summary on AnimeNfo, it seems that the main character girl, Suzumiya, gathers strange people (with strange powers) to film movies with…….I don’t know, but this is just my guess

  8. Oh man this anime is great! This is like Ichigo 100% on crack or a satire of it.

    Oh man, at the end when Haruhi says, “ne, Kyon?” in combination of moving her mouth and body…it was both hot and cute!


  9. Goodness, I watched this episode so many times when it first became available (over the interwebs) Remember those ED dancers!? I cannot believe it’s been 4+ years already, and with such modest commenting here on the RC. Kyon’s narration is still awesome.


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