OP Sequence:

Watch the OP! Mirror 1 and Mirror 2

The lights suddenly go out in Yoshino’s apartment because Koga, one of the other Bount, arrives. He attacks with his doll, Daruku, who can separate herself into pieces and morph those pieces into different weapons. Though Yoshino puts up a good fight, Daruku is ultimately victorious. She’s about to kill Yoshino, but Ishida uses himself as a shield. Ichigo and company, having felt traces of Ishida’s spiritual power, arrive on the rooftop too late – Ishida is already gone. Ririn, Nova, and Claude return to their gigai bodies so that they can sense where Ishida went. Meanwhile in Soul Society, Captain Kurotsuchi calls a meeting with all the captains because his databank was broken into and looked at. Captain Zaraki suspects a connection both Kurotsuchi’s matter and the discovery of Ichinose.
Yoshino is dumped into a cell at the Bount mansion. Jin tells Ishida that they should work together and suggests that perhaps Ishida can get his Quincy powers back. During this time, Ichigo and Rukia have arrived at the house and sneak in. They encounter a flying eye-like creature, which Rukia destroys with a blast spell. But when more come, the two escape onto the roof. They regroup with Ririn, Nova, and Claude and run into main building. Jin and the rest of the Bount are there waiting. Rukia and the three mod-souls leave to search for Ishida while Ichigo holds the rest off. Actually, only Ryou challenges him because, as he explains, the Bount are self-reliant. Ryou asks Jin to take off the crest that allows him to summon his Doll in order to prove to Ichigo that the others won’t interfere. The fight then begins, with Ichigo and Ryou seeming to be evenly matched when they don’t use any of their special powers. Elsewhere in the mansion, Rukia and the others encounter Ichinose. He’s able to easily defeat the three mod-souls, leaving only Rukia. She tries a spell on him, but it has no effect. Ichinose accuses her of holding back, but Rukia is using all her power. He then explains that Zaraki destroyed the ideals of him and his captain, and he had lost his will to live until he met Jin.
Meanwhile, by using shunpo, Ichigo is able to wound Ryou. In response, Ryou uses an attack called the Snake Net that traps Ichigo regardless of where he jumps to. The snakes envelope Ichigo, but he manages survive relatively unscathed through use of his spiritual power. Ryou sends another wave of snakes, but Ichigo destroys it with a Getsuga Tenshou. Because of it, Ichinose breaks off his fight with Rukia and runs to Jin. No one was actually hurt by the attack, but it did destroy part of the room. Ryou uses the opportunity to betray Jin and make a grab for his crest. He tries to attack Jin, but Jin is still able to use his powers. Ichinose then appears before Ryou and uses a special attack to defeat him. He explains that his zanpaktou is called the Rainbow Mist and introduces himself. When the enemy powers up, Ichigo has no choice but to do the same.

ED Sequence:

ED7: 「HANABI」 byいきものがかり (ikimono gakari)
Watch the ED! Mirror 1 and Mirror 2
Wow, the new OP completely restores my faith in Bleach. I’ve always loved the BEAT CRUSADERS’ music and this song is no different. It’s probably my favorite OP so far. The style for the opening sequence is very reminiscent of the first OP, Asterisk. ED isn’t bad, but I like My Pace more. The ED shot of all the girls together is kind of nice though.

With my interest in Bleach freshly renewed for this new season by the OP, my impression of this episode was pretty good. It’s a good deal of fighting, but there’s nothing wrong with that. 🙂
They’re giving me more reason to think that Zaraki and the other captains will eventually get involved in this with the Soul Society scene. Ichinose is developing into a more interesting character, though at this point I’m most curious about what his zanpaktou can do. His allegience to Jin and the shot from the OP that features the bad guys makes me think that he’ll be the next-to-last “boss” (with Jin being the final boss). Odds are his fight with Ichigo next week won’t result in much more than allowing him to tell how he came to follow Jin.
We’re back a single episode next week, and then no Bleach the week after that (on April 18th)


  1. KYAAAAAAAAAH I LOVED THE NEW OPENING XD Uruahara and Byakuya are soo hot. Its the best or second opening ever. As for the fillers the episodes seem to be getting interesting but then again chad and orihime didnt get much screen time >.>. Sigh if only they were useful.

  2. …new opening roxed . Altough i hate the beatcrusader so much i have to admit the opening ruled. the animation actually reminded me of Beck op.
    as for the End..well..it was good..but…i think i did saw too much yuri for today as well. @_@

  3. Uruhara and Bakura are so hot in the opening. Oh my God if they show up in normal clothes sometimes during this filler arc I will be totally satisfied… just a few appearance in clothes like that will make up for this portion of anime being a filler.

    This new opening = new love for Bleach I have to agree.

  4. Hmm, after I watched the new OP, I must say I’m not very impressed by the song. I mean I love the opening animation, I really do, but the music itself doesn’t seem to fit. I mean, we have a dark atmosphere floating around in the anime after such a bright, upbeat music. Ichirin no Hana is still my favorite opening.

    I think it’s safe to say now that Jin himself is a Doll (provided that Ryou did explain how only Dolls can block attacks from other Dolls). This filler just keeps getting better 😀

    BTW Omni,
    “Rukia and the three mod-souls leave to search for Ishida while Ishida holds the rest off.”

  5. Episode 73 and 74 were aired last week, and this week was episode 75 and 76. A lot of people mistook last weeks episode as being 73 as an hour long special, but it was really 2 episodes just like this week. I love the new op and ed as well, I was starting to get tired of ichiri no hana, its nice to see a change.

  6. maybe it’s just me, but I felt that opening reminds of Gensomaden Saiyuki op as well.. well that’s my opinion.. nonetheless it was a breath of fresh air for the change.. looks like the filler episodes might last 2-3 episodes..


  7. The anime, in some respects,(coughchizurucough) is actually toned down when compared to the manga, so i gimmick for ratings seems outright contradictory to anyone who has actually read the manga.


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