OP Sequence

OP: 「愛したげる」(Aishitageru) by LOVERIN TAMBURIN

ED Sequence

ED: 「鎖り」(Kusari) by 川上彬子 (Kawakami Akiko)
I like the ending song a bit more than the opening song, but neither are really that great.

I’m a bit disappointed by this first episode. The animation was kinda rough and Etna didn’t appear until the last minute. They’re not really following the game story order either.


  1. Man… what? Disappointing is exactly the word I’d use for this. Not that the promos were exceptionally slick, but they at least seemed to keep the same humor and tone of the game. Meh. Color me annoyed.

  2. AC – Yep. The promo followed the game pretty much exactly, yet they changed even what they showed in that. No Nin~ Nin~ action, Etna’s in for all of 16 seconds, and Gordon, Thursday and Jennifer are here already? Ohhhhh boy… where on earth are they going to go from here?

    Oh well, at least Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni seemed to get off to a good start.

  3. man that tanks..they always seem to make you wait to see the cool character till the next couple of episodes.. they just tease you with part of the characters face or something..

  4. Rasmiel, I’m covering a huge portion of the series and that takes a lot of time. I’m more or less free to do it for the time being, but I certainly can’t keep this up for longer than a week or two. So first and sometimes second episodes are all that a series gets. First Impressions are very important in this sense. And the production teams know that (usually) and put a lot budget (usually) into the first episode to hook people into the series.

    As for Air Gear, I’m not covering that. Probably not going to do Higurashi either…

  5. That’s the thing. You aren’t allowed to both say “well, they blow the budget on the first couple episodes to reel audience in” and “you have to wait and see with shows.” More often than not, what you see is what you get. There are aberations both ways, but for the most part with media, judging a book by its cover is one of the smarter things to do.

  6. Why do people always think that its somehow bad for not following its origins. If you want to see the origins so badly, read/play them heh. Judge a show on what it is, not how much it is like you think it was going to be.

  7. What exactly do you expect from a first episode? That’s where everything begins, and that’s where all the boring stuff is. You can’t just expect a sudden full open war as soon as you begin watching an anime. Good animes take time to develop. Like Fate/stay Night. They lifted off slowly but are picking up the pace recently. All animes have their own pace of development. It’s only when you are in the middle of a series that you can judge for certain whether it is worth keep watching or not.

    And you have to keep in mind that most people over at Japan, where these animes are produced, don’t even get to choose when to watch them. Whatever they get is what they get. Many of animes are aired near midnight–when majority of kids are asleep and adults are tired from work. First impressions don’t make their minds up about whether they should watch a series or not. Ever wondered why Gundam Seed was never a popular series until it was dubbed, but it was in Japan? It’s because Japanese people aren’t very much influenced by first impressions. To us, it was a boring looking mecha crap wasn’t worth downloading. To them, it was just another anime they could fit their schedules easily to watch.

    Thus I have to disagree with your (AC) statement about how judging a book by its cover is a smart thing to do. How many shows ended better than when they started? How many shows ended WORSE than when they started? There’s too much of an awkward balance between these two factors to make that a resonable theory.

    If you don’t have time to keep watching an anime to see how it unfolds, then that’s too bad I guess. There’s always this chance of missing great shows just because your first impression was bad. Like I almost did for AIR.

  8. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the character designs or the animation. I haven’t played the game either.

    It is true that the first episode usually can’t do a lot because the groundwork has to be laid out but it is possible to look at the blueprints for a building and get a pretty good idea of how it’ll turn it out.


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