Oh, they were going for such a good ending. I was getting all teary-eyed near the end when Ai and Tsugumi were crying. But I didn’t like the way it ended because it feels like this series didn’t really accomplish anything. Ai is still around, still doing her thing and Tsugumi and Hajime more or less move on.


  1. It proves that the Jigoku Tsusshin system existed long before Ai became the Jigoku Shoujo, and the ending means that as long as people feel that they have been wronged or desire retribution be paid to them then Jigoku Shoujo will live on.

    I more of interpret the ending that Ai fully embraced her role as the Jigoku Shoujo. Is it a happy but a wicked ending for closure to the series.

  2. Great! If it is just going to end like that, then I don’t think I want to see the rest of the series. I stopped watching it around episode 12, when the subs seemed to die out for a while. Is it really worth it to see the rest of the series?

  3. Ai’s eyes… they’re no longer just red. They’re amber – I suspect that she’s purged her bitterness towards Hajime’s family, at least somewhat… and no longer is quite as confused about her past as she once was, which nagged at her throughout the series. Whether this means she’s going to reap with as little remorse as she showed throughout the first half of the series from here on in, or if she’s going to be a little more compassionate… well, who knows?

  4. i dont care how this series ends… i loved it it was soo unique.. never seen an anime like it … although i must admit i wanted tsugumi to die in the end ( just to have a sad ending) .. but oh well there is always another season 😛

  5. Ooh! What a wonderful anime series. I love it, and for those who stopped watching it, please continue! This is a must-see for anime lovers. It’s unique and really, neither the bad or good side wins. This ending looked great, even though I wanted something to happen, like, maybe Ai would do something other than just to continue getting revenge for people. I was hoping for a more thought-out ending, but maybe more will be explained and showed in season two!

    Jiru-sama's Stalker(ha ha ;D)
  6. Hi つづく, 9

    Cool review site you’ve here especially with the screen captures. May I know what program did you use (or the method you used) to capture the pictures? I’ve tried Print-Screen but it didn’t seem to be the way.


  7. *sigh* i really don’t know what to say about the anime… i’m really stumped here… i’m usually REALLY lenient with anime/movies/games/etc to the point that i’m rarely disappointed. yes the story is unique and different and not like the rest of the anime out there, and the animation and sound were near perfect, but seriously, every episode was the same! what kills me is that i had to stop watching the show after watching the episode where tsugumi first saw enma because uni started for me and i had no access to a pc, let alone a net connection. i remember thinking that it was a great ep (and different from the previous ones) and the the anime has be great. hell, i kept telling people about it in uni. even after watching where i left off and noticed how it’s still the same and never changing, i kept convincing myself that it has to end great (also some reviewers at AnimeNfo believed so) so i kept watching it (i also hate to stop watching an anime i have started, no matter what the reason is, i’m still watching the naruto fillers) i just finished watching the last episode and i am SO disappointed… even at the last ep they could have made it different. at least explain why she blew up the temple!
    i guess i’m just blowing off some steam here, so sorry for this angry message… lol knowing me i’ll download the second season when it comes out. any idea when that is btw?

  8. I finished watching Jigoku Shoujo and it was great. I’m looking forward at the 2nd season. Although, I came here trying to find answers to some questions I had that appeared on the last episode.

    No one here seems to question what Hajime agreed to do for the old lady (the one who’s always talking to Jigoku) in exchange of setting him free. Anyone knows why?

    As for why Jigoku Shoujo destroyed the temple, I think she has forgiven Sentarou for what he did that is why she destroyed the temple. The temple was built by him for her (maybe) to forgive his sins.

  9. Actually, I heard there was going to be a second season to this anime. I sure hope so because I kind of didn’t like how it left off. I just hope the second season isn’t about something else and it still has Ai in it… >.> I hate it when they say there’s a second season to an anime and it has nothing to do with the first one.

  10. Newtype Japan and Korea has announced the official notice of Jigoku Shoujo’s second season on their 2006 August issue.
    Enma Ai, Honne-onna, Ichimoku Ren, Wanyuudo and another girl will be in the series as regular characters.

  11. Show Spoiler ▼

    Crazy Naruto
  12. Great last ep to a great series. This anime got me teary-eyed many times, and continued to surprise me throughout the whole series. Looking forward to the 2nd season although im going to miss Hajime and Tsugumi :/.

  13. I don’t see what was so bad about the ending, I thought it was good. But I think maybe Enma destroyed the temple because she was bound to her hate of Sentarou by it? I dunno. Oh well, seeing as there’s apparently a new season coming, I’ll be looking forward to that!

  14. Tsugumi and Hajime’s appearances made the story’s plot a bit more interesting. I mean, I kinda got tired seeing everybody go to hell repeatedly with no new action or whatsoever. >_>; But the anime is really good, the art made beautifully and somewhat terrifying.

    And so maybe the ending was emotional and surprised me to see Emma Ai, a lone Hell girl cry. It was cute anyway. ^^;

    Hopefully there really would be a second season, and that Animax would be so kind to put the series in a much more better time slot. (11:30?! How about school?!)

  15. Hmm…and so it ends.

    To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed by the ending because I feel that it could have been so much better. Like what Guido suggested, I had thought that the Jigoku Tsuushin system pre-dated Enmai Ai, and that Ai herself was merely the latest in a long line of Jigoku Shoujo. Instead, the way it was concluded, the series turned out to be just another ordinary Japanese ghost story, very similar in concept to The Ring and Ju-On, which also dealt with implacable grudges that extend beyond the grave.

    I do have a theory about the bargain Hajime may have struck with Grandmother, but it’ll probably sound like wishful thinking on my part…

    We don’t really know for sure that that is Enma Ai we see at the end of the episode do we? 😉

  16. Well…It was a really good series. I love Ichimoku Ren. Anyway, The last episode hasn’t even been aired, but I am Pretty Curious to see it, and season 2 as well. and stupid people get fooled easily too[believing there relly is a jigoku tsushin message board, like there is one….Or is there??] If any of you have tried this, please tell me if the site is real!!!

  17. This anime remains me deeply of another anime called vampire priness miyu very much some how….and is also the main reason i fall deeply in love with it. The other show like jigoku shoujo ended with a open ended ending much the same way in the sense that after all that had happened, the main character still contines her job at what she does and life contines as per normal. only thing i find to be missing from this anime is that it never say much about how and why her three sidekicks came to become her sidekick or anything about their history. But i heard that those will be cover in the second season which i will be watching soon…hope the second season will be as good or hopefully even better than the first!

  18. The second season, Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori delves deeper into Ai’s past and it ends with a real ending… let’s just say, they cannot have another Jigoku Shoujo series after the second one… 😛

  19. I liked Jigoku shoujo a lot actually.yes the ending is kinda dumb but its an unusual anime not many plp can think up such a cool story so i think the writer should be given a good pat on his back.^_^ i like Ai Enma a lot.

  20. Girl from Hell is very wonderful story. un start of the story is scary but icant help my self to watch it it the story tells how ai want to revenge,.,.,,and someimes i cant help my self to wish that maybe that the girl from hell was true,.,..but idont want to put the judgement into my hands,.., so if you where ask me,.,. its ok that’s just a cartoons,.,.,,
    all watcher’s in thet cartoon will thats the most wonderfull horror cartoon from animax

  21. I have watched the first season and I loved it. Trying to watch the second but have not had any time. For those that are thinking about watching this anime you will not be disappointed. Also I have heard that there will be a third season of Jigoku Shoujo. I can’t wait for it. 🙂


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