OP2: 「きらめく涙は星に」 (Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni) by タイナカサチ
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I’ve got lukewarm feelings toward the new OP, but the animation that accompanies it is pretty juicy. Archer vs. Shirou in particular o_O Honestly, I don’t think that the OP scenes necessarily reflect what’s going to happen in the show, but are instead maybe just scenes to make the fans happy.

Because Saber is feeling so weak, Shirou carries her through the forest. They arrive at some ruins that Archer had scouted out in case they needed a place to hide. After Shirou lays Saber down, he asks Rin about Archer. Holding her arm, she says that he was conceited to the end. But she doesn’t want his death to be in vain, so they must defeat Berserker. And in order to do that, Saber has to make a recovery. Since there are no people in the forest for her consume souls from, Saber will have to replenish her power by having Shirou transplant his magic circuit to her. Shirou decides to do it, so Rin walks up and kisses him. When he pushes her away in surprise, Rin tells him that she was trying to give him a little preparation before the ceremony. Rin also gets Saber ready by untying her shirt and pushing her onto the bed. She says that all this is necessary to raise the success rate. Shirou then takes Rin’s place on top of Saber and Rin starts chanting. It causes Shirou’s spirit to leave his body and enter Saber’s. There, he finds an open area filled with lava that’s guarded by a dragon. The dragon rips off Shirou’s arm and eats him, but inside is Saber and her magic circuit.
Shirou wakes up the next morning with his arm around a blushing Saber. She’s been recharged and seems ok now. The plan is for Shirou and Saber to face off against Ilya and Berserker while Rin hides until she can launch a surprise attack. Rin and Saber start discussing what Shirou will be doing while Saber is holding off Berserker, so Shirou takes a tree branch and turns it into a bow. He asks Saber not to use her Noble Phantasm and she agrees. Ilya eventually finds them, and since Shirou can’t convince her to stop, Berserker and Saber face off after Ilya orders her servant to kill everyone. Saber is barely able to hold her ground, so Shirou tries to help her out by making himself an arrow and shooting it at Berserker’s head. It hits its target, but harmlessly bounces off Berserker’s skin. As Berserker starts to wail on Saber, Shirou realizes that he still can’t do much to help. He remembers Archer’s advice about mastering the one thing that he can do and how what he images is his strongest form. A vague image of a sword starts to appear in Shirou’s mind. At this point, Berserker shatters Saber’s armor. She still manages to push forward and knock Berserker back a little. Rin decides that now is the time to launch her attack. She uses her jewels to freeze Berserker and to blow up his head. In doing so, however, Berserker catches her in his spare arm. And he’s still alive despite the damage. Ilya explains that Berserker has twelve lives, one for each of Hercules’s twelve labors – this is his Noble Phantasm: God Hand. Rin has knocked off one of his lives, but Ilya explains that Berserker still has seven lives left. At Ilya’s command, Berserker starts to crush Rin; the situation looks hopeless.


So the question that started my day was: How the heck are they going to handle the sex scene between Shirou and Saber? Well, this is how they did it. In order to transplant his magic circuit, Shirou has to go inside of her, confronting the dragon and everything. I guess you could make a pretty strong argument that it’s all a giant metaphor for sex. Still, there was some great fanservice, courtesy of Rin preparing Shirou and Saber for the ceremony (including her kissing Shirou and all of the RinXSaber shots).
Is there something wrong with the way Ilya is doing math? If Archer killed Berserker five times and Rin once, wouldn’t Berserker only have six lives left, not seven? Or do they count the first one as not one of the twelve he’s got stocked? Something seems fishy…
I’m glad that Shirou looks like he’s going to create one of Saber’s swords for himself. He’s proving himself to be pretty adept at making weapons. The whole bow thing seems like a vague reference to Archer though.
Anyway, I hate cliffhangers, so I’m eagerly awaiting the conclusion of this battle next week.


  1. -_- Geneon you idiots. What are you doing. I was screaming “WHAT THE He*l is that dragon!!!” when I was watching this… I am so sad that I will never get to see the mana transfer… and what was with the new OP… are they going to show UBW after all?

  2. I haven’t watched the episode…but are my eyes fooling me or am I seeing hot dragon coming out of Shirou’s arm sex?

    I gotta say that’s original at least. I did expect the sex considering the buildup and the obvious preview in the previous episode, but…well, I thought it’d be something like, say, the first episode in REC, where it’s implied but nothing is shown. This is just weird.

  3. by the way you see gilgamesh in the op i doubt this is going on the UBW scenario.
    unless you consider the fact that shiro lost an arm ( even tough is was some kind of hallucination ) , and the fact we see him fight archer in the op . but how would that be possible anyway ? we all saw him die

  4. alright, we got a great censor for the sex scene, the op feature THE UBW event even though Archer is dead, what else? HF ending? I don’t know how it will end -.- I just hope they will follow FATE scenario without having to add moments from the other scenario…

    P.S: the dragon thing was horrible seriously, at least for me since I was hoping to see THAT MOMENT! >_>

  5. Is picture on 5th row , 1st column means Shirow is “inside” her ? Dragon coming out from arm? Shirou’s foreplay is dragonic ? I just thought they mean his thing is like big “dragon” inside her.

    Sanjiyan Unkara
  6. Show Spoiler ▼

    As for the Episode, Didn’t watch it yet, and I’m waiting for the summary ^_^ But the OP is really nice. Am I the only one who thinks music-wise this is way better than Disillusion? 😐

  7. Music wise, not so good. It might be more action-ey and has excellent animation accompanying it, but it didn’t hit me as hard as Disillusion. Oh well, maybe I’ll give it another chance.

  8. Now, just WHY did Rin kiss Shirou? Did she feel jealous because she wasn’t the one that was going to get his magic circuit transfered into her?..
    Awww, Shirou’s expression after the kiss.

  9. “~_~ you never know… they already added a dragon. why not revive a servant.”

    Sorry about the double-post everyone, but…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    ^Spoiler about the Dragon Thingy. Actually, I don’t even know if it’s a spoiler 😐

  10. OMG, the dragon was soooo ugly. They souldn’t have used 3D for it…

    Yeah, and thing “Shirou is inside Saber” was pretty huh… lame to get round the H scene. And since Shirou is pretty surprised, we know nothing happened…. and neither Saber nor Shirou was naked.

    Everyone was hoping for a threesome dammit.

    Otherwise, good ep. Except for the cliffhanger ending. I hate it. And we get to see some of Shirou’s Imaging abilities.

  11. I still they are going for the merge of the three storylines. I mean, regular watchers (who didn’t play the game) would wondered why Sakura was even there, and why she was neglected for the rest of the season.

  12. Shirou can’t be Archer… oh well…

    abt Saber, see here
    Show Spoiler ▼

  13. Er…..tonbo…..I thought its been stated very clearly that Shirou is Archer? What makes you think that Shirou can’t be Archer?

    I also have the feeling they’re gonna combine stuffs from the other plot but….I think we shouldn’t take the opening too seriously though. Just how is Shirou going to face off against Archer since Archer’s already gone? Unless they plan on bringing Archer back or sth….

  14. It should be RinxShirou>RinxSaber>SaberxShirou

    It wasn’t a threesome.

    And OMG!! Gil-sama in the OP.

    Are we looking at a second season or 52 eps?

    They can do that you know. First season to ep 24 and second to 52.

    But for the love of god. Even a kiss wasn’t shown?!! We aren’t 5 yr olds for Christ’s sakes. We can see Rider stabbing her neck and a pool of blood but we can’t even see two lips meeting??!!!

    Shit. I wasn’t impressed.

    Demon Eyes
  15. Oh jeez…

    Guys, dead Servants CAN’T come back. That’s a rule of the Holy Grail War and that’s final. I have no problems with them changing the course of the game storylines, but changing the structure of the whole thing will cause outrage among diehard fans. Also, a Servant reviving another Servant is definitely out of question.

  16. Rasmiel, well, technically, the reason a servant can’t be summoned outside of the Heaven’s Feel, is because human mages lack the power to summon Eirei on their own. However, Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  17. I’m a little confused. How can Berserker still have seven out of twelve lives left if Archer killed him five times last episode and Rin knocked off one more this episode?

  18. Well, I’d think that the way Ilya glows there should be a pretty big clue as to various things…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Still, it’s interesting to see how Archer influenced his past self, and made Shirou pick up a bow (and then a sword) to start fighting. 😀 About bloody time Shirou wasn’t a complete waste of space. A pity it took place so late.

  19. WOW!

    Finally… SHirou is going to use Excalibur… cool!
    I like Sabr a little bit more, now she can’t stop blushing everytime she sees Shirou… we need a little of an harem series please.

    So… episode 16 title: Excalibur. The sword that brings the promised victory.

    I can’t wait until next week.

    Syaoran Li
  20. Well…ya Geneon did a bad rush rush job in finding an alternative to the sex scene between SaberxShirou. The animation contrast between the dragon and Shirou was pretty bad too.

    -_- Geneon you idiots. What are you doing. I was screaming “WHAT THE He*l is that dragon!!!” when I was watching this… I am so sad that I will never get to see the mana transfer… and what was with the new OP… are they going to show UBW after all?
    by muhootsaver April 14th, 2006 at 5:34 pm

    Ya well. At this point, It is definitely 100% FATE SCENARIO. I do not think they will show UBW. Archer fight with Shirou is a metaphor…Shirou fights avatar to gain his powers. Kinda like Kurosaki Ichigo fought Zangetsu to gain Zangetsu’s Bankai powers. Honestly, UBW won’t be shown because it messes up the story at this point. Also, it’s mostly fighting that makes it cool like the Archer and Shirou battle at the end.

  21. Watch…Shirou is gonna kill Berserker 6 times with his Archer powers. I dun know how Geneon is gonna pull it off. Clumsy weak Shirou kills Berserker. I can’t imagine it. Someone bring back Archer plz .

  22. *Slaps asdf*

    Shirou is powerful. He’s stronger than Archer ever will be. He just needs to master his skills before he can pull deaths on Berserker in matter of seconds.

  23. Because Archer has never seen Excalibur. If you recall, Saber has always hidden her sword with Invisible Air. Archer can only duplicate weapons that he has seen with his bare eyes; and the only person who has seen it is Shirou.

    Besides, Archer isn’t exactly the reincarnation of Shirou’s present-self. He’s just an incarnation of Shirou’s heroic spirit.

  24. Wait! Don’t get high your hopes…

    For those who don’t remember, some of the scenes over this new OP were showed with the Curtain Raiser; and I don’t think Archer is going to make a come back, after all, he is death already. I’m sure we’re going over Fate scenario only, with a little of this and that… no more. As somebody said before, some of those scenes were only fanservice.

    The one thing did I Like the most in this episode was Saber and her new behavior with Shirou. If you remember well episode 10, she doesn’t care of showed her naked body to him, but now when she has her blouse a little open and then when Shirou grabs her arm, she blushes really, really cute. I was wondering, since when she begin to fell that way… maybe this is part of those changes that the Chairman promise. Anyway, lovely Saber FTW

    OK, Shirou is going to kick some ass, well maybe six or seven of them…

    Syaoran Li
  25. Geneon can’t count!!! In the game, Archer killed Berserker six times, but here Archer only killed him five times. Now, Rin kills him once more and he still has seven left? Come on, at least Ilya’s VA shoulda noticed reading ‘seven’ more lives left twice in two different episodes.

  26. i think shirou can image berserker’s sword AND strength / technique. i don’t think archer can do that. i think shirou’s magic is at a higher level than archer’s. in one scenerio shirou owns berserker in a matter of seconds.

  27. Actually, Shirou’s ability (called Imaging, BTW) IS more powerful than Archer’s.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Also, Shirou can’t “duplicate” strength. He can simply imagine Berserker’s weapon to be light enough so that he can hold it.

  28. Rasmiel, no, “imaging” and “tracing” (Touei) are the same. Shirou does need to have seen something to duplicate it. (In one way or another; Caliburn’s situation is unusual.) And yes, he seriously did duplicate Berserker’s strength, the text is clear on that.

    spaced out
  29. Really? Guess I’ll have to have another round with the game then…
    But I’m quite sure Imaging and Tracing are not the same. With imaging, you can perfect what you create, while with tracing, the duplicated weapon is basically weaker than the original.

    Then again, this game’s terminologies are very troublesome for me…I’ll play through the game once again anyway…>_>

  30. I am glad they avoided that scene altogether as much as possible seeing Rin make a move on Saber left a very disgusted feeling as I watched. Lesbian scenes aren’t my thing…

  31. I think that when the dragon ate his arm, it was when guys need to release while not showing any sex scenes, comon geneon…a little too much of a wink eh!!! 😛 😉

  32. Quoting Rasmiel:Berserker only has 11 lives. Therefore he has to be killed 12 times. He doesn’t have 12 stocks because he already lost one when he was still Hercules.

    Wrong. =.=
    God’s Hand is an ability (Noble Phantasm) that Hercules have…He wouldn’t have that kinda ability as a human, don’t ya think? And that live he lost when he was human, thus, is not included in the Twelve Labours.

    Fate/Stay Night™
  33. And about the “sex” scene, it was not supposed to be shown in the anime series, but there was a mention about “sexual intercourse” between Saber and Shirou in the game.

    Fate/Stay Night™

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