In Soul Society, Mayuri is showing the other captains the data which he has finally unlocked. Apparently the Quincy and the Bount fought a battle a long time ago. From the video recording, it appears that the Bount had their sights on a particular Quincy. The Bount start overwhelming their opponents, but the outcome is a mystery because the video ends. Nemu reports that after this incident, the Bount continued to absorb living human souls, breaking their own law. Mayuri doesn’t know why they were after a specific Quincy, but he sees the correlations with the current situation and is sure that the Bount will attack living humans after this. Yoruichi also explains all this to Ichigo and the others. Rukia surmises that perhaps living humans’ souls are needed to connect to Heuco Mundo like Jin wants to do. Ichigo, who is downcast after his defeat to Jin, tries to figure out why Jin is doing this. Ichigo’s words are enough for Urahara to ask if he’s frightened. All of this is interrupted by the arrival of Ganjuu on top of his boar. Ganjuu actually left Hanatarou alone at work to come here. Feeling Ichigo’s depression, he and Renji take Ichigo to Urahara’s underground training area.
Meanwhile, Ishida and Yoshino, who are still recovering from their wounds, have woken up. The two start talking about Jin, and Yoshino confesses that she really doesn’t understand him or what he’s trying to do. Yoshino is regretful that she herself attacked humans. She also laments that the Bount are limited in number and do not reproduce, meaning that they’ll slowly fall to ruin over the years. Ishida later asks Yoshino about her pride as a Bount and relates his pride as a Quincy. Underground, Renji, Ichigo, and Ganjuu start sparring in order to get Ichigo’s fighting spirit back. Ganjuu has to leave because Hanatarou calls him and asks him to come back to the store, but Renji eventually makes Ichigo realize that he’s planning too much, which is unlike him. Above ground, Yoshino kisses a sleeping Ishida on the forehead and leaves Urahara’s store. To him, she says thank you and good bye.

Really good animation quality this week, compared to some of the recent episodes. All those weeks they took off really improved the show in that regard, though I’m pretty sure they can’t keep it up. This is another transition-type episodes with a lot of dialogue, but not much actually happening. Ganjuu and Renji fighting Ichigo pretty much made up the most exciting parts.
And why does Yoshino keep going off alone? Haven’t these talks with Ishida taught her that she can lean on him for support? Yes, I’m all for Ishida developing a relationship with her. And from the preview, it looks like she’s going to be attacking Jin next episode. Or trying to anyway…
On a side note, it’s good to see that some things never change. Mayuri’s still an asshole to Nemu… -_-;;


  1. does anyone know how many eps this is going for? it seems as though it will go on foerever avd ever… 😀

    Bleach itself or the “filler” arc?

    Bleach itself can theoretically go on forever, as long as the manga continues (or even if it doesn’t).
    The filler arc is, at the very least, going to last quite a while longer. I suspect (and this is my own prediction because I haven’t heard anything official) that we won’t return to the manga storyline until the fall season begins, which is 5 months away.

  2. They pretty much said that it will take a year for Aizen to make that thing work.

    Btw, nice Shinigami Cup Golden to explain why Renji was absent during the big fight…

  3. Stop complaining about the fillers. They are fillers for a reason. (Anime caught up to the manga too quickly – 18X chapters in 65 episodes. You’d think they’d go straight into the next manga arc? Forget it.)

    Bleach is back!

  4. I’d like to see Ichigo and Renji take on a major foe together in a serious skirmish (e.g. Ichigo/Renji vs Jin). It’s cool to see them actually cooperate with each other to kick the bad guys’ asses rather than each others’, but then, I guess that’s just part of the love/hate dynamic inherent to their relationship…

    In closing, Kuchiki Byakuya rules.
    More Byakuya pls…


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