The girls of St. Miatre are participating in a tradition where an underclassman comes to an upperclassman’s room to help out with things such as cleaning. Nagisa and Tamao write their names onto a card and put it a box filled with similar cards of their classmates. The first-year who ends up drawing their names is none other than Chiyo. When she finally shows up to clean their room the next day, the two girls aren’t in. They’re instead getting acquainted with Yaya and Hikari after running into them on the stairs. They also meet Okuwaka Tsubomi, a first-year St. Spica student and a newcomer to the choir. The five girls return to Nagisa’s room, but they don’t know that Chiyo has let herself in already. At the sound of the door, Chiyo gets startled and trips over a water bucket, ruining all the cleaning that she just did. Nagisa enters the room and sees the mess, along with the card she and Tamao had drawn. When a figure wrapped in bed sheets stands up in front of her, Nagisa gets scared and runs outside, right into Sister Hamasaka. What she thought was a ghost was only Chiyo, but as a result, both girls get into trouble. Once they return to the room, Yaya suggests that they all have a midnight tea party.
The girls do just that, but get caught that night because Chiyo and Tsubomi were too loud while sneaking to Nagisa’s room. The Sister punishes all six girls by making them clean the school’s clock tower the next day. Chiyo is feeling responsible for what happened, so she starts working immediately, which causes all the other girls to join in. They clean their way up the tower, and at one point Chiyo tries to carry a stepladder and a mop upstairs by herself. She loses her footing and falls, pulling Nagisa with her. Nagisa suffers a cut to her leg from it, so Chiyo uses her handkerchief to stop the bleeding. She starts crying because she’s always screwing up despite her desire to be useful. Nagisa gives Chiyo back the card that she had dropped during the debacle the previous day, the card that Nagisa and Tamao had originally drawn; to Chiyo, this is a very important piece of paper. Nagisa then makes Chiyo cry even harder by calling her a cute little sister. That night, the girls appear to be asleep during an inspection by the Sister. In actuality, all six of them are hiding in the two beds, ready to have the tea party once the Sister leaves.

Saitou Chiwa brings us more Chiyo. I would describe her character as the clumsy little girl who really wants to impress Nagisa. Maybe a future rival of Shizuma’s lol. The part where she banged her head against the desk was so random that it was hilarious.
We’re also introduced to the pink-haired Tsubomi, who appears to have feelings for Hikari. It occurs to me now that Hikari and Nagisa are very similar in the sense that they both have a roommate, an upperclassman, and a lower classman who are in love with them. If Nagisa and Hikari somehow fell in love with each other, then this would become even more of a tangled mess 😀
Next week, more ShizumaxNagisa.


  1. Damn ir! No kiss yet!

    Sniff I want to see some action over here… not like Simoun, where kissing means nothing… but over here will mean everything…

    We need a sweet kiss

    Syaoran Li
  2. I’m actually glad that they go easy on the kissing, just as they also keep the fanservice toned down. I’m sure that we WILL get our share of chuus eventually, but it would be way too early now. Still in the character introduction phase.

    I like the way it’s developing, quite a bit 🙂

  3. I’m actually glad that they go easy on the kissing, just as they also keep the fanservice toned down. I’m sure that we WILL get our share of chuus eventually, but it would be way too early now.

    It is never too early for girl kisses and fanservice good Sir.

  4. hahaha a nice episode
    i can see there are a lot of tsubomi and hikari fans
    Lets not forget about St Le Rim girls i hope they pop out soon

    this episode is really interesting to me since i get to see cute nagisa-chan in maid outfit. Hikari is very cute too wearing a St miatre uniform and maid outfit. Tsubomi seems to be all on hikari so as yaya-chan and amane-sama later in the series and lets not forget about cute little chiyo-chan who had a funny act in this episode.

    if shizuma get to kiss nagisa too early in the story it would be a little too boring and makes u stop wandering when will shizuma finally get nagisa-chan lips. ^^
    That should be kept for the climax in my opinion.


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