Ichigo and Renji spend the entire night training underground. They emerge for breakfast and Renji finally learns of the joys of coffee. While no one is looking, Ishida sneaks out, but Ririn catches him outside. Because she can direct him to where Yoshino is, he grabs her and then runs off. Yoshino has actually already arrived at Jin’s mansion to settle things. Jin tries to appeal to her once more, but she summons Geitei and asks if he wouldn’t mind dying here with her. Geitei understands and attacks Jin, but he’s too fast for the Doll’s attacks. Ishida arrives soon after the fight starts, and Ririn warns Ishida that he’d only be getting in the way. Back at Urahara’s shop, Claude fumbles through an explanation, eventually saying that Yoshino, Ishida, and Ririn are gone. Urahara advises Ichigo and Renji to go on ahead using shunpo, but also suggests that they avoid having to fight.
At the mansion, Yoshino almost gets injured by one of Geitei’s blasts aimed at Jin – she’s clearly not in good shape. Jin warns her that as Bount, they wield considerable power, power which is controlled by their crest. However, if they lose their balance, their power will run wild and attack the user. Yoshino doesn’t really care about the consequences because she’s bent on stopping him at this point. Jin goes on to explain that her doll’s relationship with her is not one of master and servant, but rather one of love and affection. The Bount cannot have children, and Yoshino is the only one to have the power of motherhood. Jin then calls out Ishida, who’s been watching the fight. Ishida asks what Jin is planning, and Jin replies that he has no use for a powerless Quincy. But he does want Ishida to see something: Jin disappears and grabs Yoshino from behind.
By now, Ichigo and Renji have arrived on the estate grounds, but are met by Ichinose and Koga. They aren’t allowed to pass any further because an important ritual has started, according to Koga. Renji ends up fighting Koga and Ichinose fights Ichigo again. Nearby, Jin explains to Ishida that Yoshino has the maternal power. It seems that Jin can’t reach the power level he wants by just absorbing living human souls and actually needs Yoshino’s power in order for him to absorb power more efficiently. Jin tells Yoshino that she should be happy because she’s going to be a mother – he’s putting her life into a new Doll. He then crushes Yoshino’s finger guard – her crest. Geitei’s flames start cracking through his body, but he restarts his attacks on Jin. The flames burn off Jin’s clothing, revealing a crest on his chest; it seems that Jin fused himself with his doll.
Even though Yoshino knows she was being used and knows that she probably won’t win, she knows that she must be stronger to challenge Jin. She raises her arms and calls to Geitei. The doll turns blue and makes a diving charge at Jin. Jin is easily able to dispel the body of Geitei, but the blue turns back into flames, flames that go to Yoshino and enter her body. The considerably stronger Yoshino-Geitei fusion attacks Jin, but is still unable to land a hit. At one point, Jin grabs her throat, but she manages pushes him back. The two make a final charge at each other, and Jin’s hand pierces right through Yoshino. Ishida rushes over to her body, which has fallen to the ground. Yoshino says that she is ok with dying like this. Her final words say thank you to the one with honest eyes, the one filled with pride – the last of the Quincy. With that, Yoshida disappears in a sea of green sparkles.
Those same green sparkles don’t fade away though. Instead, they start gathering at Jin’s feet. He recites a chant that creates a red seal under him. According to Jin, Yoshino’s life is now being newly reborn. Below, Ichinose and Koga disengage Renji and Ichigo. The two Shinigami watch as dozens of eggs emerge from the seal and hatch into insect-like creatures. The glasses-wearing Bount is very excited that a new Doll is being born. Jin then disappears, along with all of the insects.

This was probably one of my favorite Bleach episodes in a long time. There was a great mix of drama, action, and plot development along with some really superbly animated fight scenes. I also laughed really hard at the coffee scene with Renji.
Yoshino does indeed die (in a very HiME/Otome way), but her death was quite touching, quite powerful. I’d probably rank Yoshino’s death as one of the best scenes in this entire arc so far. I can’t help but feel bad for her and Ishida, since their relationship was doomed from the start. The whole fusion thing reminded me a bit too much of DBZ though. I kept thinking “she’s going super-saiyan!” It does add a new angle to these fights though, allowing the Bount to achieve higher levels of power.
Jin’s plot to absorb power more efficiently makes me wonder if the new Dolls are just insects that can absorb human souls and send their power directly to Jin. That way, he can cover many times more souls than he could otherwise manage by himself. That’s just speculation though, and we’ll have to see what happens in the next episodes. I’ve got my fingers crossed, hoping that they can keep making good episodes.


  1. Would a Quincy’s love for a Bount was what Kariya meant as the power to open the door of the New Era?
    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. White hair and red clothes seem to be a popular combination in Japan.
    Archer – Fate/Stay Night
    Zed – KIBA
    Jin – Bleach
    Dante – Devil May Cry

  3. Oh shut up and stop complaining. If the anime was still on the manga, it would probably be over several weeks ago and you’re going to complain that “omg the anime was too fast they should have gone into filler mode”. And they’re still airing because they’re hogging the airtime of “golden time”. Geez.

    Jin looks… too powerful? His hand just blazed into the doll. Diammn.

  4. Seems Ishida and Yoshino were able to commiserate and connect with each other on a certain level. Is it posible that Ishida had developed “feelings” for Yoshino…? well, maybe the answer’s in this episode…

  5. They have not gone through all the manga- they had gone about halfway through the manga when the Soul Society Arc ended. If you doubt me, try going online and see just how much more manga there is- betcha you can’t read it all in 12 hours.
    They had plenty of stuff to work with. It would be one thing if the filler was good, but it’s mediocre all around. Definitely not worth waiting for every week.

  6. This is only a filler. Will you guys stop crying over side-tracking from the manga. The anime-makers had to make a filler to give Kubo Tite time to write the manga…

    As far as Naruto Filler vs. Bleach Filler…..its defenatly Bleach > Naruto. Actually has a story-line. 😡 Nonetheless stop complaining at watch, a filler bleach is better then no bleach right?

  7. So true, Kurosaki Ichigo. Jeez, who in the world prefers to watch a bleach anime based on the current manga arc that gets interrupted all the sudden? Patience, ya.

  8. Let’s think about it. There’re two solutions to prevent the anime from going faster than the manga:

    1. Split it into Season 1 and 2 like Tsubasa Chronicles with a huge gap in the middle.
    2. Fillers.

    Given the choice, I would gladly take the Fillers.

    And seriously, this Filler arc is okay. Yes, it’s not great compared to the Soul Society Arc, but it was good enough to keep me watching it every week (and enjoy it). and it’s refreshing to watch something I have no idea where it’ll head to, unlike the Soul Society arc, where most of us already know how it’s going to end, and that took out some of the fun.

    A Person
  9. Probably all this filler hate spawned from Naruto. Good thing I haven’t watched Naruto lol. I haven’t read the manga for Bleach either, so this doesn’t bug me one bit, I’m glad that it’s longer because of the fillers, more action, humor (lol at renji with coffee), and well, just more seeing the characters and how they interact with each other.

  10. The only thing I don’t like about the filler is the messing with cannon (Rukia’s early return, everyone knowing about Ishida’s lost power, Ichigo’s Bankai, etc.) and the sometimes horrendous animation. The story is actually pretty good, but it makes me wonder what kind of monkey they have writing Naruto right now.

    Anyway, this episode was pretty good, although I was far from suprised when Yoshino died *coughEristincough*. Win Jin this badass powerfull, Ichigo needs his Bankai. I wonder how he’ll manage to make it work…

  11. Well, Ichigo lossing his bankai was actually logical, since it is easier to achive bankai in Soul Society than back on Earth. I much prefer Ichigo relearn how to do bankai again. The only thing that will not fit, is indeed, Rukia’s early return. I wonder if it’s better to leave her out of this arc?

    A Person
  12. This arc sets Ishida’s will to recover his powers. Hope he doesn’t turn out like Sasuke. I don’t mind the filler arc and it only heightens my anticipation for when the resume with the manga storyline. For now I want to see histsugaya and byakuya in casual wear.

  13. Yep, this is why I only read the manga. The anime just stretches on too damn long.
    But, Bleach anime pwns Naruto’s ass. Although I think the Naruto manga is better. Where I’m at in Bleach it just seems to be a 20 chapter training montage.


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