Tessai brings Hanatarou to Urahara’s shop to treat Renji and the kid he saved. On the battle front, the fight between Yoshi and Rukia’s group has paused because Yoshi’s doll wants to take a break. Yoshi tries to attack them again as they’re running away, but Mabashi shows up and interrupts her. Mabashi summons his doll, Rizu, which is a small plant and fox hybrid. It goes after Yoshi and stabs her in the neck. Yoshi decides to leave the battle, allowing Mabashi to finish off Rukia and the others. After terrorizing them by doing some fast flying around, Rizu then goes into a more powerful form that’s even faster than before. Rizu circles around Inoue until Rukia smacks Rizu with a pole, but then reappears and enters Rukia’s body. Rukia’s eyes become lifeless, a sign that she’s become possessed.
At the construction site, Kira faces off against Daruku while the injured Ichigo takes on Koga. Of course, it’s not until after she’s locked blades with Kira that Daruku starts feeling the effects of Kira’s Wabisuke, which double the weight of whatever it hits, every time it hits. Nearby, Ichigo is trying to handle Koga wielding a steel beam. Ichigo cuts the beam in half, but Koga slams him into the ground. Ichigo continues to resist him and it’s Ichigo’s resemblance to Kane that stops the fight. Seeing Daruku weighed down so much and facing two Shinigami, Koga decides to recall his doll and walk off. His parting words tell Ichigo and Kira that there is nothing shameful about valuing life. Ririn, who ran away from the construction site, bumps into Kon on the road. She rids him like a horse to Urahara’s store.
Back at the other battle, Mabashi is having Rukia choke Inoue. On his order, Rukia then throws her into the air. Fortunately, Inoue is saved from the fall by the activation of her fairies. When Rukia starts blasting her, Inoue uses her shield to protect herself. But because Rukia is using so much power in those blasts, Rizu pulls out Rukia’s shinigami form. Inoue can only defend herself with her shield against Rukia’s zanpaktou because she’s too reluctant to hurt Rukia. Meanwhile, on the road to Urahara’s shop, Ichigo’s wounds get the better of him and he’s unable to continue on with Keigo on his back. Kira tries to help, but Ichigo says that Keigo is his friend. Kira explains that he’s not the enemy and that their common enemy is the Bount. He admits that although it’s different from a friend, he has also lost someone irreplaceable to him (Ichimaru), so he does understand Ichigo’s feelings. Kira takes Keigo on his back and offers his hand to Ichigo. Ichigo takes it and the two continue on their way to Urahara’s. Upon arrival, Ichigo collapses after asking Urahara to save Keigo. Hanatarou thinks that Keigo might be saved if he gets an injection of Ichigo’s spiritual power.
After a particularly powerful blast from Rukia, Inoue slowly gets back to her feet. Claude convinces her to attack Mabashi, but Mabashi uses Rukia as a human shield. Rukia then makes a quick strike at Inoue, however it’s blocked by the vice-captain of the 9th Division, Hisagi Shuuhei. Inoue tells him that Rukia is being manipulated, so Hisagi thinks that he has no choice but to kill her. Mabashi doesn’t care what happens to Rukia and is already planning on having Inoue possessed next. Rukia temporarily regains control of herself and tells Inoue to attack her. Inoue of course can’t do it, and Rizu soon regains control. Finally gaining some resolve, Inoue decides to face Rukia herself. She gets close to Rukia by using her shield, and then hugs and heals Rukia. The effect of it also removes Rizu from Rukia’s body. Mabashi tries to have Rizu enter Inoue next, but Hisagi gets in the way. Before Mabashi and Hisagi can attack each other, Ichinose arrives on the scene, blocking Hisagi’s attack and knocking Mabashi out. Ichinose then quickly escapes with Mabashi’s body. Rukia, who is back to normal, thanks Inoue.

Overall episode had its ups and downs. It was cool seeing Inoue get powerful again, but it was cheesy at the same time (I was very much reminded of the latest manga chapters). Same thing goes for Rukia getting possessed – it was interesting at first, but all she ended up doing was using the same demon art over and over again. There really wasn’t anything more than Mabashi using Rukia as a cannon and Inoue refusing to attack her friend. In that sense, I think they spent a bit too much time on Inoue angsting about whether to attack or not. They did give me a scare there by bringing out Rukia’s Shinigami form. I thought she was going to use one of her newer moves, but she fortunately didn’t (yes, I want them to save the best stuff for when the next manga arc comes along).
The Kira parts were more enjoyable, probably because it’s been a while since I’ve seen him. I was just waiting for Wabisuke’s effect to kick in. I also think that the line reflecting on his loss of Ichimaru was probably one of the better ones of this episode.
There’s still one more battle to go, the one between Sawatari (the old Bount) and Nova & Sado. From the preview, it looks like Rangiku will be the one helping them.


  1. Well, its nice to see underused characters like Kira and Hisagi being involved at all. And the anime team is really doing a good job at foreshadowing the situations to come when the show gets back to the canon material.

    Can’t wait to see this double ep.

  2. Rangiku?! YEAH! *dances in happy place* stil I wanted some surprise for the next story arc! still I’m relieved they didn’t made any
    Show Spoiler ▼

    adn yes I just tought about YURI on that hug…. well girls as friends hug each others (I do that too soo………) this ep is good anyway and well

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I to agree if she changed into her shinigami powers. It already ruined the main story. It seems the script writers aren’t reading the manga. I just hope Ichigo doesn’t see her in her Shinigami form and nobody tells him…otherwise it’d screw up the Hybrid series…. I also hope she doesn’t release her Zanpaktou. Let it stay sealed. Otherwise it would to ruin the real story. -.-

    Sometimes I just want to fly to Japan and beat the living [censored] out of the filler script writers…

    Kurosaki Ichigo
  4. umm i think i’ve asked this question before but does anyone know how long is this filler arc gonna go on for? i really want them to get on with watever’s gonna happen next.

  5. why are all fillers so low grade. So much drama. When Inoue first showed her powers in the series her friend was being controlled by a holo she got her free by just using the same shield as she did for Rukia today without all the melodrama drama of holding her and so much tears etc.

  6. Maybe this will all end up being a Ichigo’s nightmare when he went to sleep after returning to SS. At the end of the filler arc, Ichigo will wake up and realize that none of the awful filler events really took place. That way the main arc is unaffected, sort of >_>

  7. Good episode. The animation was pretty good this episode. The only gripe I have was Orihime’s indecisiveness. I’m loving the manga hints thrown in here and there! Sort of like tidbits to let us know what’s coming once the filler is over. Gradually smoothing the filler arc into the manga arc.

  8. fillers sucks…not as much as narutard fillers( with ghostbuster like and curry life savers and hasengan all the time with nothing good animated blasting stones, fat ninjas and insects)….not as a while ago in the last animated manga that he confronted sasuke in an amazing battle with a hasengan x chidori that almost blast a waterfall….tsc…tsc…..again…fillers SUCKS LIKE HELL!!
    Why can´t they just do like the one piece anime and make 2 episodes a month and stop this nonsenses!!!not just the story goes down but also the animation quality drops alot!!
    and if you could….KILL THAT HIMAWARI SEIYUU…For the crist sake …my ears are damaged after that anime has aired and I am losting confidence in my japanese, because of this seiyuu….( JUST KIDDING)
    😉 😉

  9. I’m still a little shocked Soul Society is just accepting Kira and acting as if nothing happened, despite his recent actions with Ichimaru-taichou. Didn’t he just let the entire council die? I can understand that this would be the time to redeem himself, but reaaaaaaally, they could have punished him a *little* bit.

    I suppose it’s just part of my annoyance with this filler arc — I could have been so good, I love backstory and sometimes even fillers are the best part of a series — everyone seems to have forgotten Aizen, and the Bounts are SO uninteresting. Was anyone else screaming at the screen for wossname to shut the hell up about watching young men die? I so don’t care. And please, Ichigo, stop being such a wuss. You endured so much worse to save Rukia. I love you, but you’re driving me crazy. Thank god for HollowIchigo! Wheee. 🙂

    I’m not at all bothered by fillers in general, I just wish this one had better villains. Ah well! It’s not as if I’m going to stop watching anytime soon. 😉

  10. that would just be SICK if it was ichigo’s dream… a whole filler arc for nothing, they must have SOME good reason for the arc, maybe it is so america can get cought up? I don’t know…

  11. I liked the last part of the episode, where Orihime powers up coz she had the will to fight and protect rukia. Her powers became stronger and that shoes that Rukia and Orihime are really good frnds well atleast I think Orihime does consider Rukia a good frnd.

  12. you’d mean manga great hints and lets just wish that kit was accidentaly god I really want to see
    Ichigo’s schocked face when he sees Rukia tranforming into a shinigami, and freezing arrancar’s butts! I really want to have chaper 203 of the manga anumated without change!!!!!!!

  13. To the people who asked. As of this week ther’ll be 50 chapters that haven’t been animated. Wich is enough for about 16 episodes if you go by 3 eps per chapter.

    Of course after those 16 eps have aired they’d then have enough for 5 more, making it an even 21 non filler eps.

    so wich character did they show at the end of the theme this time?

    Captain Campian

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