Sado and Rangiku take Nova and run, but Baura cuts off their escape. The injured Nova manages to use his power to transport them elsewhere in the city, away from Baura. They are having a hard time coming up with a strategy against Baura, but decide that they should keep moving. Sado suggests that Nova leave behind his gigai, which surprises Rangiku because she didn’t know that Nova was a modified soul. Rangiku realizes that if she and Nova joined their powers together, they might be able to catch Sawatari and Baura. Doing so will drain all of Nova’s spiritual power, but he’s willing to do it because he was created to defeat the Bount. The plan is for Sado to strike when Rangiku and Nova bring out the enemy. The three make their way to an open plaza, where Rangiku takes out Nova’s mod-soul and places it back in the doll. The doll form of Nova then grabs onto Rangiku’s arm and the two align their spiritual powers. With Nova’s power, Rangiku casts a powerful demon arts spell. Through it, she is able to tell Sado that Baura is coming from above, and Sado has a punch ready. He hits Baura several times, knocking Ururu out of Baura’s mouth. Sawatari decides that this is enough for today and leaves with his doll in a bright flash of light. Afterwards, Rangiku suggests that Sado would have been able to defeat Baura if he used all his power, but Sado was more worried about saving Ururu. Sado collapses from exhaustion soon after.
In Soul Society, Captain Kurotsuchi has figured out a secret of the Bount from the data he’s been working on. He knows the reason why the Bount specifically need a Quincy, and the answer lies in the abilities of that man. Mayuri instructs Nemu to deliver research materials 9-141 into the real world and give them to that man. Elsewhere in Soul Society, Ikkaku is pissed off that he’s on guard duty. Something suddenly crashes right in front of him and quickly disappears. As Ikkaku gives chase to the unseen opponent, the intruder alert goes off across Seireitei. Ikkaku releases his zanpaktou, but the invisible enemy cuts him in the face and then continues on. Ikkaku has no choice but to report to Kenpachi that the enemy got away. Kenpachi remarks with a smile that it’s been boring recently and maybe it’s killing time again. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Ishida is standing at the waterfall where his grandfather taught him. He remembers telling his grandfather that he wanted to be strong in order to protect people, and how Yoshino had been killed by Kariya Jin. With the help of his cross, he’s able to form the bow, but it soon disappears. In tears, Ishida falls to his knees.

Shinigami’s Picture Book Golden

This was just too funny, so I had to include it. What if Nova had been in his normal body and tried to combine his powers with Matsumoto?

ED8 Sequence

ED8: 「MOVIN!!」 by タカチャ (takacha)
Watch the ED!: Mirror 1 Mirror 2
New ED grew on me really quickly, and I rather like the song. The great thing about Bleach opening and ending animations is that they have great style, and this ending is no different. Thumbs up on the good job they did here.

They did a good job animation-wise this episode, particularly when Nova and Rangiku were combining their powers. Rangiku’s eyes looked really cool. I wish they had been able to defeat Baura/Sawatari though. It occurs to me that we’ve concluded three major concurrent battles with the Bount, but none of the Bount involved have died. I think that’s as good a sign as any that this arc could go on for a while yet.
To their credit, they are developing the Ishida story in a very interesting way. At this rate, it seems that Ishida will meet up with Nemu (as shown in the preview) and maybe even Mayuri again. Perhaps Mayuri has a way to help Ishida get his powers back, maybe at least temporarily. I could see it happening.


  1. wow.. new ED already? lol.. and i agree. nova looks much MUCH cooler with da mask off. ahahaha its funny when he turned red in the Shinigami’s Picture Book Golden. he was on the verge of turning into a tomato. 😉

  2. I think what Mayuri is going to give Ishida probably belonged to his Grandfather. It will most likely somehow give him temporary powers and he will finally be able to help fight the Bounto. Maybe he and Ichigo will team up on Jin lol.

  3. sighs wel things seem to work right here^^
    anyways I’d love to see


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