With the Bount Yoshi in front of her, Rukia knows that she’s in for a fight. She starts out with no weapon, so all she can do is dodge. However, when Rukia spots a sword stuck in a wall, she pulls it out and uses it. Yoshi delivers a combo movie, but Rukia is able to block, dodge, jump out of the way, and follow it up with an attack from the air. Yoshi stops Rukia’s sword with her fan, and then sends Rukia flying into a nearby wall. Rukia gets back up and the two face off again. Ririn, who had arrived earlier and has been freaking out while watching the fight, can’t stand it any longer and rushes out. She fires off a blast that hits Yoshi and causes her to experience hallucinations of some kind. Ririn makes Rukia realize that this is her opportunity, so Rukia uses her demon arts to blast Yoshi.
Although badly burned, Yoshi raises her hand and draws in some spirit particles which allows her to heal herself immediately. Ririn tries to get Rukia to run away, but it’s too late – Yoshi quickly gets back up and uses her doll to fire off several projectiles. One of the blades hits Rukia and slices her left arm open. Rukia goes on the defensive again, but Yoshi knocks away her sword and kicks her into a nearby house. When Yoshi walks into that house, she spots Rukia, but it turns out to be an illusion. Yoshi thinks that Ririn is to blame and is about to hit her when the real Rukia appears from under a sheet. She throws that sheet on top of Yoshi, restricting her vision and movement and follows it up with another demon art that drives a hole through Yoshi’s shoulder. Unfortunately, Yoshi is able to do the same thing as last time and suck up more spirit particles to heal herself.
Meanwhile, Yamamoto has assembled the captains again and informs them that new information about the Bount has been uncovered in the Kuchiki family’s old documents. It seems that a long time ago, an experiment which would be considered forbidden today was conducted. Back then, the scientist Rantao had been working on an experiment connected to eternal life. But an accident led to an explosion that created the Bount. Rantao ended up being exiled from Seireitei and the Bount were purged as a result. In any case, the Bount are back for revenge now. Word then reaches the group of captains that Rukia is fighting with a Bount. At the same time, Inoue runs up to Ichigo and Claude tells him about finding the Bount. The Bount in question is of course Yoshi, who Rukia is still trying to hold off.
Without a weapon, Rukia attempts to throw some kicks, but Yoshi dodges them. Yoshi then uses her doll to chain up Rukia’s arm and pulls Rukia in. Rukia responds with a jump and a binding demon art to tie up Yoshi’s arms. She then sends another blast towards Yoshi, but this time Yoshi defends herself with her doll’s armor. After the Bount breaks free of the binding spell, Rukia goes back on the run. Unfortunately, Rukia’s injured arm leaves a trail of blood for Yoshi to follow. For the time being, Rukia takes shelter in a house and bandages herself up with her robe. Ririn actually finds her first and brings her the sword she had been using earlier. Ririn is worried about Rukia’s wound, but their conversation is interrupted by a noise. Rukia finds a girl holding a baby inside a nearby crate and tries to have Ririn lead the girl to safety. However, Yoshi soon arrives and Rukia is left to defend herself and the civilians.
Yoshi surprises Rukia by not taking the front door and instead cutting her way into the house through the wall. The Bount grabs the head of the girl who’s holding the baby and then kicks Rukia out of the house. By holding the girl hostage, Yoshi then forces Rukia to throw away her sword. Rukia has no choice but to comply and can’t do anything while Yoshi proceeds to slash her several times. Ririn tries to get Yoshi to stop, but the Bount simply kicks Ririn away. Just as Ririn is wishing that Ichigo would come, she sees a person approaching – a person who draws his sword. Yoshi doesn’t see this person and instead kicks Rukia into the air. It is at this point that Byakuya scatters his zanpaktou, sends the petals against the Bount, and catches Rukia. In addition, Ichigo and Inoue have arrived to Byakuya’s left, and Ukitake’s men have arrived to Byakuya’s right. Inoue sees to the girl with the baby while Ichigo sees to Ririn. However, Yoshi wasn’t eliminated by Byakuya’s Senbonzakura and is now wearing her doll as an armor. Still, her job here is done and she jumps away. Before Ichigo or anyone can pursue, their attention is drawn to a series of large explosions coming from Seireitei.

Yea, so I can’t really complain about this episode because A) there was plenty of fighting and B) a captain got involved. I don’t know whether this was a testament to Rukia’s abilities and resourcefulness that she was able to hold on for so long against a Bount, or if this just had “good” super-shounen-style writing to keep the fight interesting. Either way, it was a fairly entertaining episode. Come to think of it though, Rukia might have even won early on if Yoshi didn’t have her (cheesy) healing ability.
In the end though, Byakuya did get involved, and he did use his initial release to save Rukia in a dramatic fashion. I’m happy that a captain finally got some action, but it’s a shame Yoshi didn’t stick around for longer so we could actually see a captain vs. Bount fight. But at least this was something – far better than last week anyway. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for more (hopefully inevitable) captain involvement in future episodes.
Ikkaku as the special pic today.


  1. What took them? I thought the action was starting to dry out…Oh well, at least that meant those few episodes from before were just build-ups to action-packed episodes later. =)

  2. Bless you, Bleach, haha XD
    Now this is what we call a good episode. Hopefully it goes on week after week (has anyone seen the updated episode list at Anime News Network? It’s wrecking my nerves *faints*)

  3. -* Anime News Network Episodes Update *-

    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. hmm… this looks like a good episode and the the animation quality’s not bad either. this is what i miss about bleach… the excitement to see the next episode and its been a while!

  5. “Is the Ikkaku image is the opening based on an image in the manga or is it original?”

    It’s original. All of the “special pictures” in the opening are. Ichimaru was my favorite, but he didn’t look insane enough!

  6. i have a question, i don’t watch the Fillers that regularly(if at all) but i was wondering they have showed Rukia’s White Zanpaktu like the one in the Manga in the anime as well?
    thank you ^___^

  7. “i have a question, i don’t watch the Fillers that regularly(if at all) but i was wondering they have showed Rukia’s White Zanpaktu like the one in the Manga in the anime as well?
    thank you ^___^”

    Actually they did show Rukia’s zanpakutou during the fillers. During the episode where the bird-flower Bount controlled her and brought out her Shinigami form. Fortunately, though, the zanpakutou she used was a pre-shikai form, so we don’t see what it can do yet in the anime.

  8. Byakuya finally shows up! and saves Rukia!!

    … the Bounts really like to ‘torture’ the Shinigamis when they fight huh? Ichigo got his ass kicked the last time, now it’s Rukia’s turn

    can’t wait to watch the next ep … Hitsu-boy go !!!


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