Having met up in the forest, Byakuya and Kariya prepare to fight each other. Byakuya starts off with his specialty Senka technique (getting behind the enemy for a quick attack), but Kariya is able to move out of the way. Kariya then takes his turn by attacking Byakuya with a vortex of wind followed by a punch from above. Byakuya is able to dodge the attacks, and the two really start fighting with bright beams of light forming from the energy where the two clash. Kariya recognizes that Byakuya is the most famous person in the current 13 divisions, so defeating him would spread unrest through Seireitei. Eventually, Byakuya uses his Senbonzakura attack, and it succeeds in completely surrounding Kariya’s body. However, Kariya dissipates the ball of petals around him and comes out unharmed. Kariya responds by calling upon his wind powers to surround Byakuya with mini-twisters. Byakuya breaks free with a demon art and then uses another spell to attack Kariya. The two sides start trading swings again, but neither hits the other. When they end up charging each other, Kariya’s hand draws blood from Byakuya’s neck and Byakuya’s blade draws blood from Kariya’s neck. The fight gets bloodier as they now start to land hits on each other, and it gets to the point where they are using their attacks at point blank range. Ichigo finally arrives to see a twister of pink petals, and he decides to interrupt it with his Getsuga Tenshou technique.
Nearby in the forest, Ganjuu, Inoue, and Sado learn about Kariya’s plan to turn Soul Society upside down and gather people. After hearing where Kariya is staying, Ganjuu decides that he has no choice but to go ask someone named Bull for some help. Meanwhile, Koga and Ichinose have gathered a decent number of people to fight against Seireitei. The men are doubtful of the Bount plan, and so Koga has to convince them to join the Bount cause. When asked to show how serious he is, Koga instructs Ichinose to cut his arm. Koga then demonstrates his ability to absorb spirit particles and heal his own arm. Seeing that the Bount are invincible, the men rally behind Koga. Back in the forest, Ichigo joins the fight against Kariya, despite the fact that Byakuya is ready to consider Ichigo an enemy too if he gets involved. Kariya uses a free moment to suck up some spirit particles and heal up all the wounds that Byakuya inflicted. Ichigo initiates ban kai and goes after Kariya with amazing speed, though not enough to land a clean hit on Kariya. Watching as their fight unfolds, Byakuya also decides to use his ban kai. Both Ichigo and Kariya are able to avoid being hurt by it, though it’s clear that this fight now involves three people.

Keigo and Mizuiro are the special pic today.
Well this episode was decently interesting. Fight episodes tend to be more exciting than ones where everyone stands around and talks, and it was certainly cool to see Byakuya go up against Kariya. That being said, I thought the animation quality could have been better.
Given how the fight was going and given that Kariya could regenerate his wounds, I think that if Ichigo hadn’t interfered, Kariya probably would have won against Byakuya. Which isn’t to say that Byakuya is weak – just that they made Kariya really strong so that these fights would at least be interesting (since this is a super shounen style series and all). And even now with Ichigo and Byakuya going up against Kariya, it doesn’t look like either side is going to get a decisive victory anytime soon. In other words, I doubt this arc will end in time for fall season.
Speaking of which, Bleach will be off on September 26th. When it returns the week after that, it will be airing in its new timeslot on Wednesdays at 7:26PM Japan Standard Time. That day (October 4th) should also be the premiere of OP5 and ED9.


  1. hannon, what Noone meant to say was that people shouldn’t be bugging out about this fight and like worrying Byakuya might die or something, since these are fillers. Nothing important can happen on the fillers, since they are not in the manga. So yeah basically…don’t worry about Byakuya, he’ll be fine. Nothing that dramatic will happen in the fillers, it would affect the manga cannon.


  2. Byakuya’s robe looks awfully clean for a fight that bloody (3rd last screenshot).
    It’s good to see that decent fight sequences are back again, hopefully no more retreating this time.

  3. I know that most of you know byakuya will not die, but if the way of direction of the filler was good enough it may make you feel a little worried and that’s what happened to some people .I really like the way of presenting bleach anime ..The director is smart

  4. Thank you for the summary, looks like it’s going to be a good episode. I agree that Bleach does filler eps better than most, they focus on character development and relatioship dynamics as well as serving refresher course on the various zanpaktu power, fighting style,etc, etc.
    “Future brother-inlaw?” Heh heh heh, best of luck to Strawberry, that Byakuya is a pretty possesive (adopted) big brother, look at the way he kept Rukia all to himself after she got injured, right down to having her recuperate at home instead of the Div. 4 ‘hospital’.

  5. Wow, well it wasnt bad the fight scenes, it could be better though. Well, at the end it was sure interesting, I like the background song they played. Bleh best filler episode so far.

  6. ,aybe they will make him lok like he’s hurt or has some “energy loss” at the time the battle ends or something like that taking into account
    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. Byakuya was almost defeated by Kariya? O_o And now Kariya’s fighting two shinigamis capable of bankai…and looks like he’s so powerful he can fight both? Gah…don’t like that.

    Kai Yukari
  8. oh man, best episode in months! really enjoyed watching the fighting scene. the part where byakuya shunpos behind kariya. and then showing him blink, turn his gaze to kariya and swing his sword at him. woah, real cool, that part. i guess the fillers are not bad. they are way better than the fillers that other anime series have come up with. like, look at naruto. they have to resort to really sad stuff like farting and stupid ninja techniques. but the bountos are getting too strong for my liking. haha. though i don’t really mind the fillers, but i guess i would really enjoy better when it goes back to the manga storyline. 😀

  9. I believe that the key to defeating the Bount lies with Ichigo’s hollow half.The reason is because hollows eat spirit particles, I believe that bounts can’t fight hollows, maybe Ichigo’s hollow half will find a way to stop Kariya from absorbing spirit particles every time he needs to power up again, think about it.

  10. YEAH AND THEN we can have a major illness for ichigo on the manga arc: just think about it Ichigo lets his hollow free to stop KARYIA. HOLLOW WANTS MORE ACTION AFTER THAT. ICHIGO GETS NUTS ^^

  11. You know… byakuya was fighting kariya very evenly, and he didn’t even go bankai yet. When Ichigo tried that he was weak as hell, and could only fight evenly after going bankai. I think it is byakuya who is overpowered…

  12. Well.. Kariya had lived for so many years, and he also sucked many living souls that increased his energy, that may explain why he is that strong and capable of fighting equal with Byakuya.. c:

  13. I wouldn’t say Byakuya was losing considering he was at a disadvantage from the start… you have to remember that while in Soul Society the Bounto have regenerative powers. And given that bonus for Kariya I’d say Byakuya held his own very well. Hell, he maybe could have defeated him if Kariya didn’t have to heal every time Byakuya left a mark.


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