Captain Hitsugaya gets a report that hooligans have started cutting down trees in the Kusajishi Forest. He suspects Bount involvement and decides to go see Renji. Ganjuu is meanwhile discussing with the Kusajishi Bull about how the Bount are accumulating men and how this must be one of their various schemes. Ganjuu plans to stop them in order to help Ichigo, and he gets the Bull to help too. Back inside Seireitei, Kyouraku, Ukitake, and Nanao are discussing the Bount while watching the construction repairs when Captain Kurotsuchi joins them. Kurotsuchi seems to think that this was all a diversion, but then realizes something and rushes off. Over at Rantao’s place, Ichigo wakes up from a nightmare to find Rantao back up and a meal ready. After eating, Ishida raises the topic of her face and how it’s the same as Yoshino. Rantao thinks that Yoshino was a copy of her. It seems that back then, they had used their own souls as bases for artificial ones for their experiments. And so the reason they are so powerful is because they have Shinigami souls as bases. Rantao also explains that this led to them developing Modified Souls, making the Bount distant relatives of Ririn, Nova, and Claude. After Ishida tells Rantao that Yoshino ended up being killed by Kariya, Ichigo declares that they need to stop the Bount.
At that time, over at the 11th Division, Kenpachi leaves to go see Ichinose since they’ve found where he is. And at the 13th Division, Kurotsuchi is figuring out that Ichinose was the one who snuck in previously and orchestrated the destruction. He thinks that Ichinose must have altered the database, but then realizes that Ichinose planted the data about the Quincy accessory that led Kurotsuchi to giving it to Ishida. Back inside the forest, Ichigo and Ishida prepare to leave Rantao, who claims to have some preparations to make. As a final question, Ichigo asks Rantao how long she thinks Ishida’s accessory will last. Although she doesn’t know, she does warn them that it could accidentally discharge and blow up. As the night goes on, Koga reports to Kariya that they’ve finished their preparations for the surprise attack on Seireitei. Ichinose then reports that there are Shinigami coming, so he volunteers to stay and fight them. Those Shinigami are Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, and Renji, but the three of them only find Ichinose waiting for them. Hitsugaya clashes with the ex-Shinigami as he tries to get some answers, but Ichinose only reveals that he saw justice in Kariya’s goals. He feels that there’s no justice in Soul Society anymore, so Kariya is purging it. Ichinose suddenly falls back when he senses more people coming – Ichigo and Ishida. They are quickly joined by Matsumoto, Renji and then Sado, Inoue, Ganjuu, Bull, and his followers. They’ve all noticed that there’s a lack of people here, and Sado suddenly remembers that one of the Bount can manipulate space like Nova can. Ichinose tells the group that they’re too late because Kariya and company are already on their way to Seireitei. Indeed, two of the Gate Guardians are facing against the Bount at that very moment, and they both fall to the Bount power. Using Sawatari’s powers, the Bount side then transports in all of their men along with several large wooden gate openers.

After a string of fighting episodes, this was an action-light set-up episode. In other words, it was fairly boring until maybe the last few minutes. Still, they do hint at some interesting stuff coming up, including how the Shinigami are going to deal with the enemy army and who’s going to get to fight Ichinose. Given the preview and the title of next week’s episode, it looks like that honor will go to Kenpachi. I did enjoy seeing Captain Kurotsuchi sweat a little and shake Nemu when he realized that he had been used.
Incidentally, Aizen is the special pic today, in his future-manga-arc form.
Also, there is no episode next week. Bleach returns – probably with new OP/ED – at it’s new time and day of 19:26 on Wednesday, October 4th.


    not to metion that the arc got pretty interesting since the past few weeks^. 1st pic 5th Row I LOVE HOW MAIYURI LOOKS that’s the second thing I want for him: to look desperate (the first one is his death^^)

  2. Can’t wait to see the next episode, it looks exciting. Unlike Naruto I actually like the fillers, just I didn’t find it interesting at all until ichigo fought the snake guy in the mansion.

  3. I niss Rukia too, she’s missing not only in the anime also in the current manga storyline. But I have to say despite it’s somewhat slow begining (the intro for ririn, claude and nova — zzzzzzz ), the boundt arc get stonger as it goes on.
    p.s. Hey havent you heard, whoever that says Rukia sucks will be bankai-ed by her protective big brother Byakuya. At leasr she’s cute, Orihime I find cloyingly sweet and generally boring ;-p

  4. Ahahaha omfg this anime is nothing but a joke, and a bad joke at that 😀

    Lol, did you see the fight in this episode? They clashed swords – TWICE – and that was it. After and before that, nothing but blah-blah-blah. Like wtf 😀 Before fillers, pretty much every episode was about fighting. Nowdays, it’s all about talking enemies – who are just misunderstood and aren’t really even evil? – to death. Jesus christ, the next fanboi to come up and say “Z0MG DIS BE TEH BESTEST ANIME LI3K EVAH?!11+” fill get this lovely – and hairy – foot of mine stuck up on his/her 4$$.

    Kthx, this anime blows and sucks at the same time.

  5. Omni guess what this was in this week jump that support the fact that the fillers will be over soon here it is “コメント:アニメの中入り、楽しかった!アニメBLEACHも三年目。これからもよろしく!
    Comment: The anime intermission was fun! Animated Bleach is entering it’s 3rd year. Please continue to support us!” more reason to be happy ^^

  6. I heard Bleach fillers would end at 100, but now I don’t think it will, seeing how the fillers now are going. However, I must admit that I am actually looking forward to the next episode, and the filler arc is really getting better each episodes. In the past, I preferred Naruto’s fillers to Bleach’s. However, Bleach fillers is way better than Naruto. I’m dropping Naruto until the fillers are back again, which no one knows when.

    Abarai Renji is the best : D

  7. The episode was awesome but I still cant wait to see whats going to happen. Those Bunto are tough. Even Byakuya couldn’t defeat one. And He wasn’t alone he had Ichigo with him and they both were using Bankai. I just cant wait to see whats going to happen next.

  8. this bounto arc is only a filler for bleach in the anime, the manga does not have this so thats why we do not see much of the ‘important’ villains nor any disturbances from them. after this arc comes the hueco mundo which i say is the saddest and most best arc ever. period.


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