-Well, the ending was, as expected, a bit rushed.
-Selene and Sven end up together after the battle and after she saved him. They decide to use medicine to put themselves to sleep, so that they can survive on their existing oxygen for 27 days. 669 hours later, Sol finds the pair, but they don’t respond to him and that ends the episode. Incidentally, 669 Hours = 27 Days and 21 Hours.
Due to lack of time, this entry be written later when I get a chance….hopefully.


  1. aw man! SAD! but hey I wish they could’ve made that into some 13-ep thing then THIS had more material and backgrond that GSD *cries* oh well anyway the StarGazer ends here *sighs*
    nice ending….

  2. Just finished watching the fan subs.

    “yes they found them 21 hours too late T^T”

    LOL, they might still be alive though. It takes a lot more then some noise to wake people up from near cold sleep deep slumber.

    IMO she should have just dumped him there, suck his MS’s battery and O2 dry and keep it all to herself :). He’s not exactly a good guy anyway.

    The ending was silly, they have a big ass cannon and didn’t use it till most people are dead. Talk about good timing.

  3. Tell me I didn’t just see an OVA episode that wasn’t even 30 minutes long…

    I wish this replaced Destiny as a whole. With more background and character developments, this would have given Gundam Seed a good name.

  4. Lol. I was wondering why they installed an exploration MS with shield generators. They can’t possibly expect an exploration pilot to….protect himself with just the shield generators right….besides, Stargazer is way too cool to be used for exploration. Just equip it with standard arnaments and I’m sure it’ll kick ass.

  5. lmfao there using it for exploration…rofl…no wonder they lose all the time

    and 21 hours with out oxygen= your dead…seeing as most people cant survive 5 minutes without oxygen. well this is a gundam series so anything can happen (mabye space nuns gave them extra oxygen or something lol)

  6. Dward> 1: put shield generators on an exploration machine to protect it from debris.
    2: what exploration pilot? it’s an unmanned unit. stargazer’s not meant to be armed, nor is it intended to have to “protect itself” in that manner.

  7. Space nuns…lol…have you ever heard of a Sea Bishop? Not as in the sense of a ship’s chaplain but as in 1 of those WTF thingies the medieval Europeans thought up to inhabit the world?

  8. Aww….Too bad we only have 3 episodes with such a short running time.Wish they made the extended OVA(13 episodes with 30 minutes running time ^_^).Anyway Stargazer Gundam is just great,maybe with some better armaments it can defeat strike Freedom(?),simply convinces me to buy the plamo…For the ending ithink it suits for the series,and its simply better than Destiny…

    GSX-0201 Gravity
  9. Stargazer had its problems as well: Faceless enemies and cannon-fodder, main lead pilots dying too quickly and stupidly…

    But you know… The ending WAS saddening and tragic… All in all, this ONA had owned the whole world. Fukuda! Morosawa! You are now FIRED!

  10. Uh…that was definitely too fast. Well, it could’ve been faster if they aired it all it once. Nonetheless, it gave me the impression that the entire thing was overly rushed.

    I feel that it’s just a small, minor sidestory smudged into the actual ‘storyline’ of GSD (which I wouldn’t dream of considering it to be a storyline). But overall, it did have its moments despite its limited screentime.

    Oh…and I agree with the notion that the Stargazer shouldn’t be used purely as an unmanned space exploration device. Even though it’s lacking weapons, it could possibly go into err…unarmed combat? (I would love to see that happen.)

  11. surprised all these events in Stargazer can go behind the backs of the main characters of GSD, like you’d think at least the Archangel or Kira would have figured out of the existence of Stargazer, heck even Gil should have known a bit about it with all the fighting involved and he being in the position he is =|

  12. Chavenz at 11:10 pm on November 11th, 2006
    i’m certain this happened during Gundam Seed, not Destiny.

    I’m certain it happens during Destiny, not SEED. What you see in ep 1 is the result of the Break the World incident which is about ep 6-7 of Destiny. Then in ep 2 you see Destroy and Stellar. By ep 3 of SG, Djibril is on the Moon and the main action of Destiny is focused there.

  13. This series is not a sequel,it’s rather a destiny side-story(Just like Astray series).Glad that Kira,Athrun,etc,didn’t make the appearance,they just ruin everything….Anyway does the stargazer uses N-jammer canceller?I think this episode mention it,but somewhat it uses the power cell?Still too strong for Noir though,it can also use a whip type beam strike…COol!!

  14. Doods, the story happens during destiny.

    The part showing Azrael is Sven’s “teenagehood” as he’s taken in a EA training program.

    Concerning the end, we just don’t know if they’re dead or not. Selene did mention they would survive for 27 days but this looks a bit too exact for me. Sure she wouldn’t say 27 days, 18 hours, 57mn and 13s. So who knows? That’s part of the ending actually.

  15. Yeah i also agree with you,Stargazer lacks the character development(But i think better than destiny..), because the series is so…short…XP.MS Igloo will provide you with much more…story.Anyway,i love the gazer…Hope both of them still alive.BTW i heard that DVD version of this series will include some new scenes,Maybe Sven & Selene still alive,Who knows!Just wait 4 the dvd..

  16. Hmmm… Meh…
    Selene and Sven remind me what happened Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Beebop at the last episode.
    That last scene was just to sho it end of the show, like the producer of Cowboy Beebop said to a interview:
    “Everyone’s version whether Spike is alive or dead. Maybe he is dead or maybe he’s just tired and fell asleep. The last scene is just to signal it’s the end of the series no more no less.”

    I think that’s idea here too, It’s up to us to decide whether or not they’re dead or just sleeping.

  17. ‘Outer’ Space is not only cold, but treacherous. shield generators and laser cannon are, by default, necessary against space debris and space ice that escape gravitational bonds. too bad they did not have extra oxygen cells (a deliberate Romeo & Juliet ending? so much for Shakespearean theatre)

  18. According to the details in the box set, the Stargazer has a small pistol as well – but note that in the sortie, they had limited power in the first place.

    As the SG is meant to operate beyond Earth-Moon (and ideally beyond Mars, too) its built-in nuclear reactor would be beyond the range of neutron jammers, and it would be in a better position to sustain itself.

    But at this point, the SG just wasn’t ready – but she gave a damn fine effort, all the same!

    And I love how she runs on a mini-magnetospheric plasma propulsion engine, as detailed at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M2P2 – but because of the neutron jammers, she’d only be able to create her own field away from Earth-Moon.

    This episode reminded me of Planetes (a fabulous series, by the way) – slow-paced, showing a more ‘realistic’ take on events, taking us from the despair of the Earth-Moon human condition and showing a glimpse at what Earth and the PLANTs should be doing…

    …exploring the unknown, and expanding the frontiers of our shared knowledge and understanding.

    (And Sven was seeing Selene as a mother-figure – she reminded him of his own lost parents – breaking through, at least in part, the mental conditioning that the Blue Cosmos had pumped into his mind.)

    I look forward to the new Astray manga which will relate to this – I hope that we’ll see more of the Stargazer, heading to the Jovian moons, or Enceladus, or beyond. There’s definitely more than enough room in the Cosmic Era for a Gundam SEED take on Planetes!

    There is still that whole Evidence 01 thing still to be solved, after all…

  19. i hate to say it folks but after watching this series i really am confused as to what the point of it all is,

    sven’s past life as an assendant??? ok
    new unmanned mobile suit with a new type of propultion system, ok
    and somhow they trow the girty lou in the show, ok?

    did i miss the point of this series, i think so. i dont know what the ruddy plot is


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