OP5 Sequence:

OP5: 「Rolling star」 by YUI
Watch the OP! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (17.8MB, XviD)

In an effort to prevent Rangiku and Renji from returning to Seireitei, Ichinose uses his zanpaktou to envelope them in a bright light. When Captain Hitsugaya tries to attack what he thinks is Ichinose, he finds himself fighting Renji. Ichinose explains that his zanpaktou can manipulate light, and Ichigo’s group is unable to sense him inside this space. Sado is about to be hit from behind, but another sword comes out of nowhere and saves him. That sword belongs to Zaraki, and his huge spiritual power dispels the light space that Ichinose created. Zaraki says that if Ichinose wants to stop the others, he won’t get in the way. However, if Ichinose remains where they are, Zaraki will fight him. Faced with the decision, Ichinose chooses to fight the 11th Division Captain. Since Yachiru asks them to leave the fight to just Ichinose and Zaraki, Ichigo and the rest of the group head back to Seireitei.
Ichinose starts the battle, but all of his initial attacks get blocked, so he uses an ability to disappear and manages to cut the captain’s clothing a few times. When Zaraki counters, Ichinose surrounds him with light and directs numerous black bolts at him. Zaraki, however, is completely unaffected. Bringing out more of his power, Ichinose charges Zaraki head on, and is able to slice the captain’s shoulder. Ichinose proceeds to question why Zaraki fights, and Zaraki’s answer is that it amuses him. When the captain suddenly realizes that he’s surrounded by light particles, those particles grow and surround him in light. The light expands so fast that Yachiru has to run away to avoid being engulfed. Ichinose explains that the light will shrink until it destroys him, and he believes that Zaraki is dead from this ability, though Yachiru disagrees. Inside the light, Zaraki realizes that he doesn’t have enough spiritual power, so he briefly removes his eye-patch. The resulting power cracks the light, setting him free. By the time Ichinose realizes what’s happening, Zaraki’s zanpaktou is in right up to his face.
The captain derides Ichinose’s ability that supposed gets rid of shadows through light because he believes that where there is light, there is invariably shadow. Ichinose goes into a rage because Zaraki doesn’t have the justice that Ichinose’s old captain did, but Zaraki doesn’t care and delivers a slash across his opponent’s chest. As Ichinose is kneeling down from the hit, Zaraki points out that Ichinose’s stated goals of justice are someone else’s, and fighting Zaraki instead of going after Ichigo and the others shows Ichinose’s own willpower. Thus, the power he obtained was for killing Zaraki and came from a grudge. Realizing that Zaraki is right, Ichinose decides to use all of his strength and prays for Kariya’s forgiveness. The two men let loose their spiritual power and charge each other, but Zaraki is stronger and breaks through Ichinose’s sword. As he falls, Ichinose calls out to his dead former captain. With the battle over, captain and vice-captain return to Seireitei.

ED9 Sequence:

ED9: 「Baby It’s You」 by JUNE
Watch the ED9! Mirror 1 Mirror 2 (22.7MB, XviD)
I LOVE YUI’s new song, and I think it’s much better than her ED5, Life (which is a good song in it’s own right). The production team also did a great job with the new opening animation. It would appear that the special pictures are gone, but instead we get shots of Aizen and what appears to be Ichimaru hugging Rangiku. There was also the sequence of Ichigo fighting his hollow form that reminded me of the manga chapter 220 “King & His Horse.”

Bleach is back in its new timeslot! Actually, I wish that Bleach had stayed on Tuesdays, but that’s a different story.
This episode focused on Ichinose vs. Zaraki Kenpachi, and it looks to have put an end to Ichinose, at least for now. Characters in Bleach have a tendency to come back from life-threatening injuries, so I won’t believe Ichinose is dead until I see a dead body. Ichinose had a good fight, but it was clear from the beginning that Zaraki controlled the fight. There really wasn’t any doubt in my mind that the captain would win, though at least it wasn’t a total blowout since Zaraki did have to briefly remove his eye-patch. On a side note, I really wish Yachiru would get some more screen time because I’d love to see what she’s capable of.
Although I still don’t expect this arc to end soon, I do have a brighter outlook for Bleach with this new OP and since I’ve seen future episode titles. We’re going to have a lot more of the captains involved, which is what I’ve been wanting since the Bount came to Soul Society. Soi Fong and Mayuri in particular are named in the titles for episodes 100 and 101, respectively, so that’s something to look forward to.


  1. YES!!
    New the OP and the ED both sounds great.
    I thought that Yui couldn´t make a good OP, but she did it.
    Also in the Opening you could see evil Aizen and that means the manga-chapters will soon come. Great!! ^^

  2. WOoT! Shekusii OP!
    if you ask me, the fillers will end during the next 13 eps.
    since I don’t see any bountos in the op, I guess they will be gne soon.

    and I can say “PHEW!~” we are NOT narytarded here!! XD

  3. Shinji103

    wow stfu, no one cares if you dont like people talking about hating the fillers shut up

    anyway, I like the bleach fillers a lot better than naruto or even one piece fillers (althoguh op fillers are good too hehe) but this arc is good too, lots of action/drama and a great story.

    jackson burger
  4. I personaly don’t like the op that much I mean there was really LOTS of material there and they didn’t place it like
    Show Spoiler ▼

    whatever maybe they did but the fast paced thing really got me like O__O over all the op was good but not what I had in mind soo after a while Imight get used to it and like it, but not now, however it is just me because Ichimaru seemed more like extrangulating her than hugging her ^^’
    as for filers HEY THIS IS HIGH QUALITY FILLER and the people who doesn’t like them can go veru well to m… they can wrie whatever they want they won’t change the fact that some people like it but is INDEED true that it just get boring to read 100 of comentaries saying:
    this filers suck…
    when will this filers end?
    how much left?
    wil this filers ever end?
    people, sincerely is a FACT that they will end SOMEDAY so get your frustation elsewhere, please -__-‘

  5. sorry 4 duble posting
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. one thing is for sure zaraki is captain class without a bankai and IFF!!! he somehow managed to get bankai he would be ONE HELL of guy you dont want to mess with but from the way he powers up his bankai might have to do with skulls making hi ma true god of death

  7. The OP sounds and looks pretty good, but that shot of Yoruichi looking totally off made me a bit depressed. But the shots of Ichimaru and Matsumoto, with the next shot instantaneously showing Hinamori and Hitsugaya were really interesting. The song sounds excellent too.

  8. I can’t wait to see this tomorrow! I have been waiting for Bleach for a week now that I went back and saw some of the episodes where Ichigo got his real soul slayer and when they first went to SS. I am in Bleach withdrawal!

  9. I bet the fillers will go on for like 15 episodes or so, and then the Arrancar arc will begin. That´s why Ririn & co. are in the ending.
    The opening is not so much of the ¨fillers are over, Arrancar arc begins¨ type, but more of the ¨wait a little longer, fillers are about to end, and the Arrancar arc will begin soon¨ type. That´s why all the manga stuff is kind of ¨undercover¨ (Orihime´s foreshadowing scene, Gin´s smile, Aizen bathed in white light)

  10. God…these fillers are so stupid…I’m not watching them but I’m running through them from youtube that part with Hitsugaya and the shinigami who went with the bunto made a captain class look like shit. Now this episode they made Kenpachi look like shit. That guy isnt even a vice and he made him take off the eyepatch! I know I heard it was only for alittle bit but still its Kenpachi…the man who killed the 11th before him without a shikai..thats a load of bull. even if were a vice theres still a huge difference in strength…

  11. i think we’re getting near the arrancar/vizard arc. the new OP speaks to itself. just look on the details clearly. i recommend to slowly play the OP frame by frame and you’ll see

  12. There probably is but then again I have the same question with the pictures of Inoue, hmmm… guess I’ll have to wait and see. I agree the opening is awesome, yet another bleach song I’ll add to my playlist when it comes out.

  13. I have a theory. How do you know this is a Bleach filler arc/episode? Zaraki Kenpachi actually found the right place to go to in one try! That, or they cut out all the scenes where he runs constantly into dead ends with Yachiru adorably pointing him towards the the next wrong direction.

    Another theory would be that Zaraki did actually go to the wrong place. He should be at Seiretei defending the area against the Bounto and ready to fight the strongest of the bunch. However, since Bounto can hide their reiatsu Zaraki senses Ichinose’s only, thus mistakingly thinks he is fighting the strongest.

  14. I like the new opening animation; the song is pretty good if different than Beat Crusaders’ “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” (which had such an energetic vibe to it it’s hard not to like it). The flashes of images we see can only lead to more speculation of what’s in store, lol. The ED is nicely done too.

    As for the episode itself, I really have to say that the action and animation have been stepped up a notch for the fight sequences. Very cool (and yup, pretty colors everywhere!). Zaraki always seemed like an underused character whose origins I’d like to have explored more deeply than what we’ve been shown so far in the series.

    I was also sad to see Ichinose defeated (as to whether or not he’s really dead… well, anime has a bad habit of resurrecting their characters, and Bleach is notorious for it, lol); I personally found his character to be very interesting and his motivations more real than most of the permanent cast. But hey, if you have to go, go down fighting, and that’s what Ichi did in spades.

    His zanpaktou’s abilities were pretty cool too; I just wish villains didn’t have to explain every little thing that they do to the heroes as they do them, lol. Ichi put up a hell of a fight though; it’s about all I can ask for. For a moment I thought he would rethink his loyalty to Kariya after Zaraki’s little speech, and that we might see a change in his character’s allegiance, but the resulting fight and death scene were great just the same.

    As to Ichi’s newfound abilities that rivals that of a vice captain or even a captain; it can easily be attributed to his having trained harder and found new powers in his zanpaktou while under Kariya’s service. The Bounto certainly have the power to augment their own abilities and could have shared this with Ichinose. I for one was actually rooting for Ichi in spite of the odds against him this time; ya gotta root for the underdog now and then.

  15. to rai. . .yeah I agree that they made hitsugaya look like shit against ichi. . they could have had like the bald headed dude in his place. . .i mean hitsugaya just looks so badass with his ice shit and stuff likt that, but they made him look weak. . .They need to make a filler just featuring him being baddass. . .That would be sick. I disagree with you saying they made ken pachi look all bad. . I think they made him look at LOT mroe cool and badass then ever before, expecially while teaching ichi a lesson and shit. . .that was sick, I never experienced the talking in a battle scene to be good along WITH the battle scene! that’s crazy

    jackson burger
  16. @The Rock
    I’m resteraining from doing severe things right now… FYI that’s Aizen with his new hair style…. not any KARIYA

    hey guys what if Kariya gets destroyed by Aizen…? No srry it won’t happen I read the mana til now (BANG-kai ROTFL BIG TIME) the dude is really evil-passive right now, the only evil-chara I hate the most is indeed the evil-passive-plotting-chessmaster dude. they suck! I like more Rampage kill ’em all evil dudes… for them the I’ll-conquer*the world*-and-make-your-life-a*living hell* goal is definetelly more impactant.
    Kenpachi-kun PLZ kill him… YOU are the one who should rule over the world :'(

  17. HEY! Stop your filler bashing, i think these fillers were very well thought out, gives ichigo the ability to use his powers without effecting the manga arc, also, the story itslef is very good. As for Ishida’s powers, i’ll give you that, it is a cop out, but gay old ishida pisses me off and his death really wouldnt make me shed any tears, little gimp, i hate him.

  18. Thanks for always posting such detailed episode summaries/recaps with episode screenshots! In the newer versions of iTunes, there are options to place album art and I love putting screenshots from the OP and ED sequences in. Good screenshots, especially of OP & ED sequences, are pretty hard to find…but now I know to check here, on your site!

    Thanks again!
    ~lotus blossom

    lotus blossom
  19. If, somehow, Zaraki did manage to obtain Bankai… He would be very powerful indeed, rivaling (if not surpassing) Yamamoto. In a way I’d love nothing more than to see him reach that point, but then he would be as powerful as a frigen Demi-God. So, if he achieves shikai that would be just fine by me. God knows he is powerful enough as it is. But more importantly (off topic) I’d like to see some new moves from Byakuya seeing as he and Ichigo are probably my favorite characters… and Ishida except he is mostly powerless for the moment.

  20. ummm… this isn’t exactly filler bashing, I haven’t been keeping up with the eps for a while now, and I wanted to know whether you thought it would be worth it to watch the fillers, or whether they would have any effect on the future storyline. Thanks ^_^


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