Weakened by the poison, Soifon sees the culprit die and realizes that there may be others under the Bount’s control. Indeed there is another person, and he starts single-handedly defeating all of the other troops. Although Soifon manages to get away for now, Ichigo, Renji, and Sado aren’t so lucky and have to fight other Shinigami under Rizu’s control. In her weakened state, Soifon still encounters and has to fight the Bount behind all of this: Mabashi. She realizes that she has to end this quickly, so she releases her zanpaktou and gets behind him. However, she gets caught in a moment of pain that allows him to get away. In chasing, Soifon is barely able to land a hit on Mabashi’s chest, causing the butterfly symbol to appear. But with Soifon now lying on the ground, the Bount reveals that he knows about her power and decides to go hide while she slowly dies from the poison.
Captain Komamura and vice-captain Hisagi are also fighting mind-controlled Shinigami, and decide to consult Captain Unohana of the fourth division about this. She thinks that they need to get the person in control so that they can confine his actions. Soifon meanwhile is trying to figure out what to do as she lies on the ground thinking about Yoruichi. Staring at her blade, she realizes something and stabs herself. On the other hand, Mabashi is relishing the fact that Rizu can infinitely split now that he’s powered up. He decides to go see Soifon again right before she dies and is able to find her seemingly limp body. Soifon is still alive, and Mabashi is considering using her against the other Shinigami. And when she appears to be saved by her men, she finds out too late that Mabashi controls them too. He prepares to send Rizu to take over Soifon’s body, but she powers up and pushes all her men and Rizu back. Capitalizing on the surprise, Soifon lands a second hit on Mabashi’s chest, right in the center of the butterfly. She reveals that she counteracted his poison by stabbing herself in the arm with her zanpaktou – by using it, she can possess and control poison.
The defeated Mabashi tries to use the Rizus from Soifon’s troops, but the plan backfires because they all attack him instead. Soifon had heard if the person in control’s power becomes weak, their doll will turn on them. And with the power of her zanpaktou’s poison, Mabashi is done for and turns to dust. This causes all of the mind-controlled Shinigami throughout Seireitei to collapse after being released. Both Yoshi and Sawatari sense that Mabashi is gone, but the old man also has noticed that Mayuri is following him. The twelfth division captain reveals himself and is actually more interested in Ichinose, but that ex-Shinigami is gone. For now, Mayuri plans to have Sawatari compensate for his embarrassment.

Well it’s good to see that Mabashi is finally gone. I never liked his character or his ability/doll. And it seems like it’s been so long since we’ve seen one die, not since Ugaki back in episode 90. Speaking of episode numbers, this week marks the 100th episode of Bleach. I find it almost hard to believe that it’s been over two years already since this show started.
Anyway, most of this episode is dedicated to Soifon facing off against Mabashi. It ended up being not so much a match of who is stronger, but rather a match of wits and fast thinking. I’m sure that Soifon could win at strength against Mabashi, but weakening her through poison showed that she could win in other ways too. Still, I kept expecting Yoruichi to appear and save her, though that never happened (probably for the better).
Next week is Mayuri vs. Sawatari. I’ve seen enough of the old man and his fish, so I hope Mayuri can defeat him. But somehow it feels weird cheering for someone who was shown as such a bad guy in the Soul Society arc.


  1. Wow, it´s kinda unbelievable that for about one and half year ago that this series would run so long. I thought that only 52 episodes of Bleach would air and then it would be over. But thank god i was wrong. Next goal can now be 200 episodes!

    About this week´s episode. Mabashi is dead! Great! Only four bounts left until the fillers are over.
    Also i loved the funny interaction between Renji and Claude in this episode. ^^

  2. i think they will edn the fillers either right before or right after the movie. either way it will generate more interest in the show that way. If they end before then more people will go see the movie. if they end after, people who saw the movie will then watch the show since the manga material is starting again.

    Oh and i hope komamaru(sp?) fights (hes the fox captain). his bankai was awesome.

  3. Well it seems that after watching the previews, Sawatari will be defeated by Mayuri.It was about time some of these Bounts were killed, I was getting tired of their “High and Mighty” attitude anyway.

  4. Soi Fong ftw. Glad she owned Mabashi.
    Or did Mabashi die from Rizu? Can’t really tell from the pics. Maybe.
    Either way, a couple of the Bounts have been killed by their own Dolls…lol

  5. Interesting, I wonder what he did to her that made her unusually weak though. That dart from the last episode seemed to take it’s toll on her. I wonder who’s going to kick Yoshi’s butt. I personally don’t like her perverse way of killing.

    Hopefully Byakuya will take over that job, it would only be right. Considering Rukia is his adoptive sister.

  6. Hm..interesting ep..but hope next ep..the stupid mayuri lost..and other captain will take over the fight to kill Sawatari…or probably the continue fight bet Sawatari VS Chad…hehee 😀

  7. Is it just me or does Ichigo seem much weaker in this filler arc compared to the previous ‘save Rukia’ arc.

    In the previous arc, when he appeared at the execution ground on the day on Rukia’s execution, he took out 3 vice-captains in like 5 seconds, with his BARE HANDS. Here he doesn’t seem much stronger than Renji.

    I personally wanna see more of ‘uncle’ ZANGETSU….. He’s the coolest of them all!

  8. Show Spoiler ▼

    I’ll start watching again (maybe) when the filler blows over. Should be another 30-40 episodes. :/

  9. Finally that dork Mabashi’s dead. Now we won’t haveto hear his silly doll either. I hate… Wrong. I fucking hate that doll with its silly voice. I hope Mayuri kills Sawatari and if he doesn’t, I don’t care who kills him as long as it gets done in one episode. The quicker these little silly vampire rip-offs die the better.

  10. About bleach movie…It’ll start before the anime start continuing the manga story..then it’ll be problem.. I mean they have to show us how rukia’s power return to her and how she can use her zanpakto again.. Am afraid that they will include rukia’s fighting in the movie in her shinigami form and making her uses her zanpakto which it should appears first in the anime..I hope that’ll not happen >

  11. God, these past few filler episodes have been amazing; the amazing has been top-notch, almost SS-arc quality. It’s great to see more of the Soul Society crew, a better insight into Rukongai-life, and it’s just damn nice to see the Captains acting like Captains.

    I marathoned 86-100, so I’m a bit hyped in the huge increase in quality in these fillers.


  12. I did, of course, mean animation. And when I said ‘amazing,’ I mean amazing for something not written by the man, KT, himself. I must admit, I really am enjoying these episodes. Seeing the Captains kick ass is such a treat.

    Go Mayuri!

  13. nice summary… but i glad the filler is finally finishing… i presume… since the bountos are getting killed off… the filler has been dragging too long and ppl are complaining… anyway i tot is suifong but not soifong??

  14. Is it just me or… Mabashi reminds me of gin… not the way he act but the face a little bit… the way he talked to soifon when he asked her if she still were alive…. if you think the same, please answer.. otherwise im gonna think that i’m stupid 😛

  15. hey dont say that you wanted mabashi to die!!!stupid people if some 1 from bleach dies you should be sad not happy!!!no…i dont think he looks like gin and mabashi if you can tell he was relly sweet till kariya but the soul in his body cuz he didnt want to drink it.


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