OP Sequence:

OP: 「1000%SPARKING!」 by Hazuki, 堀江由衣, 皆川純子 (Hazuki, Horie Yui, Minagawa Junko)
The OP changed with some new shots and a new set of quotations by Ku Fei, Makie, and class representative Ayaka.

Negi is worried about Evangeline, who didn’t come to class the day after the previous incident. He thinks that the power of the fairy must be connected with the robbery of the Star Crystal, and goes back to the room where everything occurred. Asuna meanwhile is excited about going to the Chupacabra research society, but Setsuna reminds Konoka that she has the fortune-telling research society today. When he gets to that room, Negi is surprised from behind by Nodoka, who wants to know what she can do to help now that she’s his partner. He brings out one of her cards, which Kamo identifies as the cosplay card. It grants her glasses and a book, and she quickly figures out that the book allows her to read people’s thoughts. She realizes that she can read Negi’s feelings too, but her powers wear off soon after, leaving her hungry.
Around this time, Hasegawa Chisame returns to her room and takes on her other persona: the popular net-idol Chiu. She loves the attention, but is shocked to learn that she’s dropped to second in the rankings. It turns out that number one is a page set up by someone to idolize Nodoka. Unaware of this, Nodoka is now eating melon bread because of the hunger that comes after invoking the contract. Negi suddenly senses something and runs off, so she follows him. They find that a rapidly growing tree has captured Konoka in the graveyard. Since Asuna is at the scene, Negi invokes her contract and brings out a card. Unfortunately, he draws the one botched card out of the three possible choices, meaning that Asuna can’t fight. What ultimately saves Konoka is the arrival of Setsuna, who quickly destroys the tree. But because the tree explodes, Konoka is dropped into free fall with Setsuna just out of reach. Negi manages to catch her on his flying staff, however now Konoka knows his magic secret. To make matters worse, Motsu and Shichimi show up and think that Negi’s been exposed.
In order to save Negi from being turned into an animal, Kamo once again uses the excuse that both Konoka and Setsuna are Negi’s partners. Shichimi asks to see the abilities of his partners, and surprisingly, Setsuna is able to display a flame from her finger. As Negi learns later, Setsuna used her own spiritual energy since her Shinmeiryuu style doesn’t have anything to do with magic. At the same time, Kamo fills Konoka in on the situation, making her want to be Negi’s partner too. Setsuna objects because it is the Sakurazaki mission to protect Konoka with her life, so there’s no need for Konoka to obtain power. Despite this, Konoka surprises everyone by kissing Negi, allowing Kamo to provisionally contract them. She doesn’t want Setsuna to face the dangerous things by herself, and so Konoka wanted power to protect her. The group is suddenly interrupted by an explosion of light that transforms their surroundings into a forest. Perched atop a large tree are Kaede, Chisame, and Yuuna, all dressed in similar outfits. After Yuuna fires a magic crossbow that Negi successfully defends against, Kamo recognizes that the three are being controlled by subordination magic.

This episode gets a little crazy at times with the pacing. That action sequence with Setsuna and Negi saving Konoka was over before I knew it. There were also some seemingly abrupt scene transitions, such as the one between Chisame and Nodoka eating melon bread. I attribute all of this mostly to me still getting used to the directing style.
I like this original story though. The Chisame parts were great, as were the SetsunaXKonoka parts. I found myself hoping that Konoka would kiss Setsuna too or something. And by having Kaede, Chisame, and Yuuna as opponents (for now), they’re allowing more of the cast to take larger roles early on. On that note, I’m still a bit apprehensive about Motsu and Shichimi’s roles in this series aside from confronting Negi every time his magic is supposedly exposed, but we’ll see what happens.


  1. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!????????

    NOW THEY’VE GIVEN NODOKA GLASSES!!!!???? SHE DOESN’T GLASSES!!!!!!!!!! it makes her design look even worse! And now they’ve gone strait to Kanoka’s pactio!? God this thing jsut keeps getting worse and worse!

    I though at the very least Negi, Nodoka, and Asuna defeat the “flower fariy” before they moved on to the next pactio.

    What ever respectable connection to the manga this thing ever had it has just strait out the window!!!!

  2. I knew it wouldn’t take long for Hudson to respond. He probably doesn’t even watch it, either…..

    Just because they put glasses on Nodoka doesn’t mean they ruined her character, you know>_>…..

  3. Hm, interesting episode to say the least. I like the idea of those three under the fairy’s spell. Although, I think this is gonna set up either 2 of 3 or all 3 getting pactio’s (Chisame and Yuuna for sure, Kaede maybe). Considering the fast pace they are on with a pactio practically every episode. …you know I’m kinda curious how well Chisame’s gonna do in a fight. We know Kaede’s a ninja and Yuuna’s a skilled dual-slinger, but does Chisame have like some special magic skill of her own?

    dukemon, he hasn’t even been really been trained by Evangeline in this one, so of course he’s gonna look like he can’t do anything. Because frankly he can’t, he’s sitting as standard mage instead of a swordsman mage. If he doesn’t get time to cast his spells he ain’t gonna be able to do anything.

    And considering your posts Hudson, I’d say never had any respect at all. So why bother with the complaining and the watching if you don’t like it?

    Besides if you look at the pactio, its glasses that come with the pactio I’m guessing. More than likely so that only she sees what’s supposed to be in there instead of everyone being able to see what she sees. A fail safe if you will. Which would actually make more sense than anyone able to see what she sees as in the manga.

    And even if they don’t come with them, and they are hers, I’ve always seen Nodoka as a glasses type of girl if she spends all her time in a freaking library (her nickname is honya-chan). I agree though that she looks much better without them. Then again, so does Negi look better without his. People wearing glass rarely look good with them.

  4. I thought the episode was great, the part where Nodoka rats Kamo out using her book was just hilarious. If there’s one thing you really need to give credit for in Negima!?, it’s the music. The music has just been incredible in my opinion throughout every episode. I definitely can’t wait for the Soundtrack to come out for this.

    @Hudson: If you think it’s so disrespectful, then why is it that Akamatsu has given his approval for this anime? He’s gone on record to say that he loves it, and I think everyone knows that he pretty much knows what’s going to happen before it even comes out on TV. He does recieve the scripts on the show afterall and attends their meetings. So if Akamatsu loves the anime, then it’s not disrespectful one bit.

  5. I will have to agree with you Hudson. This show has lost what little respect it had from me to begin with. Nodoka just does not look right with glasses. If anything it does make her look worse. And to go ahead and rush into Konoka’s pactio was not a good plot development. They should have waitied a couple of episodes… and least this one…. before they made a new pactio.

    This blantent disrespect for Akamatsu’s work needs to stop. It just needs to stop!

  6. A lot of the slack I was cutting the storyline was because Akamatsu was approving of it…. :\

    None of the changes individually are major but they’re starting to accumulate. I can’t say I like Nodoka with glasses mostly because of the way it breaks up her features. I’m also a bit confused by how Kaede is so easily controlled unless they’ve weakened her character considerably. The little round creatures are just a freaking waste of the time budget (imo). Having Konoko pactio out isn’t terrible by itself but it makes it less likely we’ll see something similiar to a Kyoto battle event (with all the team).
    The way Negima is hurling out the pactio cards is making each one less meaningful, they’re in danger of “Pokemonizing” the girls at this rate.

    On the other hand, I’m liking the extra focus on Setsuna and Konoko as well as Nodoka.
    Its still a very interesting and entertaining show but its becoming much more of a “Futokoi Alternative” – Negi style. Perversely, I’m wondering if some of these twists on canon are specifically to provoke controversy and therefore increase “the buzz”.

  7. @Vexx

    I do agree with the way they’ve been handling the new pactio’s as of late. I don’t know if all the girls will get one, or if only a few girls from the class will be partners with Negi. They could leave some of them in the dark, setting up a possible 2nd season of Negima!? next year or something.

  8. Hmph.
    Seems like some persons need to hold their tongues.

    Argumentation is usually not what the comment section is for.
    Leave that to the forums.

    Myu…done here.

    /nick keeperofthetwilight

  9. Nah, some of us are actually defending Omni’s right to blog this. We just think it’s rather annoying that one person hates it so much that he’s trying to sway Omni (and we all know what Omni actually thinks of Negima!?)

    And Hudson, have any proof of impersonating? If not, don’t start accusing others of doing so. It makes you look more ridiculous.

  10. New Kanji at the beginning: (Have fun translating)

    古菲:自分だけの道しるべ 探し続けてここまで来た。 (Kuu Fei)

    あやか:いくつもの悲しみよりも、涙を超えて (Ayaka)


    古菲:乗り越えられそうにない壁にぶつかっても (Kuu Fei)

    あやか:どこまでも君と君の言葉を (Ayaka)


    あやか:月に咲く、さわやかな花のように (Ayaka)

    まき絵:大空へ舞う、鮮やかな蝶のように (Makie)

    古菲:大地を包む、柔らかい草のように (Kuu Fei)


    あやか:世界中の誰もかなわない、強い気持ちで (Ayaka)

    古菲:その背中にエールを送り続ける。(Kuu Fei)

    まき絵:夢に向かってまっすぐ見つめる瞳が (Makie)



  11. Hudson you’re not fooling anyone. Never seen such a hateful manga purist.

    So far, I’m enjoying the series, although the action is disjointed and too quick for my tastes. The humor is defenitely out there and I like it.

    My only beef? Setsuna has been a loser this entire series. She tried to get her badassery back this episode and SHE FAILED. Another forum I posted this in said breaking out of her shell was nice for the manga but would be stale in this universe…

    …but I disagree. What I liked about Setsuna’s character was her vicious swordplay, only to be rendered into a flustered airhead when Konoka starts talking to her. This anime has it in reverse, and while purely amusing, makes me wonder if Shaft thinks Secchan as a joke character. :/

    Doctor Ansem
  12. >>Look at me everyone! I can stick my head up my ass!!! *sniff!* ahhhhh what a wonderful smell!

    Oh well gee, this must be the real DC. What a jerk he has turned into. We should all stop listening to him and start believing Hudson now.

  13. I’m going to request that the blog owner delete all the stupid above if the software permits it.

    I’ve been a pretty strong defender of the revisioned series we’re watching but I am starting to feel a bit buffeted by the way Setsuna and Kaede are being used/misused. However, since there are 20+ episodes to go, I’m going to chew on a chopstick for a few more episodes. I did get through Lord of the Rings despite the screenplay changes and some parts were better than the book version so I’m giving Shinbo a longer than usual chance here.

  14. @Kei-sama: If you don’t mind being spoiler on the storyline of the manga (I am assuming you have not read it) the I will explain the KonoSetsu dynamic.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  15. yeah, can’t really say much other than Secchan is *very* dedicated to “clueless” Konoka 🙂

    I did some follow up (watched the raw) … Nodoka’s glasses are part of her pactio card outfit. She only has them when she’s in Super Library Girl mode in other words. … in that case its very fitting 🙂

    Sometimes the screen captures here are very misleading. Its usually best to watch the raw or the sub before setting oneself on fire. That said… I’m going to see the series through before I really decide what I think at this point.

  16. Yeah, now I really wish they would’ve kept the kyoto arc in – I can’t remember, but isn’t that when Setsuna finally ‘breaks out of her shell?’ I preferred that.

    Oh look, Nodoka has glasses. I really don’t mind that.

  17. Actually, something *like* the Kyoto Arc is still possible …it’d just be this year’s field trip. I find it kind of difficult to believe we’re not going to get *some* form of Setsuna’s or Konoka’s backstory even if it gets wrapped in a different package.

    Yeah, Nodoka’s pactio outfit is really pretty cute and fits “Bookstore” well (her nickname is “Hon-ya” I think in the original Kling…. Japanese 🙂 ).




  19. This episode looks way more exciting than the last one. And finally we see Setsuna get some fighting action! The pactios are being handed out rather quickly, but I don’t really mind the fast pace of the anime. It keeps things interesting. Thanks for blogging this. ^_^

    Neo Horizon
  20. Eps 5, and I’m still watching… though my interest for the series have been dropping since eps 1. So they’ve added more scenes with the comic-book look, washed-out colours, sudden camera switches, and showing scenes in sets (breaking the 4th wall)? It reminds me of Pani Poni Dash a hell lot. Now all we need is some camera crew to accidentally walk into the set, realises, and runs off. Even the OP has always reminded me of Shoujo Q since I first heard it (not the tune, but the style). But the difference here is, I absolutely LOVED the manga adaption of Pani Poni Dash. But in Negima?!, everything just doesn’t feel right. It’s got the same traits that PPD had, but personally, they don’t work on Negima?! very well.

    All I can say about Negima?! is, it’s simply different from what I’ve seen or expected. Not in a good way (extremely biased opinion, since it’s from me), but not in a bad way either. Going to give it a few more episodes before making up my mind. Thanks for blogging though. 😛

  21. Negima!? rocks. It’s way better than the original anime and if it doesn’t drag out the library arc, I’ll be happy with it. Making it different to the original is actually good. The lack of fanservice also is a nice change.

    Hudson Sucks Cocks
  22. They stuffed all the fanservice into Beach Trip OVA (Haru) to get it out of their system I think 🙂 …. However, it seems they’re slipping in little bits here and there just fly under the “afternoon show” radarscreens.

    I’m not going to say you’re going to *learn* a lot about the characters in this new Negima!? … thats the main weakness I’m seeing so far, its focusing on the adventure bits and comedy rather than the inner motivations of characters, though with so many episodes to play with that could very easily change now that the “Intro eps” are done and the character connections are all established.

  23. Wow, Hudson’s such a silly kid.

    Anyways, this episode just cracked me up. Especially when Chiu was trying to photoshop herself xD

    She got beaten by Nodoka~ lol

    I don’t mind how so far in almost every ep there’s a pactio. I just hope it doesn’t get too repetitive.

    Negi needs to be more stealthy ;p

  24. Just out of curiosity, do you guys think we’ll get to the chao-arc/mahora festival? or even more of zazie? i mean, we’ve been shown chisame, fumika, fuuka, kaede, and even yuuna (i don’t know much about her ‘cept she plays basketball)… hmm… who do you guys think is the next “unknown” character we’d see?


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