Nemu is inside the Technology Development Bureau when the alarms start to go off. Kariya soon bursts through the front entrance and uses his wind powers to destroy and bury everything in rubble. Nearby, Ririn senses the Bount and directs Ichigo in the right direction, though the two are first met up by Sado and Nova who are headed the same way. Meanwhile, Ishida starts his battle against Yoshi by jumping up and using the sun as cover for an attack. Yoshi is able to avoid it and retaliates, but Ishida starts to move away. He leads her to a rooftop where he questions why Yoshi is doing all this since the fighting is meaningless. Determined to stop what he considers a meaningless battle, Ishida engages Yoshi, who then brings out the true form of her Sword Doll. He is forced to rely on his speed to get away from her attacks, and can’t seem to get an opening on her. When he does finally land a powerful arrow attack, Yoshi protects herself by using her fan as a shield. Her dolls can tell that Ishida doesn’t have complete control of his power, but Ishida tries a second shot anyway. Yoshi emerges unscathed from the smoke and sends him on the run again. When Ishida desperately starts firing at her, Yoshi uses an opportunity to hit him and send him flying into ground.
Back at the Technology Development Bureau, Kariya is ready to get the crest that’s supposed to be there – the first one ever created. He’s interrupted by the arrival of Ichigo and Sado, but he uses his wind powers to disappear further into the building. After freeing Nemu and finding out that she doesn’t know what Kariya was talking about, the guys decide to follow his spirit power. Kariya appears to find what he’s looking for when he enters a storage area and the crest on his body starts reacting. As he searches through the room, Ichigo appears and initiates ban kai. The two start fighting similarly to the last time they met, but this time Sado is helping Ichigo. Unfortunately, Sado is no match for Kariya and gets hit with a fist in his side that sends him flying across the room. Ichigo protects his friend from the next wind attack, and then he and Kariya trade ranged attacks with Kariya using twisters and Ichigo using his Getsuga Tenshou technique. The subsequent explosion opens up a hole in the ground, and Kariya sees that something down there has the crest that he was after.
Kariya makes his way down and takes off his jacket, revealing the black crest on his chest. After uttering a chant that leads to a bright flash of light, Kariya declares that he just gained the ultimate power. He had used Ichinose to look for the crest in old documents, and Ichinose had figured out that it was located at the Technology Development Bureau. The original name of this crest, which can purify and erase everything, is Joukaishou. Kariya explains that after the experiments from long ago were stopped, the extraordinary energy that was the foundation of the experiments was sealed off in the Joukaishou. And now, he’s become one with this energy and can release it at anytime to blow away Seireitei. In fact, he threatens to do exactly that if Ichigo and Sado attack him. Before he disappears, Kariya leaves with them a message for Seireitei saying that he’ll delay a day to allow them to tremble in fear as much as possible. Around this time, Yoshi has decided not to finish off Ishida and turns her back to walk off, but Ishida surprises her by firing an arrow straight at her.

I’m surprised that Mayuri didn’t completely lose it when he got back to the Technology Development Bureau (in the after-episode segment) and found the place in shambles. Maybe he’ll get pissed off when he realizes what Kariya took. Somehow I think that Nemu will be the one getting yelled at. Anyway, I’m a little disappointed because I was hoping that Kariya was searching for something more than just a power that can destroy Seireitei in basically one shot. It just seems too convenient and not very well thought out story-wise, and maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye. As for Yoshi vs. Ishida, it’s clear from the preview that Yoshi survives that attack at the end of the episode. I think Ishida’s chance in defeating her probably lies in the transition between her fan armor and her sword armor, but we’ll see what happens.


  1. Dammit Yoshi didn’t die! That [insert unfriendly term used to discriminate a woman here]!

    The whole deal with Kariya and his newly found power seems so out of proportion. And furthermore, why the hell is it that villains ALWAYS have to give the heroes time to think/act/attack back/etc.? For ocne I would like to see a villain actually taking the initiative to take the heroes out on the spot…This is why villains never win.

    Also, LOL @ this episode’s Shinigami Encyclopedia Golden.

  2. Def one of the best fillers though it raises a few questions, like one why cant ichigo lift a hunk of concrete easily but he can swing around that big ass sword made of metal easily? Two how the hell can ichida slide for like 3 city blocks? i swear im gunna make a animated gif on that lol. And why the hell does seireitei have nuclear power plants?! and on top(well underneath) theres a huge explosive power source other than uranium!
    but yea maybe two more fillers?

  3. Well I’m not watching filler crap, but still reading the blogs here for some time.

    Anyway, did anyone notice the chics move is similar to the Blind Captain (forgot his name), like he says “sing something” and there is a shower of swords on Kenpachi, how come everyone forgot that 😛

  4. Manga bits probably wont come back in a while.

    Man, bleach is going to be one major crappy anime. More of it is going to be fillers than actual manga material. Why even bother blogging fillers. You’re just wasting time. IMO.

  5. reply typer

    Manga bits probably wont come back in a while.

    Man, bleach is going to be one major crappy anime. More of it is going to be fillers than actual manga material. Why even bother blogging fillers. You’re just wasting time. IMO.

    then y are u blogging here?

  6. I felt that Ichigo’s Bankai has been degraded in this episode… He suddenly launched into Bankai without much glamour, and it’s supposed to be a really powerful Bankai that could match Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, but it could barely scratch Kariya here. Quite inconsistent and disappointing.

    And where are all the taichous???

  7. Well the reason for ichigo being weak is quite simple: its fillers! the main characters must not evolve in any way or else the manga storyline will be ruined. So their only option is to make him weaker (hence he lost his bankai in the beginning of the fillers whereas he never lost them in the manga).

    But anyway, great episode! The animation quality was much better this time, and i really liked the fight between ishida and yoshi. The only silly thing was when ishida slided backwards 😛 if they had made it in slow motion then it would have been better.

  8. Thought momments:


    OWARI!! T_T( they are not like my PSP battery….they have unlimited energy!!) 😀

  9. animation quality seems way up in this episode (or maybe omni just takes really pretty screencaps). I think the ishda/Yoshi battle is gonna be total DBZ style and last for a few eps. They’re trying to draw it out as long as possible, i think, so as not to start another filler arc when this one is over. Besides, there is worse out there in terms of anime original story lines like naruto and even tsubasa chronicle to a lesser extent. All in all, i still think we have the manga story back by the new year or spring (which in my opinion will coincide with when naruto comes back as well).

  10. Well there are only three bountos left, so there is a limit to how many more episodes of the fillers theres left, unless they pull of a goku vs. freeza. But look at the bright side: lets say that the fillers last till new year so that means we get more manga arc episodes without any filler interruptions! 😀 (if you catch my drift)

  11. I don’t think we should get our hopes up after the Bount arc is finished because since the manga is still progressing, there’s a chance that they might create another story arc after that. It’s true that the fillers are a pain, but i don’t think anybody would like it that the anime overlapping the manga do they?

  12. NO!!A next file season????!!!!
    I don´t think so do you know why???

    because of the “TARD” thing….. 😀 ….What thing you ask???

    Simple NaruTARD rhymes… but bleach + TARD doesn´t 😀 😀 😀

  13. im serious when i said i wanted the fillers to last. not that i like them, but it’s to increase the lifespan of the actual story when it will start to air again. And yes, i’ve been reading Bleach for the last 2 years almost every week, even before it was animated. And the same for all the other shonen jump mangas.

  14. Really, if you don’t like the fillers, stop watching.
    And stop wasting our time with having to read your complaining.

    This episode was pretty good. The animation seemed a step up from usual.
    Yoshi vs. Ishida should end next ep.
    Can’t wait even more now for Kariya vs. Ichigo.

  15. I thought this episode was really well done, though I’m looking forward to the Arrancar arc.

    One thing I’ve been wondering… how are they planning on getting rid of Ishida’s power again for when the anime gets back on track with the manga?

    And I love the similarity to Ishida’s new outfit and Ulquiorra’s coat.

  16. Yoshi’s doll pwns all, though I did like the shadow monster form of the one Bount with the glasses. Her weak point is probably when she switches between her weapon form and her shield form, though I wonder if she can use both at the same time. My guess is that each of her dolls aren’t the types to share the spotlight simultaneously (and Yoshi seemed repelled at the idea of being merged with her sword doll for too long for some reason).

    I enjoyed the fight sequences though I have to agree, Ishida must grease the soles of his shoes or have hidden rollerblades or something with how far he slid across the roof lol. It would have been less silly if they did it in slow motion or he just jumped or fell backwards a long distance. But his newfound power is pretty cool.

    I thought Ichigo’s bankai did seem a bit rushed and weak, but it’s fillers (a fairly good one at that) and that’s to be expected. Personally, I dislike long transformation sequences in anime when the villain just stands there while the hero/heroine does his/her thing. Though in this case, Kariya pulls a Bond-villain brain fart and reveals his evil plan and gloats like an idiot rather than use his power to carry out his plan already.

    Chad was next to useless in this arc so far. I’m not a big fan of his character to begin with; the mute giant thing just makes him part of the background for the most part so he’s basically invisible until they need him to do something heroic. It really would have been better if Tatsuki was made one of the major characters that joins Ichigo on his adventures; she’s much cooler than dumb ol’ Chad and has more history with Ichigo and Inoue. But I guess to be part of Ichigo’s clique the character needs some sort of defining moment of tragedy to spark their latent spiritual power, which I don’t think Tatsuki ever had.

  17. Omg!!! Tasuki??? ok i guess she’s an okay character
    but im happy she’s not with Ichigo’s group. Coz then she’ll
    baby Orihime (puke) then she’ll probably bitch to ichigo about
    how stupid/ blind he is towards Orihime’s feelings,
    when Rukia finally appears. Coz there’s an obvious connnection with
    ichigo and rukia. even though hes a complete idiot, i still prefer
    RukiaXIchigo instead of OrihimexIchigo. XD

    Neil Connor
  18. Go away filler complainers. Either you’re all hyperactive 10 year olds or fat people wasting other people’s time while wasting your own. THERE.

    The villains should just really get on with their plan. The fatal flaw to most villains is that they like to have fun, so here Kariya gives a day for Seireitei to fear, in which they will swiftly find a way to counter and act.

    The best parts of this episode were obviously the preview and Shinigami Cup Itaiiiiiii~~~. ^^


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