The opening song to D.Gray-man is INNOCENT SORROW by abingdon boys school. For those of you who don’t know, a.b.s. was formed last year by Nishikawa Takanori (aka. T.M.Revolution) and people he’s worked with (SUNAO, Shibasaki Hiroshi, Kishi Toshiyuki). And yes, the Abingdon School does actually exist. INNOCENT SORROW is actually the band’s debut single, although they have recorded a few songs previously (including stay away on the LOVE for NANA album that I love). The song does have a different feel than his other works, but TM Revolution’s voice is still fairly distinctive. He donned horn-rimmed glasses for this PV, which actually made him quite different. If I didn’t know it was him, I would have had a hard time recognizing him. The other thing that this PV had which was pretty amusing was the librarian lady who was blown away by the music. I always wonder where they get the people from to act in these type PVs.
Anyway, abingdon boys school’s debut single INNOCENT SORROW is due out December 6th, 2006.
Watch it on YouTube!


  1. Just saw it on you tube….jeez….I shoulda realised that its TM Revolution when I first listened to the song..and I’m puzzled too…why is TM Revolution there? Don’t tell me he formed a band or something…

  2.’s is Nishikawa new band..but most of them are from TM.revoltion ( yea..because TM revution is the name of the band , Takanori Nishikawa is the name of the singer , but for some reason we all call him T.M.Revolution

  3. I thought the vocalist sounded familiar! 😀

    I’m not really a fan of TMR, but I like this song a lot (I think the ‘real’ instruments help ;- ), and the PV is fantastic — but then, I’m a sucker for megane schoolboys. Heh. *grins*

  4. I am not so much into j-pop music videos (only the music though). Either way I was totally amused… seeing the librarian blown away is priceless.
    the song is excellent and i will be expecting the single 🙂 thanx for the info.

  5. I like TM Revolution’s voice but never liked the beat of his songs (too much techno-ish sound for my taste), excluding some like “Ignited” and “Thunderbird”. But this song is simply amazing. Like somebody above said, ‘real’ instruments certainly make TM Revolution’s vocals sound much better. 🙂

  6. Cool song, but it sure took a long time for the lady to open the door and get attacked by the papers ^^.

    Nishikawa appears so exaggerated in the video though…but oh wells, still kool

    Want to dl it now!! >

  7. no wonder the voice’s so familiar as soon as i watch the OP of the series but i was kinda skeptic but now it’s confirmed that it’s nishikawa! he can do better without the crappy dance moves! let’s hope that the band will be featured in upcoming anime series.


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